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こんにちは! 🐶
2 hours ago
mallowpuppy 🐶 from now on i plan to release on the 1st of each month without a fixed daytime. i will show preview pics of the ears during the month before release day. just wanted to let you guys know and also wanted to say thank you for all the support and the kind words, i never imagined that mallowpuppy would become such a 'big thing'! thanks alot to everyone!!! :3 🐶
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Honey Community🐻❤️
2 hours ago
honeycommunity Hey honey drops! don't forget to join our public chat group on line if y'all wanna get to know our models! please simply message kawaiikaruchi once you have this free app downloaded. can't wait to get to know y'all!
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Artemis the Brown Eyed Kitsune
3 hours ago
brown_eyed_kitsune Welcome to this week's #smallbusinesssundayshoutout! (missed a week's shout out? simply click on the hashtag to see them all!) 🍃 this week's shout out goes to @bunnyblossomboutique! a very new shop, they make wonderfully adorable ears as well as collars and tails (in the future)! from tiger ears to bat ears to kitty ears to bunny ears, i'm loving the style that this shop has. that coloring on the opal kitty pair has me swooning. so beautiful! and her most recent pair, the tiger pair, are amazing! i can already tell that an improvement has been made from the first ears that were posted to the most recent. i'm really excited to see how this shop grows! i predict it's going to be a very popular one, hehe. customs are currently open, so i would definitely send her a dm if you're interested in a custom pair of your own. 💙 if you like what you see, please go give her a follow! 🌸 *note: these shout-outs aren't endorsed by anyone but me. i'm not receiving anything in turn for a shout-out, so please don't think i'm doing this to get free stuff. i truly just want to share some amazing shops with you!* #cosplay #roleplay #handmade #custom #ears #petplaygear #foxears #puppyears #kittenears #catears #headband #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #therian #furry #rave #raver #anthromorphic #anthro #petplayears #wolfears #browneyedkitsune
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Neko Palace - 25 Palace Pets
3 hours ago
nekopalacesite Happy pride month everyone!🌈 a bunch of palace pets joined together to share their experience with you in an article 💜 read the article by heading to the link our bio > article 👑 and feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section on the article 🐾 any hate will be deleted 🐾 www.nekopalace.weebly.com
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