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Comment your birthday, see if you can find your bday twin! 🀠
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Pink beanieπŸ’—
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i take pride in loving you
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you, who dip your paintbrush into the palette of your heart to recolor the monotonous and sullen canvas of the world with hues of its purple love, igniting the skies and allowing the grounds to flourish with your wonder
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you, whose light may flicker from the blows of the harsh wind or threatened to become cloaked by the dark, ominous clouds, but continues to shine with all of its might
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you, who find the scattered pieces of hope around the world amongst the places that you explore, only to present them into the hands of those who are in need of guidance
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you, who continues to work hard and deliver the best side of yourself while creating a grace of happiness for those who were given the privilege to love you, even on the days when the best side of yourself is resting
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and if i were to live thousands of lives, i would still find loving you to be the most reassuring aspect of them all because the stardust of your being, the unfaltering shine of your heart, and the magic of your voice rekindles the world of its hope and warmth. you inspire me to love the little things within the world as you are the cosmos’ greatest gift—the most wonderful gift in my life; one that i‘m proud of loving.
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What’s your guys current favourite songs? 🎧
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Damn boi😭πŸ”₯
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Yunsan nation stays winning aaaaaaa their smiles are brighter than all the stars in the galaxy im so devastated oh my god noooooooo
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Wonjinie i miss you so much 😭😭,i hope you fine these daysπŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
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Handsome rich young boys 😌😌😌
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