Jenny 💉🦇
33 minutes ago
hellishkittyjen Isn't she the cutest?! who can say no to this precious face. #adoptdontshop#kittens#kittenrescue#kittensneedahome#kittenxlady#paulthecatguy
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Nashville Cat Rescue
2 hours ago
nashvillecatrescue Remember justin kittenlake from the @mewsickittycafe pop up? he's looking pretty happy in his forever home these days. we can't stop that feeling of awww!
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Slimming Mama
2 hours ago
slimmingmamaadventures Met this adorable little kitten at a cat cafe today! managed to resit all the cake too 🐱🎂❤ #kitten #kittenrescue #catcafe #slimmingworld #21weekspregnant #21weeks #cats #catsofinstagram
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The Pet Care Foundation
6 hours ago
the_pet_care_foundation Meet batman and robin! very sweet and loving, 10 weeks old, great with other cats and small dogs, they are very healthy but have tested positive for fiv. available now at the amanda foundation! 351 foothill road, beverly hills, ca 90210, (310) 278-2935 #adoptdontshop #adopt #donate #rescue #foster #animals #animalrescue #pets #petrescue #losangeles #california #nkla #petcarefoundation #cats #catrescue #catsofinstagram #kittens #kittenrescue #kittensofinstagram #humpday
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Luca Torres Peña
9 hours ago
hvorermitsind Stupid face s****d selfie, not so s****d lipstick. i had a dream i was fostering more kittens ahhh i wish 🙀 • • • #bleh #mattelipstick #liquidlipstick #transboy #femboy #gayboy #kittenrescue
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Sang yun
11 hours ago
love_my_piglets Human mummy & daddy brought her into our house 🐯 they said she was dying on the foot path😱 #kittenrescue #길냥이구조
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Save Our Stray Cats
12 hours ago
s.o.s_cats 🆘🆘🚨open donation for lucky the cat with cancer😭😭😭 previously, lucky was found on july 22, 2017 in front of a pet shop with hapless condition, i.e. emaciated, dehydrated, along with broad open wide wounds & rotten bloody nose. thus, we directly took lucky to vet perdana's clinic & being hospitalized there from july 22 to august 7, 2017. day after day during treatment did not show improvements on that broad nose eventhough has been given various drugs, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, vitamins and herbs (capsule taro mice) and lead to a cancer diagnosis. as in humans, cancer can only be cultivated through chemotherapy or race against time with cancer cells through herbal remedies. up to the 16th day there are only two options: go back home and be treated to live the rest of his life or "euthanasia" to ease the burden of his life. on 7 august lucky was finally referred to vet gustav's clinic hence also being hospitalized from 7 to 10 august 2017 and given herbal capsule "temu putih". in short, vet gustav also gave up and suggested the same thing with vet perdana. so on aug. 10, lucky was pick up from the clinic. truthfully we felt very confused due to both of two options was dilemmatic. incase treated at home until his death without further medication would he have to suffer every time we give him medicine he looked so hard to swallow it because in the nasal cavity there was fluid that accumulates (effects of the cancer) and there was blood streaming from his nose that perforated. moreover, euthanasia is far from our preferrence considering that lucky actually still wants to eat and drink by himself. in the evening we consulted with vet nyomie (@doknyom) for endeavors through chemotherapy & she said he is still workable but we could not continue the medication due to budget factors. we herewith request everypawdy to help lucky continue chemotheraphy treatment 🙏😢😿. incase anybody willing to donate, feel free to transfer the money to bca 4900293700 a/n. katherine ernawati or paypal link https://www.paypal.me/katherineernawati with email : katherine.ernawati@gmail.com.
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12 hours ago
anthropomorphos #guinevere sporting her #bandana from #calvinandsusiekailua this is just a quick shot while she was resting between bouts of viciously attacking it. #kittenrescue #kitteh #catrescue #animalrescue
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