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58 minutes ago
ixazaluoh_ Last night's #kittenrescue mission with @mcsqweets this mama and three newborn kittens were rescued from behind a fence in #silverlake and are now safe from harm! #adoptdontshop #streetkittens ❀❀❀ @luxepaws
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Niquie Francis
2 hours ago
ayoo.fancy Remember that little orange kitten i rescued thinking it was a boy? today i got kittens πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #assuminggenders #catbirth #kittenrescue #kittens #kittensofinsta #proudfurgrandma
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Emma Hohenstein
5 hours ago
emmahohen Here's looking at you, kid. πŸ‘
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Stephanie Louise Green
6 hours ago
stephanie.louise.green Weekend read with a kitten and coffee. i'm in heaven right now. about the book, it is one of dreams. how creatives have up and moved to the affordable countryside and still have a career! i so would love to do this one day but would sure miss the convenience of living on a london high street. #kittenandbook #creativeliving #creativelivingcountry #changelifestyle #creativeinthecountryside #weekend #kittenrescue #kittendaily #loveblackcats #adoptdontshop
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Kerry Cairns
12 hours ago
The best thing about bottle feeding kittens is the flicking ears and getting milk d***k 😻 #catsofbrisbane #kittensofinstagram #kittenrescue #rescuekittens #yerongarescuekittenadoptionprogram #bottlefedkittens #milkdrunk
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Feed the Strays Brunei
18 hours ago
feedthestrays Story time: "didn't expect this little kitty to be noisy but it is! i got woken up by its constant meow-ing this morning but that reminded me that i had a kitten in my bathroom 😹 kitty is now eating, drinking and looking less scared than last night! i even think she's ready to play a little bit. i named her 'purrrdy' just because she makes these little soft purrs when she sleeps. sadly she has quite a big burn on her bum so i'm planning to bring her to the vet soon! any #kittyrecovery tips or advice are most welcomed thank you!" 😸 . . tag us and share your adorable adventures! #saveastray #feedthestrays #feedthestraysbrunei 😸❀
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Michael Banks
20 hours ago
sugarfueled Kitten update! someone's peepers opened today! πŸ‘€ both wendy & spooky's eyes are getting bigger by the minute. casper is still a little behind, he's still about half their size with his eyes shut but all 3 kittens are eating, growing and doing great! follow their journey in my stories and posts. have a super sweet night!
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Kitsap Humane Society
23 hours ago
kitsaphumanesociety How could you not want to foster kittens!? meet booker, a current khs #fosterkitten getting around the clock care from his foster mama πŸΌπŸ±πŸ’• #fosteringsaveslives #kitten #kittensofinstagram #kittenrescue #catrescue #animalrescue #kitsaphumanesociety
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Yayasan Peduli Kucing
23 hours ago
pedulikucing @regrann from @khairunnisarurin - butuh induk susuan urgent!! saya baru rescue 5kitten ditempat yg berbeda,, 2kitten saya rescue dipinggiran jalan beringin raya, yang 3kitten nya saya rescue diarea jalan dket rumah, sbnr nya total ada 6kitten tp 1 sdh rip 😭😭 yg 2kitten msh sngt kecil blm bs makan, yg 3kitten sdh bs makan wetfood dan suka saya ksh minum susu sgm llm, tp alangkah lebih baik jika mereka menyusui dari induk nya langsung, krena kondisi 3kitten trsebut agak kurus 😭😭 saya mohon jika ada yg punya indukan saya numpang menyusui kelima kitten ini, hingga mereka sudah agak besar paling tdk sampai umur nya 3 atau 4bln nnti saya ambil lg. lokasi tangerang. wa 0896 2907 4159 please need your help 😭😭😭😭 #rescue #kittensofinstagram #kitty #kittenrescue #butuhindukankucing #butuhindukmenyusui #needmamacat #kucingdomestik #kucingkampungkeren #urgentfoster - #regrann
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Feed the Strays Brunei
feedthestrays "found this little kitten at about 10pm tonight nearby a retail shop in gadong and i tried looking for its mother but the shopkeeper said that the kitten was purposely dumped there!! πŸ’” it was still a bit raining too & i couldn't just leave her there alone! i mean look at that face!! she was all wet too! 😭 so i brought her home (she was so scared and quiet on the way) and tried cleaning her up as much as i could. i also tried giving her food but she didn't want to eat or even drink! after her bath she simply curled up like this and slept. poor thing must be exhausted!! 😭😿 i want to try caring for this little one so if anybody has any tips on #kittycare please do tell me because i haven't had any house cats since i was ten! πŸ˜… so i do appreciate anything you guys can offer because its been quite an emotional night for kitty and me! i guess you could call it my saddest adventure with strays yet but i also gained a new friend! its now #day1 of her #kittyrecovery! i'll try to update again soon and please try not to dump strays but instead save them or at least, feed them!" lets share our stories and our love of animals! #feedthestrays #feedthestraysbrunei #brunei 😸❀
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Bedford Corners Community Cats
bc3cats Foster kitten #sevenlions is wondering, can you help? 3 of the 20 cats/kittens we have trapped in 2017 needed extra veterinary care beyond spay/neuter and vaccines to get healthy before adoption. our volunteers pay out of pocket to provide quality care to homeless cats in #eastnewyork #brooklyn. your support will allow us to continue to serve! fundraiser link in our bio with all paid vet invoices included in the gallery.
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Good Karma Pet Rescue
goodkarmapetrescue πŸΎπŸ™help us save 40 more kitties!πŸ™πŸΎ we are finalizing the details of our biggest transport yet, with a goal of transferring at least 40 kitties to two no-kill humane societies in vermont that have a shortage of cats for adoption. 🚐😺 yes, you read that right, a shortageπŸ™€ - something we know nothing about! right now we are having to suspend intakes of new kittens and cats (something we hate to do😭) because our foster homes are full. after our last transport, we had a flood of new babies enter the rescue (about 50 in just 3 weeks). 😺🐾😺🐾 we still have to finalize our return flights ✈️ and hotels 🏫so if anyone has spare airline miles or points to use towards either, we would gladly accept those as donations (and provide a tax-deductible donation letter) so that we can lower the amount of funds needed. in addition, if you have gas cards ⛽️you'd like to donate towards the cost of fuel, we could chip away at that expense as well. we can't do this without your support and we have very limited time to go before our two incredible volunteers hit the road to make a 1500+ mile journey with 40 precious good karma souls. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ πŸ™please share!πŸ™ https://www.facebook.com/donate/10106340508841302/ #helpthecats #helpthekittens #kittentransport #cattransport #catadoption #kittenadoption #catrescue #kittenrescue #floridatovermont #roadtrip #catroadtrip #kittentoadtrip #donate #fundrasier #savealife #saveacat #saveakitten
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