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Like a boss 👑👠
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Yall like this yellow??😍😍😍
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Follow 💖 @ladyboss_transformations for the best female transformations on instagram
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Appreciate yourself for who you are... you are enough 👑

type yes if you realize your worth‼️🙌💕
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Ok. so. here’s me being super open on social media.
left: june 2017 at my heaviest.
right: august 2018, 20 lbs lighter.
i’ve hesitated posting this at least 7 times partly because i’m so embarrassed to see how different i looked on the left, and partly because i still have further to go until i get to my goal. i’m proud of how far i’ve come thus far though, and need to keep reminding myself that nothing happens without hard work and a hell of a lot of motivation 💪🏼 #weightloss #transformation #ladyboss #motivation
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What an incredible morning. was blessed to be invited to the bay street journal event ; discussing woman entrepreneurs , ladies in the business. 🍾💕
often times i feel very alone and over whelmed. but today was an incredible reminder that i’m on the right path to hit my goals. .
i’ve been my own lady boss for 2 years now. i’ve lost , gained , succeeded and failed. i get a lot of positivity and a lot of hate. .
on social media it’s very hard to tell whether the person is truly them or if they are hiding behind a fake personality or portray a different persona. .
thats why i can often get the mean messages because i don’t give everyone what they wanna see. i do what makes me happy and i put myself first. today i got that reminder. .
i’m being my own lady boss the way i know how to be. i can either inspire you , p**s you off , make you wonder , give you motivation. i guess my point is , there is no right or wrong way , there is only the execution. .
like the ladies in the room today , i see my future , i see my success , i try my best to uplift others and spread the positively. .
thanks again for everything and everyone today. there were times i got chills and wanted to tear up. i’m so grateful. .
guest speaker @martatryshak .
ootd @shop_mboutique
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I cried in class the other day. 😢
and not like a cute tear down my cheek kind of cry.
but legit crying, in front of 9 people who i deeply respect.
because we were sharing our stories at the front of the class, and as i started to get into the details of some of the stuff i’ve been through, there was some deep emotions {deep down in the details } there i didn’t even know i hadn’t resolved or processed yet.

more things i had to do work on.

more things i needed to learn from the things that have happened to me.

more growth.

more work to do.

but here’s the thing. ✨ if i had waited until i was perfect before i got started chasing my dream, and waiting til i felt ‘so ready’ i would still be asking myself if an idea like yes supply would ever work?
i would still be second guessing myself. wondering ‘what if?’

it was moving forward on this path that is the reason i’ve been able to heal so much

and despite still not being ‘perfect’ i’ve helped hundreds of people love themselves more, chase their dreams, and see their potential. ✨
i see way to many people waiting until they’re ‘good enough’ to start working on their dream.

the fact you have you dream is the reason and proof that you are already good enough.
if you weren’t made for it, you wouldn’t have your desire in the first place. your desire come through you because you are meant to fulfil them.
✨ im proof that you can be imperfect, and still help others and build a life you love.

want to help others see that no matter whether you’re ‘perfect’ or not ?
if yes supply has helped you in any shape or form type in the comments how yes supply has helped you, and your comment will be proof to those who are chasing their dreams that you can change the world even if you’re not ‘perfect’ yet 💓
it is safe for you to work towards being who you want to be, and learning every step of the way.
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💖ladyboss lifestyle💖
🏆featured transformation🏆
congratulations rebecca! i am so proud of you, and you're glowing.
"here it is, my very first progress picture! the right is the biggest i’ve ever been at 250lbs. this was in 2015. i lost 50 pounds before i found lady boss, starting at 200. as of this morning i’m at 178 pounds. i am ecstatic! this program has literally changed my life. not only how i feel about myself physically, but mentally as well! ive been dreading sharing my progress pictures, but i am now excited to share the next one! thank you ladies for all of your support."
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Rick staying cool despite the unavoidable audience in the foyer
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Hermosas chicas en busca de un cambio ! gracias por participar en este gran reto tb transformación 💋❤ de 12 semanas!
vamos todo!
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Her nickname should be “giggles.”
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The beautiful photos you can get from movement. wip your hair back and forth.
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First monday back in aus after the last 7 travelling 🌍 and like every monday, i’m smilin’ big thinking about everyone who gained that little more freedom in their bank account today. 🙌
often people ask me —>”what exactly do you do?”
simply put. i help people gain more freedom in their bodies through our superfood options.
and more freedom in their bank account by education around residual income and a step by step plan to create it.
the better question though is who i do it with.
my type of people...
bottom line..people who want more.
more choices. more passion. more friendships. more security. more wellness. more wealth. more travel. more freedom.💫
i also partner with people who want less..
less stress. less limitations. less frustration. less moments with that gut feeling of ‘is this it’. less of that crippling feeling of no control of your time. less worry of your future.
those are my type of people.💙
and if either is you.. i promise you, we are way overdue for a chat.
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Love this artwork by @liviafalcaru. from here on out i shall pretend that i was her muse 👩🏻 and inspiration for this piece 😅
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I am a wife to rickey
for almost 10 years and a mom to brayden, age 6, and reece, age 4, when i'm not out hustling by putting my own passion to work helping others achieve their goals & dreams.
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• appreciation •⠀
sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice the little things that give life it’s magic. ✨celebrate life and the little things. #unlockme 📖✍🏻⠀
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I see you! yes, you! and, i know it’s been a struggle to really grow your business lately.i see you hustling every single day. you’re hustling on social media – posting in facebook groups, going live and giving away your time for free in hopes that someone will become your client this week. i see you on social media all day long and still… no consistent clients?does this sound like you?unsure of what to do next? this is jacqui layne from layne design studio and i’ve got news for you!i am going to give you the best kept secret on how to boost your sales all while you are living the life you truly desire — blogging! yes i said blogging. that’s why i created this blog to boost sales course! starts tomorrow! sign up for the $39 introductory price!
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Fooops is such an underrated product. i shake to activate the ingredients, drop some into my hand, rub together, and then rub it all over my face. it takes my all-day makeup off quickly while also conditioning my skin. it's safe for my contacts and doesn't leave behind an oily residue.
side note: girl, don't forget to wash your face after! 😘
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The risks to the global economy are rising as major nations edge closer a trade war, according to christine lagarde.

the international monetary fund's managing director didn't directly refer to the u.s. and china, which are locked in a battle after donald trump decided to slap tariffs on some imports.

but she said the "biggest and darkest" cloud over the global economy was a possible deterioration of confidence by attempts to challenge the norms when it came to trade.

this portrait is by @chrisratcliffe_1.

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Fresh week. fresh fragrance.
hand poured soy wax candle of the finest ingredients. completely vegan friendly with all components sourced from australian brands 🍃
styling by @nahlainteriors
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Today’s batch!! attaching earring hooks now. ☺️ #seayouinseptember always rocking my @freestylewatches shark. 💙
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I've been experimenting a little bit with combining different shapes patterns and textures recently. the new stuff i'll be releasing soon is all very different to everything i've done previously. i love a challenge!
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