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Where we have lost our moorings and our selves is in lack of knowledge,that's why the west succeeded especially the brits #knowledge #books #research #centralasia #journals #centralasiansurvey #russia #britain
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العنوان: إسطنبول، القسطنطينية، تركيا (متوفر في المكتبة الرقمية العالمية)
وردت هذه الطبعة الفوتوكرومية للقسطنطينية (إسطنبول الحالية) ضمن "مناظر لناس ومواقع في تركيا" في كتالوغ شركة ديترويت بَبلِشِنْغ كَمْبَني لعام (1905). تُظهر الطبعة الجزء الداخلي من إسطنبول، كما يتضح عبر خليج القرن الذهبي. تُعد إسطنبول أقدم جزء من المدينة، وتقع بشبه الجزيرة التاريخية بالجانب الأوروبي من البوسفور الذي تحيط به الجدران الثيودوسية المزدوجة التي بُنيت في بداية القرن الخامس.
title: stamboul, constantinople, turkey (read more @ wdl)
this photochrome print of constantinople (present-day istanbul) is part of “views of people and sites in turkey” from the catalog of the detroit publishing company (1905). the print shows the inner district of stambul, as seen from across the golden horn. stambul is the oldest part of the city, located on the historic peninsula on the european side of the bosporus that was enclosed by the double theodosian walls built in the early fifth century.
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“all you need is a name,
that is where it starts.”
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⚡️s t o r y t i m e ⚡️

this past year, i’ve been a full time photographer. i never had this planned out. i just bought a camera in oct 2016 and started taking pictures. •

i started getting really into it as weeks and months passed by. i started taking pictures of my family and friends. practicing taking pictures of them and editing their photos for free. •

8 months into having my camera, i got let go from the job that i was working at the time. i was in sales and i didn’t meet my monthly numbers. but deep down, i didn’t want to be there. i was super grateful for that job, but ultimately i wasn’t fulfilled there. •

i always had a dream of being self-employed. after i got let go, thankfully & gratefully, i had money saved up and that bought me some time. by that time, i had some what of a portfolio built up and thought my work was good enough for me to start charging for my services. •

i put my head down and went to work. i started advertising on facebook and branded myself as a photographer. i was no expert, but i had a lot of confidence that i would be able to do this. at this point, getting a job wasn’t an option for me. i threw that idea out of the window. i’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit and i told myself i was going to make this happen. that same summer, i shot at my first wedding along with other events. i was so happy & grateful.

1 year later, i’ve shot at over 13+ weddings, 5+ 15ñera parties, shot for restaurants, night clubs, churches, enegagement pictures, maternity photos, etc. •

not posting this to try to impress you but to express to you what’s possible. i had a lot of challenges and adversity along the way, but what matters is how you react to the challenges when they show up.

i plan on sticking with photography for a long time. it’s something i really do enjoy, but i know it’s another stepping stone for me. this is not where it stops. entrepreneurship is my career and i plan on building other business along my journey. •

dream big & never give up. much love ♥️
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We all like answers 😃 but if we had them all what would we do ? 😮🙃❤
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你的讚好是小編更新的原動力!👍🏻 #趣聞
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"whale shark science"

this amazing footage was filmed on location at darwin's arch, galapagos islands in ecuador courtesy of marine scientist, underwater photographer and cinematographer for marine megafauna foundation @marinemegafauna , chris rohner @chrisrohner - darwin island in the galapagos is a special place for whale shark research. unlike in other whale shark hotspots, we see here almost exclusively large, apparently pregnant females. studying them is important for the conservation of this endangered species, and we are making progress. this was during the 2017 expedition with the galapagos whale shark project and focused on satellite tagging, taking biopsies and photo identification. have a look in the video and see how it is all done!

thanks to the freunde der galapagos inseln schweiz who helped get me and the team from the @marinemegafauna to participate again this year. @georgiaaquarium, @galapagosgsc and the @galapagosconservationtrust are also long-time contributors to the project.

filmed & edited by @chrisrohner with music from josh woodward.

also check the photos from this year's trip by @simonjpierce, @jonathangalapagos, @sofigreen94, @alexmwatts and @jennywaack1. thanks for an awesome time on the boat and underwater!

the whale shark (rhincodon typus) is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species. the largest confirmed individual had a length of 12.65 m (41.5 ft) and a weight of about 21.5 t (47,000 lb). the whale shark holds many records for size in the animal kingdom, most notably being by far the largest living nonmammalian vertebrate. it is the sole member of the genus rhincodon and the only extant member of the family rhincodontidaewhich belongs to the subclass elasmobranchii in the class chondrichthyes. before 1984 it was classified as rhiniodoninto rhinodontidae. the species originated about 60 million years ago.

regrann from @maestro320
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“nobody falls down from the spiritual world. yad gatva na nivartanta - there is no return, why someone will fall down? only acaryas, liberated souls, by the order of krishna, they come here to deliver the conditioned souls or out by their causeless mercy they come down to deliver the fallen souls. but that is not fall down, that is not falling down.” bhubaneswar, 10 december, 1989
sri srimad gour govinda swami

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