1 hour ago
hazelme_11 Meow i am here sitting on the arm of the sofa why are you searching me here and there ? #curiouskitty #kitten #kittywondering
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Trixie 😽💜
6 hours ago
trixie_the_kitty Hi friends! there are 3 days left on this kickstarter to support this project! please see info below if you are interested in helping out! #everybithelps #repost @catrescuersfilm (@get_repost) ・・・ this is trixie. you can follow her on instagram @trixie_the_kitty. her mom proudly supported the cat rescuers, an upcoming documentary about four dedicated new yorkers doing amazing things to save and improve the lives of the cities abandoned & feral cats! helpthecatrescuers.com go to helpthecatrescuers.com so the movie gets finished soon and can start making a difference in communities across the us! want your own "proud backer" picture? go here: bit.ly/proudbacker
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15 hours ago
hdaniels315 These 2 sweethearts came by the office today! so hard to not s****h 'em up and bring them home😺but #taz wouldn't go for it 😾#kittytime #kittensrule #kitty #kitten
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