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tysm for everything
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This account died bye ksks🙄♥️
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Srry for the inactivityy 🤧🤧
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Lea looks good wearing pizza😍vc:@eluitopic
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This looks like a perfect yearbook photo bye 😩
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{ swipe for a heart attack } queeny looks amazing and the truth she's always amazing 😍!! just tell me where we're gonna find another perfection like her 🤔 ?? even if you did or not i don't f*****g care cause kristen nicole hancher is mine okay ? m+i+n+e 🤗 i'm always proud of being a fanboy and the proudest fan tho of this legend 🙏🏼 .. thankful @kristenhancher for making me happy and drew my smile since the day i started supporting you {10/05/2017} , i really love you queeny and more than anyone here - gm have great day ⛅ xx #kristenhancher #teamkristen
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I tried okay?😂😭
how tall are you?👼❤️
(tag herrr?)
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Kristen hancher, yeni ! #kristenhancher (s)
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-thank you so much for everything. for every single like and comment. after 4 months i reach 1k followers. this is so soon i think. kristen liked my 6 outlines (btw please tag her, i wannna her see it) i so proud of my last works. i see "evolution" of my outlines for shot time. that's cool. and next post will be a special outline☉. i love you so much💫 thank you for supporting😢 it's means a lot to me. i know... 1k followers it's not a big audience, but for me it's a big digit. thank you for your compliments about my works
thank you for everything
-love, alex🍒
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i wanna look like this 😩😍
follow @signaslyrics if you see this!🌻
song; like that by jack & jack🎶
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Some kristen? 💦💕 i know this png sucks that much butttt nevermind, i don't want to do it again i'm a lazy a*s •

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