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ahsaki_ceo 😍 full weave with closure. curled it up!! #lahairstylist #labraider #laceclosure #sewin #laweaves
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Catch the vibe ✨- @jodijoc 😍| jumbo senegalese twist available for online booking, such a crowd fave 🌹💕
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Eyelash Extensions|Brows LA
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Process! yes u can get ur lashes wet ! as u can see they still remain attached to natural lash keeping them clean helps them last longer 🎈 dont forget to book ur lash bath with ur fill ‼️‼️‼️🛁 lash bath 🛁 it is very important that your lashes are properly cleansed prior to getting extensions. the primary function of lashes is to protect the eyes from small particles such as dust, sand or debris from entering and harming the eye. therefor ridding the lashes of such particles and build up is necessary in order to get the best retention (wear time ) out of your lashes. lash bath can be done on your natural lashes or extensions .highly reccomend with every fill! if lashes aren't lasting like they should i would try this ! this also keeps hair follicles clean so to promote proper lash growth. but most importantly the cleaner lashes are before applying lash extensions the longer they will last. minimalleaveout #noleaveout #labraider #snatched #kyliejenner #kimk #jordans #lashtraining #flattummytea #fashionnova #wayment #browgoals #fullheadweave #lashes #lashtraining #brows #love #movies #netflix #mac #makeup #hairgoals #holographicnails #nailart #kandiland #kyliejenner #kimk #tommyford #fursandals #distressedtee #michelleobama #meekmill #donaldtrump #chrisbrown
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Sculpted Image
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Me and @_j.slays are currently accepting clients for this style the job gets completed faster with two hands
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