23 hours ago
buttonsandpearls Box with holes cut into it has been giving these two hours of fun. #catsofinstagram #kittennose
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Keri Morin | 20 | Sask, CAN
keri_morin | kitten. got new lenses for my phone today and i'm in love. | #macro #kittennose #kitten #iphone
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Rebecca Leckman
4 days ago
mzbeca This guy! out of the last batch of gray kittens at @animalwellnessfoundation - who we hosted over the holiday weekend - one little monster still needs a forever home. we brought him home for the night so he wouldn't feel lonely without his brothers and sister to keep him occupied (here he is cuddling with @tadleckman instead). being a volunteer, you try not to have favorites... but this little devil won my heart. charm for days, purring himself to sleep, his 'beauty mark' (gray freckle) next to his nose and expressive almond shaped eyes lend a jaunty debonair vibe to everything he does. and because he's happy and healthy, his schedule is jam-packed with running, jumping, skidding, batting toys, eating, then collapsing in a warm pile of warm, sleepy, purring kitten. he's acing kittenhood! are you interested in helping him with his next life chapter? meet him this sunday (1/15) at the @animalwellnessfoundation adoption event held at @centinelafeed on centinela between washington and venice and see for yourself! #adoptdontshop #adoptablekitten #adoptablekittensofinstagram #graykitty #kittennose #kittylove #adoptmeplease
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Tahlia Doyle
2 weeks ago
tahlia.claire Throwback to the day i got this cutiepie ❀ missing her cuddles tonight.
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