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Set goals. not time-lines.
when i first started using the bbg program by @kayla_itsines i set a goal that i would complete the entire 12 week program. no matter how long it took.
would you like to know why?!? bc i’m a perfectionist. if i had missed one workout and gotten behind in the scheduled time-line i would have given up. and i know this, bc i’ve done it half a billion times before with other programs.
but this time the goal changed. the goal was to finish - no matter how long it took. << for reference it took me 19 weeks the first time >>
this small change has started a a ripple effect in every aspect of my life.
instead of focusing on hitting a specific date i can focus on the big picture, which allows me to celebrate the small victories along the way.
are you a perfectionist? bc this might be a life-alternating change to your perspective.
you are enough. so go ahead and toot your horn. you rock!!!
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Never forget how much progress you’ve already made in your fitness journey. it’s easy to feel stuck and like you’re not making any progress but honestly - you have (both physical and mental).
every journey has ups and downs - mine has definitely not been a smooth one. even recently i’ve had a dip in my fitness but managed to find the enjoyment i have for it again. now i’m feeling back on track!
just keep looking ahead 😊
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It’s tuesday! y’all know what that means... ✨transformation tuesday time✨
transformations take time, dedication, and determination. patience is 🔑 in your journey. it’s honestly the driving force in what keeps me going. reminding myself day in and day out that i will succeed in achieving my goals if i just be patient and stick to my plan. the mental game has to remain strong in order for the physical results to follow. keep up the hard work! keep your chin up and your head held high and you will succeed.
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Repost from @littlemissmutant
let’s talk tanning: ☀️☀️
do you go tanning at a salon? lay outside by the pool for hours? do you know all the risks of doing this? see tanning isn’t just bad because it comes with the risk of burning, which can caused skin cancer. it’s bad because your body doesn’t even begin to tan until you have reached a dangerous level of uv rays that actually mess with your dna.
so next time you go tanning at a salon or lay outside for hours consider these things: **it’s associated with all types of skin cancer! **cancer of the eye
**cataracts and other potentially blinding eye diseases **premature aging **immune system suppression
sooooo with all that said i wanted to share what i use and have been using for over a year now! i loveeeeee, love, love being tan and do not like being my natural pale color so when i decided to stop tanning 3 years ago i needed something that would keep me tan and looked good! i went through every tanning product on the market (no joke) i naturally have very light skin with freckles so some just looks orange 😷🤢 i finally found @glowprotans and it has been hands down my favorite, i have shown you guys this before but i wanted to share again! the company also reached out and gave me a discount that you can all use! 😍 “christina” i honestly would pay a lot more for this product because of the quality.
in the picture i have proglow on, i put it on for 3 days in a row because i wanted a super dark look, this was right after my show also. i wanted you to see you can have a dark tan that looks good from a bottle that has no health risks! 🤗🙌🏼
happy tanning friends!! 💗
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#bbgcongiorginina maggio 2018 vs settembre 2018

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Second time around losing weight and it’s just as hard or even harder than the first time 5 years ago. the past 2 years i have gained over 50 pounds total 😬
the most i have ever weighed in my life was at the beginning of this year at 171.6 pounds and even i didn’t believe i had gained so much weight 🤷🏻‍♀️ i like to say i don’t know what happened but lots of 🌮🍔🍟🥘🍜🍝&&&🍺🍷🥃 happening 😂😂
i was also never consistent with my workouts and eating healthy 😬 from january to july, i lost 5.4 pounds but stalled. progress is progress, so i’ll take it 😁
then july came and i decided to go all in! even though i’m not where i want to be weight wise....i feel healthier overall and that’s the goal! can’t wait to show you in the future how i started the beginning of the year and how it ends in a few months 😁
mentality is everything - if you believe you can, then you will ✨
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Pumpkin (spiced) everything season is here and with that the cooler weather for some of us too. to stay warm and cozy, and to avoid a nasty cold you should include some fresh ginger into your diet. gingerol, the bioactive substance in fresh ginger, can help lower the risk of infections. in fact, ginger extract can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria. it is very effective against the o**l bacteria linked to inflammatory diseases in the gums, such as gingivitis and periodontitis. fresh ginger may also be effective against the rsv virus, a common cause of respiratory infections. it has so many other incredible health benefits that ginger is one of the very few "superfoods" actually worthy of that term.
photo credit: @style.craze #ginger #superfood #healthfacts
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Never forget! i’m loving my shoulders, biceps and calves at the moment. i can’t remember the last time they looked this good. i also used to flinch at the thought of going to the gym daily and working out for longer than an hour. i’ve been doing resistance and liss back to back all week and have barely batted an eye. i know that the strength i have now will get me through. i’m deliriously happy with my hard work! #bbgprogress #bbg #bbgtransformation #bbg12weekchallenge #bbgstronger #bbgcommunity #bbgfood #bbggirls #bbg1 #bbgfam #kaylaitsines #kaylasarmy #kayla_itsines #gym #gymmemes #gymsharkwomen #gymlife #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #fitfam #fitness #fit #fitnessgirl #fitgirls #fitspo
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Oh the leopard print hat. u know them feels when u love something so much u feel u might need it surgically removed from your head?
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Chocolate granola is my new go to for breakfast! 😋 recipe 👇🏼👇🏼
- ½ cup coconut oil
- 1 tsp vanilla extract
- 2½ cups oats
- ½ cup cacao powder
- ½ cup crushed almonds - ½ cup maple syrup
- ½ cup shredded coconut
- dark (dairy free) chocolate bar
- dried mango
- coconut chips .
add together oats, cacao powder, almonds, maple syrup and shredded coconut and mix around.
in a medium sauce pan, add coconut oil and vanilla and let it get thick. constantly stir around for about 4-5 minutes.
then add it to the mixture and mix around until well combined.
spread the mixture out evenly on a baking sheet sprayed with coconut oil and put it in the oven (preheated 200c) and bake for about 50-60 minutes or until it turns darker in colour. make sure to check it regularly so it doesn't burn! .
then take it out and let rest for about 30 minutes. when cool mix in the chocolate, dried mango and coconut chips.
store in an airtight container. will last for months.
this is really yummy with almond milk, on nana ice cream or in a chia pudding 😍😋 .
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@sarahstarziczny and i had the pleasure of trying out the new vegan menu @shu.restaurant today 😍
being honest this was some of the best vegan food i have had! the flavours that shu has achieved are amazing 👌
super impressed, if you are near the northern suburbs of melbourne definitely give his restaurant a visit. oh and check my story if you want to see the description of this beautiful food 🌱
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#theroverpanda by @nutriholist
back in my kitchen after an amazing trip to seattle and napa, indulging in lots of delicious foods, and my body is screaming for a green smoothie 😄🍃
so made myself one using kale, fresh mint, organic lemon (1/4 piece with the skin on), ginger, orange, apple, spirulina & flax seeds 💚
➡️have you tried using lemon with the skin on in your smoothies yet?? if not, you seriously need to try it! esp when paired with ginger, it adds such a nice refreshing twist that takes your smoothies to the next level 👊🏼
served it with coconut yogurt chia pudding for more protein and healthy fats, some cauliflower/banana ice cream, blueberries and orange mums (edible flowers) 🧡 yum! #nutriholist #eatyourgreens #balancedmeal .
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This is a super important thing to remember. i’m still in a state of overtraining, two weeks off wasn’t enough, especially when i have no idea how to actually rest. .
to get to this point i did everything wrong and my biggest mistake was probably assuming that i know better and this wouldn’t happen to me. well, knowing better doesn’t help if you don’t act accordingly. .
overtraining causes a lot of different symptoms, but the mental ones are the hardest to handle, for me at least. at the moment i’m suffering from irritability, insomnia and even depression and the hardest part is not being able to recognize myself with all this negativity. so i’m in a pretty dark place at the moment but i promise to keep you posted when i found i way out of this tunnel. i haven’t yet, but i’m sure i will. .
i’m probably going to finish this week with minimum weights and minimum effort because i feel like i need it mentally but after that i don’t know what i’m going to do. .
take care of yourself lovelies! and always remember wellbeing is so much more than what you eat or how much you exercise. remember to listen to your body & mind as a whole and if you’re going through a lot of stress, reducing the amount or the intensity of your workouts might be the smartest thing to do. .
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Leg day luxury... what does this picture have to do with legs? not much but they work... get it 😂🤭 after a particularly gruelling leg day workout little luxuries like my recent @evolvebeautyuk goodies feel especially lush. .
there were even a few testers in my package, which worked because now i've placed a second order 😂.
incidentally the cleanser and toner may be made of magic. i admit i have pretty good skin but i now have even better skin and they seem to remove the crease in my forhead. gently. amazing!
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Yesterday’s brekkie... right before i doused it in too much hot sauce! 🤦🏻‍♀️ are you team sweet or savory when it comes to breakfast?! i used to be a majorly savory girl, but since i fell in love with smoothies, i’d say i’m more “swavory” these days! 😉 that said, this squeeze egg salad rocked and was majorly @livcooksathome approved 👍
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I’m that w****o who loves leg day. while my legs and b**t are where i tend to carry all my weight, it’s also where i have the most strength. and there’s nothing better than feeling like superwoman after kicking your own 🍑
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Back to gym today! lifting weights that are lighter than i used to. got easily out of breathe during cardio. my stamina and strength have definitely been reduced. but i believe that small progress will add up to huge results. don’t give up just because you’re not where you were before. be proud of yourself that you actually started and begin your journey into a healthier lifestyle. no matter what happens, choose to do that exercise, choose the healthier option. your mind will keep telling you that it’s hard. i’m here to tell you yes, it is not easy but you can!! you are made unique, strong and confident. don’t let your own negative thoughts steal that away from you!! 💕💕
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ᴸᴵᶠᴱ ᴵˢᴺ’ᵀ ᴬᴮᴼᵁᵀ ᵂᴬᴵᵀᴵᴺᴳ ᶠᴼᴿ ᵀᴴᴱ ˢᵀᴼᴿᴹ ᵀᴼ ᴾᴬˢˢ
ᴵᵀ’Ë¢ ᴬᴮᴼᵁᵀ ᴰᴬᴺᶜᴵᴺᴳ ᴵᴺ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴿᴬᴵᴺ 💜🦋 1st post @kayla_shyx #kaylaskekse #kaylasarmy
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We reckon quality ingredients deserve to be flavoured with something that is of equal quality. that’s why siena fits in well here. natural flavour that compliments veggies and let’s them shine without the addition of hidden nasties. just the way we like it! 👌🏻 #letsmingle
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It's the middle of the week on wednesday night and i'm only just posting this now 😂 i kept meaning to do it! but here's my plan for the rest of the week! i didn't do any workout today because my body was feeling tired from pole on monday and getting back into bbg yesterday after missing a week and then also not having a good night's sleep. i was also feeling mentally tired because we had a staff training day today and spent the whole day at a marae which was interesting and i learnt a lot but also had to do a lot of thinking and group work so i just felt over today by the time i got home haha 😂 i had a nice evening with my boyfriend though just watching a movie at home and eating poke bowls for dinner 😊 i feel motivated to get back into it tomorrow though and meet my goals for the rest of the week! .

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Squat challenge workout! will you do it? 💪🏻
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✖️ semana a tope ✖️
próximamente iré enseñándoles las cositas nuevas en las que estoy trabajando con mucho mimo, creando contenido que les sea interesante y útil.
▫️tendré que ir enseñando las cositas poco a poco para ir viendo qué les gusta más y así poder seguir ese camino.
▫️ como les he comentado a much@ s , que me han escrito por privado, el contenido gráfico que cree será pensando en ustedes y para ustedes.
▫️ será gratuito. importante recalcarlo ya que algun@ s me preguntaron si al enviárselo tenían que pagar... por supuesto que no!
▫️ si tienes alguna sugerencia de qué diseño de plantilla de organización te gustaría tener, no dudes en decírmelo. me encantaría saber tu opinión.
muchísimas gracias a tod@ s l@ s que me han solicitado la plantilla en pdf del menú semanal. no me esperaba que les fuese a gustar tanto, mil gracias! .
pronto tendrán la versión del planificador menú semanal de lunes a domingo, para que les sea más sencillo planificarse. si estás interesad@ en que te la envíe, contáctame por privado ♡
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