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haircarebyamber Just a couple of videos to show how fast these fingers work!!! i have mastered putting these individuals in in 3-4 hours. when you go to other braiders you could be there for 7-10 hours on what it takes me and my assistant 3-4 hours to do. ranging in box braids taking 2 hours to small individuals taking 4 1/2 hours you will be satisfied with the outcome as well as time saved! i part and put all the braids in and my assistant braids them all down. this gives each braid a consistent look while cutting the time in half! - i also take braids out in 2 hours so that is an option for those people who don't have the time or patience to take them down. weaves and press and curls are great but every once in a while you need to come down into a protective style for a couple of months. - i have a green thumb for growing hair and i'm invested in the heath of your scalp and hair strand. i am able to put the braids in and protect your edges. i braid with a oil and scalp conditioner that penetrates into the scalp to given even moisture to the whole head. i also sell an oil that is great for the scalp during the 2 months of rest! - for prices and details please log onto my website www.haircarebyamber.com - #haircarebyamber #individuals #spa313 #december #braids #neatbraids #privateroom #room1000 #clientcomesfirst #saveyouredges #service #ministry #joy #amber #teamamber #islay #myfriend #2017 #cornrows #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #healthyhair #labraider #protectivestyles #saveyouredges
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_jessicabessica We$tside 👐| online booking available for men's braid styles as well, link in bio 🤗
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