14 hours ago
schlogoat Fresh and cold and lush in the ladies' pond this morning. yep that's ice. i just wish i'd had my gloves so i could've lasted longer #swimming #coldwaterswimming #ladiespond #hampsteadheath #london #walk #ice #invigorating #outdoorswimming
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Tessa Stuart
2 weeks ago
tessa_stuart Shades and tones of brown at the ladies pond today. swimming with πŸ¦† alongside me, coots by the steps, and a 5 degree πŸ’¦ temperature. as i left a cormorant winged away over my head. required quite a lot of mind over matter today, despite my cosy neoprene gloves and bootees. #nowetsuit #wildswimming #getoutdoors #winterswimming #outdoorswimming #outdoorswimmer #ladiespond #ladiespondhampstead
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Cucumber Clothing
3 weeks ago
cucumberclothing The ladies's pond, hampstead heath. swim, relax, meditate, stay cool #hampsteadheath
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S I M A 🌱
3 weeks ago
simakumar Do you have a coping mechanism that is your go-to when you’re feeling overwhelmed? for me it is sleeping. i used to feel guilty about this. as though it was a dirty little secret. but the more i read about the science of sleep and how our brains process information & experience - it’s a very potent form of natural intelligence. now sleeping to avoid reality is another thing. (i used to do this as well so know a bit about it). using sleep to create a bubble around what needs to be done. i got away with it because i used to be away working for weeks & months at a time. so once home - people almost expected me to sleep a lot. but why i was sleeping was different from why people thought i was sleeping. i realised our bed is both a cradle and a coffin. it’s taken some time - not being on the west coast of north america - but i’ve started swimming again. it began in the ladies ponds in hampstead heath and has taken me to the shores of hawaii, new zealand, portugal, india and the irish sea (pictured). even in summer these are far from my preferred tropical seascapades. this particular dip was bracing at best. i have found when i am sinking (and this isn’t crisis sinking - i’m just talking about dealing with day to day reality without being asleep at the wheel of life) it is the sea and sunrise that helps to heal my soul. it is my go-to “i feel alive”. rather than fall into the fate of a drowning salty sailor - embrace the magic of the mermaid. dive deep. lose sight of the shore. i let the magnetic pull of the ocean floor draw me into the darker recesses of my being. just as it all goes black - is when everything appears clear to me. the sun rises. light permeates the cracks. i am filled up and overflowing. i take that and share it with the world. we all know we are made up of mostly water. conquering your fear of water is equivalent to conquering your fear of yourself. for me immersing myself in the ocean is like going home. hope floats. and so do i. (and you will, too) 🌊🧜🏼‍♀️ . . . . . . . . . . #simasays #flightstothesea #mermaid #mondaymotivation #hopefloats #deepdiving #nofilter #sleepistheword #dirtylittlesecret #nurture #nature #alanrowlettephotography
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Stephanie Hofmann
3 weeks ago
This one is in honour of the formidable ladies in excellent hats who swim in the hampstead heath ladies pond every day of the year! i have started in september and it's bloody freezing but does make you feel amazing! 🐠
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Elle Journelle
4 weeks ago
journelle Wie letztes jahr postgeburtstagsschwimmen im #ladiespond von #hampsteadheath. tatsächlich empfinde ich die kälte nicht mehr als so erschreckend. das gefühl nicht mehr atmen zu können, ist viel weniger geworden. trotzdem habe ich mich heute nicht getraut, mehr als letztes jahr zu schwimmen. drei mal bin ich kurz ins wasser gestiegen und bin ein paar züge geschwommen. aber auch wie letztes jahr ist das gefühl danach das schönste. jetzt muss ich nur die schuhe vom schlamm des parks befreien.
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Bonny Astor
4 weeks ago
bonnyastor Never been addicted to something so quickly β„οΈπŸŠ‍β™€οΈβ„οΈπŸ¦†#winterswimming #sunday #morning #icy #7degreesinthewater #3degreesoutside #solobon #brrr #hampsteadheath #ladiespond
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Emmeline May
4 weeks ago
emmelinemay Number of ponds: 1 degrees temp of water: 7 minutes spent in water: 5 hours round trip taken: 3.5 dogs patted: 10 improvement on mental health: incalculable #ladiespond #winterswimmer #coldwater #selfcare #wildswimming #pondlife #redwellies #brr
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Tessa Stuart
last month
tessa_stuart Winter swimming outdoors at the ladies pond. 8 degrees water πŸ’¦ temp. neoprene boots and gloves on for hands and toes. don’t think about it, in down the ladder. gasp gasp swim swim smile laugh swim swim. climb out. pink skin. tingle. tons of layers on with fumbling hands, hot tea, and camaraderie. love the ladies pond. πŸ’¦πŸπŸ‘ŒπŸ»
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last month
nikki_b925 10 degrees today and still managed a "no wetsuit" swim. body tingling. ready for the weekend. ❄️ #hampsteadheath #ladiespond #outdoorswimming #feelalive
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Laura from The Lakes
October 2017
laurafromthelakes Glorious hampstead ladies pond this morning beautiful 13 degrees swim with the autumn leaves 🍁🏊#thisgirlcan #thisgirldoes #swimmer #ladiespond #hampsteadheath #justdoit #getoutside #outdoorswimming #sundayswim
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