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Hair By Nelly
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hairbynelly_132 I just love a good selfie!!😍😍 women's one layer braids... appointment go to www.styleseat.com/hairbynelly check available times and dates, book and a conformation will be sent to you. please book 2 to 3 days before booking with me i do not do same day appointments. for all braided styles you must come with at least 4 packs of braiding hair of your choice (rasta-fari or black n gold) what ever you prefer. if you have an appointment with me no need to panic i will send you a text the day of your appointment. there is a $25 no show fee that will be charged to you if you do not properly cancel your appointment. ladies don't get first-rate it if i do not respond to your text in the timely manner. i may be working with the client. so be patient and allow me the opportunity to respond. but if you would like an appointment feel free to book at your own leisure. #lahair #labraider #blessedhands #feedinbraids #glamorhair #prettystrands #dreamedges #virginlacqure #longbeach #gardenahair #protectivestyles #bestbraider #painless #growinghands...
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