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hornyputoo Jan🇩🇴 comment a tag fo a tbh ‼️
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jupiter 🌻
1 minute ago
squactopussi Hi that’s legit 6$ highlight and gloss from like 9 years ago?!
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21 hours ago
fohprincesa I'm not the same everyday. there are times where i'm loud and chatty, and there are times when i'm really quiet. i can't define myself and neither can you. don't tell me who i am and am not. i am a wildflower.
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7 minutes ago
fohprincesa Don’t look for happiness in other people create it for yourself and share it accordingly.
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15 minutes ago
gerollaz Det är galet hur snabbt mitt humör kan förändras. en minut, jag känner på toppen av världen och nästa, jag önskar att jag begravdes djupt i ett dike.
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lucy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
21 minutes ago
hellblade420 🐉 lucinda c babineux 🐉 9teen. bisex. single. goofball. typically submissive, but $5 is $5. sad. sweet talker. like&cmnt an emoji for a tbh&fop. dm her to get to know her.
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Maddison Montgomery—
22 minutes ago
carnallvst Use me as you will pull my strings just for a thrill and i know i'll be ok though my skies are turning grey #openrp #tvdrp #singlerp #daddyrp🌸 #kittenrp #anyrp #straightrp
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24 minutes ago
coveredinsins I never know what to say or feel when i hear your name. •• •• •• •• #openrp#birp#singlerp#literaterp#bandrp#uglyfollowtrain#takenrp#kinkrp#lesrp#subrp#kawaii#submissiverp#tumblr#loverp#grunge#friendlyrp#gainpost#uglyfollowtrain#bandmemberrp#roleplay#openroleplay#anyrp#twentyonepilotsrp#pvrisrp#halseyrp#pvris#kittenrp#bandsrp
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24 minutes ago
deadnbhd [comment ur name letter by letter for a tbh] devin artino. 20. 5'6. single & bisexual. taurus. college student. little bit of a stoner. loves the office, shameless and brockhampton. really f*****g misses vine. needs more friends. say hi #openrp
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Ariana 🥀
25 minutes ago
deadmoans Ariana grande. comment for a tbh from broadway, to a show on nick, to selling out stadiums, she has wasted no time getting where she is. ariana is now one of the most influential women in the pop industry with a voice that will never be forgotten. she keeps herself busy, always working in the studio, writing songs, recording songs, photoshoots, and things of the such. on the other hand, she is a twenty four year old female who stands at five four. she loves her family more than anything and they keep her going. she loves intimacy, whether that’s s*x or taking a long road trip to the middle of nowhere with someone she loves just to have deep conversations with. she could use more of that. relationships have been rocky in the past, so she is not exactly sure what she is looking for at the moment but does not mind having a bit of fun in the process. many people do not like the fact of sharing their girlfriend with thousands of people but she knows that that is something they would have to get used to if they care enough to stay with her. she is very outspoken and strong willed, not being afraid to say exactly what she believes in and fight for it. she is the mother of five dogs, has a very involved family, but could use more friends and people to live in her circle with her. say hello, please.
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alissa birlem
24 minutes ago
· alissa · ally · lissa · is mostly herself when shes with close friends · can be rood · has depression and is bipolar · can be happy · will take out anger on others and later on say sorry · will say shes okay when shes really not · is very very active *lies* · has a daughter named ava and loves her very much with her best friend william · has trust issues and anger issues · loves candy and can be a real pain in the a*s · loves her parents a lots · hates snakes , fakes , liers , cheaters , people that hurt others · hit her up because istg she has no life ·comment for a rate· [credits to my gf for the intro] - #්මම්රැොරුතූරුෛෝද්‍රවිචඤඅමචැ #දඅදැලඅනච්‍රම්ඐෛඐෟඹෟඹඡෑඵෑ #openrp #openrp #openrp #openrp #anyrp #hmurp #singlerp #s*x #boobs #cleanrp #dirtyrp #takenrp #kittenrp #babyrp #childrp #daddyrp #openrp #gayrp #unholyrp #straightrp #holyrp
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35 minutes ago
elchapojrr Arden june. - twenty one. mommy dom. russian. k***y as all ever. kisses everyone, but mostly girls. single. - #openrp #newopenrp #lesrp #birp #dominantrp #daddysrp #subrp #kittenrp #literaterp #mdlgrp #ddlgrp #closedrp #anyrp #gainpost #followtrain #l4l
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jaem 🌙
35 minutes ago
redvclvet_ Jaem hyung 🍷 twenty-three year old korean male. fluent in sweden. craves red velvet cakes. sagittarius. deep sleeper. has a pet kitten named bubbles or bubs. a choreographer and works at a popular coffee shop. single and gay. a switch. a great cooker and would do a cooking battle with anyone. high on the weekends. wants to seem intimidating but is actually a sweetheart. short tempered. huge cat lover. calls everyone cute. hip hop listener. [ comment your lovely names letter by letter for a tbh and a rate]
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Jupiter Dean ⛄
38 minutes ago
scbersinner Just incase. i love all of you, and you all have made a great impact on my life and i am so thankful for the friendships i have made here. i am more than greatful to have met all of you, and i want you to know that incase i disappear. 💞❤
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