Marilyn Memeroe
3 minutes ago
marilynmemeroe "the devil is near! run!" (rp @fuckitimarobot)
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J U N G K O O K 🐰
4 minutes ago
jjbusn " there is an exclamation mark in my pants "
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— izzy
5 minutes ago
mvllyslips Comment for a tbh/rate isabella danielle liddell pisces/1995 a short, tattooed, blonde haired woman of italian background who lives in las vegas working as a model and music artist. she goes by the names isabella, izzy or bella but she prefers to be called izzy. izzy is the youngest of two, her older brother being cameron. the two didn't get along well as children, but who does? now, izzy and cameron are closer than before. in her spare time you can find izzy with her friends, working, sitting at home playing games or on occasions, partying. izzy has a party animal deep down inside her and that side of her only shows if things become out of hand. in the past izzy has struggled with depression and some days she may seem down and uninterested. sometimes she can even be a bit of a b***h but don't take it personally. as far as friends go, izzy has her own group which she sticks to but she doesn't mind more friends. the more the better. she is single, straight and ready for a new relationship. it's been well over a year since she's had a good relationship. if you would like to know her interest, feel free to dm or ask for a dm
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Marilyn Memeroe
4 minutes ago
marilynmemeroe Shhhhhhhhshshshshhhshshshh (rp @friendofbae)
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Marilyn Memeroe
5 minutes ago
marilynmemeroe "im sorry i'm like this" (rp @tank.sinatra)
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alexia rose gold
5 minutes ago
_.titts._ Alexia rose gold 19 years old and is taken by her king, dean. she's a model and bartender and former stripper. she has at least one person she calls a friend. she loves to travel and go to the beach . #openrp #singlerp #lesrp #birp #daddyrp #kittenrp #lesonlyrp #fuckrpforgirls #fuckrpforguys #straightrp #submisiverp #dominantrp #sexualrp #dirtyrp #gayrp #babygirlrp
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6 minutes ago
rcsalinx Comment something cute for a dop/fop. k y l e i🥀 sassy / romantic / lesbian / s****l / wine / books / writing / cuddling / princess. {comment for a tbh&fop} #gainpost#followtrain#openrp#rpforboys#rpforgirls#dirtyrp#rpforall#anyrp#friendrp#singlerp#literaterp#daddyrp#youtuberp#kittenrp#takenrp#birp#lesbianrp#lesrp#murderizedrp#medrp#emorp#cuterp#couplerp#takenrp#dominantrp#submissiverp
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7 minutes ago
colorsins [introduce yourself/comment a compliment for a tbh.] macie, 1999.
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8 minutes ago
okokk1975 Because that's what true love is right? it's more than just a feeling it's an action 😭💖
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