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Yinan Song
1 minute ago
yinansong Look who’s coming from the sacred plants of the hindus! 🌿 #mariannenorthgallery #kewgardens
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The Telegraph
25 minutes ago
telegraph Kew gardens. this is a #mytelegraph submission by @junglesandconcrete. tag your uk photos with #mytelegraph if you would like them featured on our accounts. . . . #telegraph #potd #mytelegraph #kewgardens #london #nature
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Emma Love 🌡
16 hours ago
the_happy_horticulturist So i have a soft spot cute and clever plants & this piloselloides cordata fulfills my fluffy quota for the day πŸ‡ found this planted in the temperate zone of gothenburg's palmhouse, fashioning white and pink flecked petals encased in long harlequin shaped sepals, intricate and pretty. brings back child like memories for me of wild flower meadows during summer camping trips due to its strong resemblance to a taraxacum seed head πŸ•
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53 minutes ago
justsinea Shaky silhouette β €
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1 hour ago
breedlondon Spell is a new artwork from illustrator @petrabornerillustration that was commissioned by @kewgardens. the new piece was inspired by the powerful energies in nature that create change. follow the link in our bio to take a closer look. #petraborner #kewgardens #breedlondon
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Melanie Woods
1 hour ago
melanieanzarouth Everybody knows this girl on the left is the loveliest funniest sweetest smartest and wisest girl there is. and today she has once again proven she's also the bravestπŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ† the little sister who takes cares of her big sister most of the times, you're the best❀ i'm with you in spirit little-(yet tall)-wonderwoman πŸ‘‘ @sophie_anz
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2 hours ago
sendemirer Sculpt at kew, kew gardens london
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