Karlee Rae💦
1 minute ago
yogirlkrae I'm karlee/ 17/ from long island new york / spoiled little girl who loves smoking weed, getting drunk, partying, sex💦 and sitting at home watching netflix/ moving to la soon // so hmu to know more 😉💦
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17 minutes ago
lcjtaime Aye aye welcome to my world
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15 minutes ago
crowdplevser [ comment your favorite thing in all the world for a tbh // say “hey mami ¡!” to win all my heart and a good friend aka me♡] asenat testafaye! 🍒 a good girl of twenty years. cuban a*s but sudafrican heart. lover of animals, weed, alcohol, and pizza night. the neighbourhood, the weeknd and kendrick lamar stan. too much k***y to her little body. but, she can be the most lovely and romantic girl. bisexual, not preffers. but, she's lookin' for a good friends. has a crush with jesse rutherford, camila cabello, zayn, luke h, dinah j, and halsey. not the worse person, but maybe the worse time for her existence. so, don't feel afraid to talk with her. #openrp
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Vera Ariella Reed
6 minutes ago
the.beauty.in.pain Morning everybody☀️ i woke up not in the best of moods, but i'm forcing myself to believe that this gonna be a good day✨ - #openrp #closedrp #rpwithme #maturerp #daddyrp🌸 #kittenrp #newrp #ddlgrp #f4f #s4s #hörnyrp #kinkyrp #friendrp #literaterp #alternativerp #ddlgrp #singlerp #gaintrick #gayrp🌸 #submissiverp
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Rose🥀 #0
7 minutes ago
This is the most disgusting thing i've ever seen. this is my dad. someone love him already so he can shut the hell up about it :)💕 @spcdey
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8 minutes ago
frcnchsex This is the love of my life and the only guy i have eyes on. we may be so weird and wanna punch each other sometimes but we definitely end up loving each other so much. i love you baby and so much. ❤
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11 minutes ago
nicodixne Babe..babygirl..princess..loml..babymama i love you so much. today marks another day but for us it means so much more. it’s been 7 months with you, january 19 was the best day of my life. the official day i called you mine. these past months i’ve got to wake up holding you, watch you take care of our fur babies, and even falling asleep under the stars with you. today i have something so special planned out for us and i god d**n hope you love it. you’re the best king that came into my life and i know people say don’t promise things you can’t keep, but i promise you that i will always be there. i love going on walks with the dogs, i love cuddling on the couch watching disney movies. i still remember when we were best friends and i broke up with my “fiancé” and then started dating you, and it wasn’t a rebound. because after i was single it was like becoming your best friend all over again but in a different feeling. and i love that, i love us. thank you for being there aria, and i love you so much. #openrp
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17 minutes ago
stcrboii Hi, comment your name letter by letter for a tbh. 💸 #openrp#closedrp#twanrp#singlerp#daddyrp🌸 #kittenrp#literaterp#cleanrp#dirtyrp#like4like#gainpost
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57 minutes ago
bebbiluna Just me posing for instagwam with sum flowers! 🌸 #bebbiluna #hipsterkitten #doingitforthegram
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jay✨| #14
25 minutes ago
plcyb0y Welp, here goes a themee🌙
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