RoKi The Miracle Kitty
1 minute ago
roki_the_miracle_kitty ** 8/20 6:30pm roki update ** (the kitty i found lifeless on highway 31 8/10) roki has a new mantra, "afraid of nothing". i think it suits her. she has done so well this weekend. two more poops. small but solid unlike the explosion she had friday night. i will not share every poop event, but right now it is still significant because i was told that she probably wouldn't poop until this coming tuesday or next friday. so it's a very positive sign that not only is she eating enough food to make poop, but that her organs are functioning to get it out of her body in a normal form. i haven't seen her show any sign of pain or discomfort. she will actually attempt to walk around her cage. of course her left leg is not cooperating and it actually sometimes gets in the way of the other. i'm hoping as it heals it straightens out and keeping her leg doesn't make her walking more difficult then if we didn't keep her leg. it's still very early, so i'm not going to dwell on that thought. i hope you all are still enjoying her updates. i don't want to flood the feed with stories about her, and i also prefer to post updates when i have a new picture to share. **also, we still need your help ** i have posted update on donations received and balance of her surgery on her gofundme page. gf.me/u/byseeg please share and make a donation if you are able. thank you! ❤️😻 #catsofinstagram #kittensofinstagram #rescuecat #alabama #instagram #instagrambham #photography #photographer #cats #cats_of_instagram
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Hailey Bailey 🐾
2 minutes ago
___haileybailey Catching some 💤 while ensuring mom can't go anywhere 😁🐾
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Ro to the Ro
3 minutes ago
Why do i like it so much when a kitten picks up awkward things with their mouths? #kittensofinstagram #fosterlove #fosterkitten #hairclip
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