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First collab project for the year.... check! students looked at work by artist @thankyoux before creating one of their own cubes! we filled them in with a favorite summer memory and something we’re excited for this school year. the kiddos really enjoyed seeing this work come to life as the week progressed. now, we’re on to some more extensive projects! 😉 .

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It’s time for the may art challenge! 🎨🗓each month, we follow a set of art prompts that are open to interpretation. our goal is to build an art practice that helps us explore new ideas and experience joy through self expression. sometimes we need a little boost to remind us to create! all ages and skill levels are welcome. i’m trying something new this month with a calendar format. do you prefer this or the previous list style? lmk!
if you have children or if you’re a teacher, these prompts are made for you. 👩‍👧share the daily prompt with your child and see what they come up with! 💫we’re also fans of setting of side-by-side collaborative sketchbook time, and even pure “me time” if you need your own little art break. 🤫📝
don’t worry if you miss days...just join us when you can. inspire your imagination to fly and leave perfection at the door. this is all about process, play, and experimentation. -
which of these prompts is your favorite?
💃🏼how to play >>
1️⃣say yes if you’re in.
2️⃣reshare this image on your wall so i know you’re joining us. invite friends to join you because, well, it’s more fun with friends. plus, an accountability partner will keep you going. 💫👯‍♀️
3️⃣tag me @tinkerlab so i can reshare your posts in my stories
4️⃣upload your photos with the hashtags #tinkerlabartchallenge and #tinkersketch 5️⃣connect with other makers.
6️⃣have fun!

starts may 1.
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Whimsical galaxy art - joining in star wars/space week from @a.pop.of.culture. .
notes from our craft:
⭐although i didn't think of it at the time, turns out mr4's "all the mixed up colours" artwork (back from our stamping apples session) was the perfect background for a space themed art.
⭐the kids took turns squeezing ikea mala paints all over the paper and sprinkling stars. surprisingly no messy hands with this one, just lots and lots and lots of paint squeezing...
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I broke edie out of daycare today for a special trip to @theodorerooseveltnps north unit outside of our town of @watfordcitynd. we ate pizza on the way to a free painting project the park put on for kids and then we “hiked” around a bit. it’s fun to get away with just us, one on one, and to break the every day norm, if i can even say i have an every day norm...(ok, let’s be honest, i don’t have an everyday norm). but i do have a great job making art, helping people make art, promoting my community and raising this human (and the other smaller human) who’s always up for an adventure with a little bit of attitude.
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