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I call this one “the end of the rainbow” and it’s extra special because it’s literally three of my favorite things ever. 😍

also - this babe, my assistant and i, all had a serious heart to heart after her session. if there’s one thing i love most about my job, it would be watching my b***s open up and trust me with more than just their true and authentic self. i very much love what i do, and i am so thankful to have met so many incredible women doing something that i love. πŸ–€

whose next! 😘
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Who doesn't love a good ol' sofa table...especially when brought back to life with quality paint and some tlc? painted in a beautiful, trending charcoal gray with a partial stained top and lined drawer, this baby is ready for a home. (swipe for more pics). it is available in our booth @therustychandelier off i-29 at the savannah exit in st. joseph, mo. check out my fb page located in my profile for more info (found in the for sale photo album).
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“i wonder if i can con a treat out of them now that i’ve let them tuck me in and tell me how cute i am...”
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The first one of “kc life” 1 of 100. i’m selling these finally if anyone is interested. more images will follow later. #kclife #rivermarket #kcmo #northkc #columbusparkkc #photographer #photography #kcstreetcar ($100 for the first print and $80 for each additional copy)
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The program for a performance next month! i am not getting excited (about my design!) #piano #solo #kcmo #musicianlife #kansascitymusic
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Definitely wanna shout out @pyjign_boy even know my g has alot going on he took the time to put me on to his latest and me being a @gasdrawls fan its something i definitely enjoyed be sure to check it out link his bio
much love bro
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Dry fit before gluing is panel together. i always want to make sure something like this fits before glue gets involved. otherwise you can get in a world of hurt and a hurry! you may wonder why i've already put finish on the interior panels? i like to do that because then if the panels shrink a bit more than the frame and dry cold weather, then you won't have an unfinished line showing on the panel.
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Jared s put it down on this fresh daith piercing with gorgeous anatometal jewelry today!

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Ready to quilt .
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Last day to check out all terrain at la esquina! open until 5! excellent work by @charlottestreetfoundation residents ❀️
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Today i’m playing with arrangements @jillianyoungbird
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I’m experimenting cyanotype images on several different fabrics today. once i find out which ones work best, i’ll continue on. @jillianyoungbird
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