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In honor of #latinxheritagemonth we partnered with to create a look celebrating the beauty of el día de los muertos. 🌹 keep reading to learn more about this beautiful day of remembrance happening october 31st through november 2nd.⠀

"i wasn’t raised in a traditional mexican home, so i didn’t discover the beauty of el día de los muertos until i was well into my 20’s. but from the moment i learned about it, i loved the idea of honoring our passed loved ones by celebrating them and offering the things they loved when they were still here. it’s such an endearing practice that resonates deep in my heart. i celebrate it year-round honestly, if you saw my home, you’d understand! it’s something that enriches my life every day. i have pieces of my passed loved ones throughout my home and it comforts me and reminds me to appreciate every day."⠀

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Mujeristas, we will continue to honor our heritage and empower nuestra comunidad. the celebration of our culture, of our people does not stop for us. it is our lived experience. it is every day. all year. todo el tiempo. we implore other platforms and brands to invite us to the table, support our community, and provide opportunities more than just during #latinxheritagemonth 👌
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Over the past summer i was able to learn more from you, do more research of my culture, your culture, and how we were both more similar than different. i carry your name with pride, and i apparently remind my dad of you. and while we never met i feel closer to you. i close latinx heritage month celebrating the roots that formed me. you may have identified as black/mulata/parda, but in our family you’re just abuela.
📸 @krystalconye
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I’m latina i’m always late. lol 🤣 a day late but...

hispanic heritage month just ended yesterday. sorry was busy promoting all my latinas whoot whoot. lol! so i didn’t want to post my views and interfere with that.

any who when i saw this little area i automatically thought of areas near my grandmothers house in dominican republic. so that made me think what better place to do my heritage month shoot.

i was born in the u.s however both my parents are dominican. they came to the u.s like many other immigrants in search of a better life for their family. although i wasn’t born there all we ever knew and was taught was the hispanic culture.

some of my favorite things about being hispanic is how family oriented we are. for example you can bring a friend to a family party and they will be greeted by everyone with a hug, kiss and they will get asked if they ate 100 times. lol! i also love the music. it’s so unique with all the different instruments and voices they create such beautiful thing that just always makes you want to get up and move. talking about uniqueness i love how we’re all so different in the hispanic culture but also at the same time we’re all still the same.

with that being said
que viva los latinos

drop your flag in the comments
special thanks to
📸 @photos_by_jb
& my shirt is from @shopemloren_

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✨ review ✨⁣
you had me at hola by alexis daria⁣

i know it ~technically~ ended yesterday, but in this house, we read latinx books year-round 😤⁣

there was so much more to this book than romance, but the romance was so sweet, too. this one was definitely an open-door romance with lots of steam 🔥🔥🔥⁣

jasmine lin rodriguez is going through a messy, public break-up. she always wanted her face on the cover of magazines, but not for this reason. as she travels back to nyc to star in a bilingual rom-com tv show, she vows that she won’t let a man get in her way.⁣

enter ashton suarez. after being killed off in his last telenovela, ashton is worried for his career. he’s not getting any younger, and this might be his last chance to break into the mainstream media. he’s guarded and private, but finds that jasmine is slowly breaking through those walls...⁣

the representation in this book was 💯. i also related to jasmine when it came to her language skills. i cannot speak korean fluently. i can say words with perfect enunciation and read a tiny bit, but as i was growing up, i had zero interest in learning to speak korean. it is one of my greatest regrets (my mom is going to screenshot this and send it to me — i threw a fit about going to korean school 😅). i also related to ashton a lot, too. he has a lot of anxiety regarding a trauma in his life, and i related to that specific trauma quite well.⁣

both characters were flawed and messy at times, but i loved everything about it. the close female relationships jasmine had in her life, ashton’s support system, and their character development as they go through these trials. highly recommend ✨
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Today is the last day of #latinxheritagemonth but it’s always going on for me. so thankful for a month designated to highlight latin america, it’s beautiful countries, people, traditions, history. each waking moment is a teachable one ; so just because today marks an end, the moment to educate yourself is never ending. from a proud venezolana to you ❤️🇻🇪
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📖book-ed review///: “furia”

thank you @algonquinbooks for sending me this beautiful read! i really appreciate at this gift🙏🏽

1. let me know: would you add this book to your list?
2. if you read it: what’s your rating? what are your thoughts? would you recommend it?

rating: 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷💫/5


in rosario, argentina, camila hassan lives a double life. 
at home, she is a careful daughter, living within her mother’s narrow expectations, in her rising-soccer-star brother’s shadow, and under the abusive rule of her short-tempered father. 
on the field, she is la furia, a powerhouse of skill and talent. when her team qualifies for the south american tournament, camila gets the chance to see just how far those talents can take her. in her wildest dreams, she’d get an athletic scholarship to a north american university.
but the path ahead isn’t easy. her parents don’t know about her passion. they wouldn’t allow a girl to play fútbol—and she needs their permission to go any farther. and the boy she once loved is back in town. since he left, diego has become an international star, playing in italy for the renowned team juventus. camila doesn’t have time to be distracted by her feelings for him. things aren’t the same as when he left: she has her own passions and ambitions now, and la furia cannot be denied. as her life becomes more complicated, camila is forced to face her secrets and make her way in a world with no place for the dreams and ambition of a girl like her.

the read after the read:

exciting af: my love for ya just keeps expanding and i love it! “furia” is a very captivating read. it’s a page turner that gives you some girl power vibes, romance (which i honestly didn’t expect), and motivation to reach your goals and stand firm outside of society’s implications about you. i didn’t want to put this down, but, in the same breath, i wanted to slow down my reading pace because i didn’t want the story to end.

[continued in the comments]

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Over the past summer i was able to learn more from you, do more research of my culture, your culture, and how we were both more similar than different. i carry your name with pride, and i apparently remind my dad of you. and while we never met i feel closer to you. i close latinx heritage month celebrating the roots that formed me. you may have identified as black/mulata/parda, but in our family you’re just abuela.
📸 @krystalconye
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This might seem like just another month to you, but to me it's latinx heritage month. it is a month where i intentionally reflect on where i came from. my grandparents came to the united states from cuba over 60 years ago. it's because of them that i am here today and that is something to be celebrated. i spent a lot of time not understanding my culture or what it meant to be latina, and i wouldn't say i have it all figured out, but i will say i have a deep appreciation for the legacy my grandparents left me with. what is the legacy you are proud of? where are you from? celebrate it. ⁠⠀
possiblemene este mes no significa nada para ti, pero para mi, este mes es mes de la herencia latinx. es un mes donde intencionalmente pienso de mi pasado. tu ves, mis abuelas llegaron a los estados unidos desde cuba hace mas de 60 anos. es por ellos que estoy aqui hora, y por eso yo celebro. pase mucho tiempo sin entender mi cultura, y no te voy a decir que ya lo sabe todo, pero si te puedo decir que amo mis abuelos y tengo tanto respecto para ellos. de donde eres? de que estas orgulloso? lo tienes que celebrar.⁠⠀
-jessica lorello, hr operations manager ⁠⠀
employers advantage⁠⠀
#celebratelatinx #latinxheritagemonth
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🚩 la zona localizada en el vecindario williamsburg de brooklyn.viene experimentando una explosiva reactivación desde hace más de una década en que muchos residentes del bajo #manhattan decidieron cruzar a #williamsburg. ⁠

los propietarios han aprovechando el auge para desalojar a los viejos inquilinos para alzar la renta a los que están llegando. esta es la experiencia que está viviendo ortíz hoy.⁠

miembros de la asociación de inquilinos del 331 de keap st. y #activistas de varias organizaciones comunitarias hicieron una manifestación frente al edificio en el 331 de keap street para expresar su respaldo a atanacio ortíz y exigir al propietario desista de sus intentos de desalojarlo en medio de la pandemia de covid-19.⁠

la asociación de inquilinos del edificio dijeron que el caso de ortíz es solo uno de tantos casos de ancianos a quienes defienden de los desalojos que están impulsando los propietarios en williamsburg, #brooklyn.⁠

según rachel nager, abogada de communities resist, después retrasos en los procedimientos de desalojo debido al cierre de las cortes debido al #covid-19 e inclusive la moratoria de desalojo que fue aprobada, ortíz está programado para un juicio de desalojo a finales de este invierno.⁠


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Latinx women & men of the oakland brown berets train in muy thai to combat covid-19 obv #latinxheritagemonth #latinapower #covid_19 #nottodaycorona
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Latinx women & men of the oakland brown berets train in muy thai to combat covid-19 obv #latinxheritagemonth #latinapower #covid_19 #nottodaycorona
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Latinx men & women of the oakland brown berets train in muy thai to combat covid-19 obv —— come over to to practice some spanish while stopping covid-19 #latinxheritagemonth #latinapower #covid_19 #nottodaycorona
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Dead girls: ⭐⭐⭐⭐💫

femicide - the m****r of women for being women.

i have 30 pages left to go, and i'm posting already because it feels urgent. we all need to read this. grab your friends, your femmes, your hermanas, and get them this book. read it in a circle, hold each other, cry.

you have to read this ready to feel punched in the gut. three brutal and senseless murders in sleepy argentinian towns. whether a girl turned up disfigured in the local river or was stabbed right in her own bed, the result was the same - indifference from everyone but the families affected. why write a book with more questions than answers, with more sadness than hope?

"maybe this is your mission: to gather the bones of these girls, piece them together, give them a voice, and then let them run, free and unfettered, wherever they have to go."

that's the strength of this novel - where formal police acknowledgement lacks, almada draws from the tradition of la huesera to treat her investigation with authentic care. she embraces the insight offered by local tarot readers and healers, allowing traditional knowledge to breathe life back into the women who were once lost to the wind. in latinidad and in her womanhood, almada draws out the importance of these stories to tap into a more universal conscience.

i guess this novel doesn't give us what we want - there's no resolution or happy ending. but in the loose ends is space - space for us to remember the strength of women and the importance of our anger. sometimes our existence is brutalized and that's a nightmare. almada rips open this heart of darkness and begs us to ask questions that were once long buried. we have healing to do.

source: bought from @charcopress
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🙌 get to know our wonderful staff 🙌 #latinxheritagemonth #staffspotlight on daisey aguallo
“ i i admire my mother for her resilience.  she came to the united states 65 years ago to raise her family in a better environment than she had in el salvador.  with a no nonsense demeanor, she instilled strong work ethics, family loyalty, and perseverance. today she is 86 years old and still upholds these core values."
what is your role? >> i am the director of supply chain for the health network. my role is broad throughout dph. at laguna honda, i oversee materials management, sterile processing, and biomedical services. with which ethnicities/cultures do you identify? >> i come from a salvadorean family and was raised in a culturally diverse environment. share your cultural values/traditions? >> my family traditions stem from food, music, dance, and laughter. my family is spread out across the map but when we come together we adhere to the traditions instilled by our parents. our core values include strong work ethics, cooking authentic salvadorian dishes, and celebrating religious holidays. what does it mean to be a latinx in the us? >> i was fortunate to have been raised in a culturally diverse community. i didn't experience disparities or understand disparities within the latino community until i grew older. i work hard to promote education and perseverance to my latino community. i may not see changes to these disparities in my lifetime, but i hope my grandchildren or great-grandchildren will. has anyone ever stereotyped you? >> the stereotype i've experienced within my ethnicity is the type of career we are expected to be in. in my earlier career, many couldn't imagine a latina in a managerial role or as a white-collar worker. advice on staying resilient? >> i stay resilient because i know i am just as good as anyone else. i have worked hard to be where i am today and i've taken advantage of the opportunities that have enhanced my life. i believe we all have the ability to thrive no matter where we come from. i refuse to allow the perception society may have of me to keep me from my highest achievements.
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•entre dos mundos•
my feet were planted on manifest destiny’s soil
i read once in my history class that ulysses grant affirmed that war was “one of the most unjust ever waged...”
my abuelito came and left his mark on the land as a bracero
later, cesar and dolores helped us chant “huelga” and “si se puede”
just across the horizon i see another land
a land that i have traveled to and from freely
i envision the flowers as i walk up to abuelitas garden
i smell the enchiladas, ejotes, y tortillas
i hear abuelitos chiflas and cuentos
my feet were planted on manifest destiny’s soil.
across the horizon i see another land.
but if i listen to the sound of my heart, i know it is beating wildly and fluidly, somewhere in-between.

like a true latina, i’m a little late, but happy #hispanicheritagemonth

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🌟for our second latinx heritage month post, we are highlighting our favorite faculty member, outstanding teacher and forever life of the party, dr. alexander rivero and his powerhouse wife @candyvila 🌟

dr. rivero has kindly shared some powerful thoughts on his path to becoming an otolaryngology faculty member. we couldn’t be more proud of these two superstars!!! 😍

“i am very proud of only a handful of very special things in my life. the first was to be the “orgullo de la familia” (the family pride) by being the first to go to and graduate from college, the first to attend and completed medical school and residency, and the first to become a full-fledged surgeon. i am incredibly grateful to them for supporting me through it all.

i am also incredibly proud of my wife, maria duarte vila, who has been a guiding light in my life. she is not only an immigrant and a latina, but she is also an accomplished doctor in immunology, pharmacist and masters in public health. she serves as an inspiration for me to continuously do better and to continue our service to our latinx community.” ❤️

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I made this illustration in celebration of latinx hispanic heritage month for soblu, a student group at colby college located in maine, usa. so happy to create this piece inspired by the latinx family/community. 🥰✨

#illustration #latinxheritagemonth #guatemala #characterdesign #digitalart
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Thanks for the feature @elitedaily ! it is awesome to see so many amazing latinx artists highlighted during latinx heritage month. check out my art and the art of my fabulous fellow artists in the link below💖🇲🇽

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Thank you so much raiders for making the latinx heritage month event with guest speaker saul flores so successful! together, we learned about the struggles, hardships and obstacles that immigrants experience on their journey.

in case you either missed the event or would like to listen to the talk again, you can visit for the recording which will be up for the next 30 days. there will be plenty more exciting events like this one throughout the rest of the school year so keep your eyes peeled for updates! #moorparkcollege #latinxheritagemonth #virtualevents
picture credit: dina pielaet (marketing, web design coordinator moorpark college)
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I meant to share these before #latinxheritagemonth ended, but hey, it’s always lhm around here! 🇵🇷 love these #bookstagram posts from readers even though i now have a craving for my abuela’s arroz con gandules. 😋 (accounts are tagged.) #youhadmeathola #latinxrom #boricua #romcom
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¡acompáñanos este viernes en la celebración de la herencia latinx de kaleidoscope, de 4-6pm en travers park, en jackson heights, queens! •gratis• para toda la familia• //join us this friday at kaleidoscope’s latinx heritage celebration from 4-6pm at travers park in jackson heights, queens! •free•family-friendly• #colectivoyeyé #bombapuertorriqueña #newyorkcity #puertorico #hispanicheritagemonth #latinxheritagemonth
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🐚 beyond the walls: latinx aware presents:
☠️👽this saturday🎃👺10/24/20

🎟tickets are still on sale until the weekend!

heres how to claim yours:
go to @apocalipstick_latinx_party
and click the link in their bio to send $10 to their cashapp directly at 💰 $apocalipsticklatinx

a big thank you to @djalohacbus and @riacab67 for making such an awesome event possible 💃🏽

one free beer upon entry for everyone thanks to the dope team at @halfbakedbrew 😈

@pitbbqgrille is generously going to be selling food as well after hours for our event!

there will be sick sets by talented local artists:

but wait there’s more.
@roa_tattoos will be live painting his beautiful model @butterfly_velvetheart

@scorpionspirit_ will be live painting as well on his beautiful model @04_luna_23

and it’s all taking place at our shop located at
1536 parsons ave

lastly if you have anymore questions about the event feel free to message us 👻

vamo’ a divertirnos. wepaaaaa!

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We are still streaming our spotlight on latinx composers series accompanied by charbel yubaile, piano on our youtube channel (link in bio.)
if you like what you hear, please donate so we can continue our mission toward more bipoc representation in opera! your donation will not only support more concerts like this -both live and prerecorded, but also you will be subsidizing the student tuition for our upcoming opera workshops and vocal institutes for beginning opera singers of all ages.
donate, read about our mission and revisit past programming on our website
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Remember to click ‘going’ for latinx heritage fiesta!! this friday from 7pm to midnight!!! it’s gonna be a fiesta of laughter, joy, heart warming, & awesome!!!!

it will be on our twitch:

#latinx #latinxheritagemonth #latinxculture #fiesta #comedy #comedyshow #sketch #sketchcomedy #improv #improvcomedy #improvshow #poetry #poetryjam #varietyshow #funny
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"you have to remember the value of your individuality—that you have something special and different to offer that nobody else can.” - @jlo
11 247 12 hours ago
If you had told me at 22 my then-boss @gayleking would one day be interviewing me about my debut book...whew!!!! joy personified is gayle king, so there is no one i’d rather talk about what would frida do? with!!!! watch for the major full circle moment and our chat about all things frida, the writing process, our love of color, and more!!!! did i mention i love this woman so much?!?!? 😩😭😍🌺📚🙏🏽
#whatwouldfridado #wwfd #fridakahlo #author #authorsofinstagram #authorslife #booktour #bookevents #reading #books #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #latinxheritagemonth #latinxinpublishing #fridakahlofans #latina #cbsthismorning #cbs #gayleking
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We're bringing you another #rockwrap on this sunny wednesday afternoon! earlier this month, we celebrated #latinxheritage with a latinx heritage family night! this virtual event was a huge hit with over 70 participants in attendance, including students and their families, r.o.c.k. staff, and teachers from el dorado elementary school and visitacion valley elementary school. check out the r.o.c.k. team in action with some of these awesome highlights.
#rockwrap #wednesdaywrap #weeklywrap #wrapup #latinx #latinxheritagemonth #hispanicheritage #bachata #loteria #paperflowers #maracas #update #nonprofit #youthservice #youthdevelopment #sanfrancisco #bayarea #covid #staysafe
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We love the vibrant colors of this bomber jacket! we love to take our latino dance passion everywhere! bailamos?
#bachata #salsa #mambo #ballenato #cumbia #chacha #gozaapparel
#latinx #latina #bailando
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Want to celebrate #latinxheritagemonth all year long? check out #lonuestroesarte on spotify, featuring creators who help reaffirm #latinx culture through music, podcasts, and visual arts 🎶 #ooh #dooh #miami #2001
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Hear more about what “community” truly means to argelia martinez @argelia23 and the importance of the question “how are you?”

argelia martinez is currently a co-lead at a women’s professional group called the latinista @the_latinista and has organized events for the group to address financial empowerment and the power of personal identity. she founded vida mia cocktails @vida_mia_cocktails , and experience company that curates events around food and beverage with the purpose of elevating #mexican culture.

when argelia is not making cocktails, she is a managing director at hauswirth & co., a strategic marketing communications firm.

#representationmatters #latinas #womenempowerment #studiobhq #hispanicheritagemonth #latinxheritagemonth #education
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In honor of latinx heritage month, the october cocktail kit features the addition of these three limited edition votive candles that celebrate latinx icons: frida kahlo, selena, and alexandria ocasio-cortez. these statement pieces channel the empowering energy of three women who have made a lasting impact in the fields of art, music, and public service. this set is designed by local artist @abbeymazur order yours via link in bio by tomorrow ⭐️

#craftedwithlove #latinxheritagemonth #vidamiacocktails
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Looking forward to this wonderful conversation! join us for part of the full hour. #latinxheritagemonth @princetonvote100 @princeton_odus
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Ooo we could go for a pastelitos de queso right now 🤤🥟#feedingtradition shoutout to @eatloisa !✨

repost from @adaloso09

thank you @eatloisa for helping me reminisce about those good ol saturday mornings i will forever cherish growing up. i got put on to some good music! can’t wait to passed down this tradition 🤗💃🏽🇩🇴❤️ #happyhispanicheritagemonth #afrolatina #feedingtradition
p.s i hope ya got rid of all your goya and replaced it with @eatloisa seasonings , wayyy healthier and better for you. thank me later 😊

repost from @eatloisa

heritage is #feedingtradition. here’s what tradition @adaloso09 wants to carry on✨

“saturdays were everything growing up. mami would wake us up blasting motown and salsa de lo 80s, farina or pastelitos warm and ready on the stove, and after a day of cleaning and eating, we would play monopoly together way past our bed time. i look forward to continuing this tradition in my household! 😆” #latinxheritagemonth ✊🏽
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Close to six months since the guillén family lost vanessa.

mama guillén we hear your cry. estamos con ustedes. hasta que se haga justicia.

*we demand an independent investigation. it has been approved but has not began.

*we demand the passing of the #iamvanessaguillenbill. it was brought to congress pending a vote.

*no one enlist in the military.

if you want to support the guillén family, hit the link in our bio!

4 107 15 hours ago
Trabajar para los up-fronts con telemundo y unir fuerzas con nuestro #artwithapurpose junto a nuestra gente latinoamericana, es una de mis aventuras favoritas. comunidad, representación y resiliencia nos une a actores, acrobatas, multimedia, tecnología, coreógrafos y cultura que se ve reflejado en cualquiera sea el reto que nos propongamos.




#hispanicheritagemonth #latinxheritagemonth #telemundo #hispanicheritage
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I finished #whenthemoonwasours by #annamariemclemore over a week ago for #latinxheritagemonth (not that i needed a reason to)! i thought this outfit was something samir would wear after i thought about his character...sans the lipstick! i’m a fan of anna-marie and their writing style. it’s so poetic and soothing, the way they paint imagery and emotion along with multiple view points. i would definitely recommend this book! there’s only one more of anna-marie’s books that i haven’t read yet and i’m definitely searching for it! #authorofcolor #latinxauthor #weneeddiversebooks #representationmatters #ourvoicesmatter #ourstoriesmatter #latinxauthorsmatter #latinxstoriesmatter #bookishgirlmagic #bookblog #bookstagram #wednesdaybooks @wednesdaybooks #bookblog #blackbookblogger #bookstagram #blackbookstagrammer #blackandbookish
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We got the information you want to get through this voting season! come with any questions you might have about finding your polling locations, voter suppression solutions, how to stay as safe as you can if you are voting in person.
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It's national hispanic heritage month. it is a period from september 15 to october 15 in the united states for recognizing the contributions and influence of hispanic americans to the history, culture, and achievements of the united states from the americas, mexico, the caribbean and spain.⁠⠀
how can you support latinx people during this month?⁠⠀
👉🏾 support local businesses owned by latinx people⁠⠀
👉🏾 donate to an after school program supporting predominately latinx children⁠⠀
👉🏾 donate to a women's shelter in latin america where femicide is an epidemic. ⁠⠀
"the numbers speak for themselves: in the first two months of the year, chile registered five femicides and 17 attempted homicides on women, 30 femicides in peru, and a horrifying approximate of 160 femicides in mexico." - reuters⁠⠀
👉🏾 don't appropriate their culture for tiktok videos, halloween or for any reason.⁠⠀
👉🏾 learn spanish from an accredited spanish language platform or school⁠⠀
👉🏾 learn about the effects of neoliberalism in latin america that fueled the war on drugs. ⁠⠀
👉🏾 above all: celebrate their beautiful diverse and rich culture.⁠⠀
#forusgirls #forusgirlsfoundation #latinxheritagemonth #latinx # #latina #feminism #feminist #resist #femaleempowerment #latinapower #latin #womenofcolor #womenempowerment #blacklivesmatter #naturalhair #brownbeauty #melanin #afrolatina
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Last week was the end of latinx heritage month! latinx heritage month celebrates the many latinx histories, cultures and identities of latinx americans. we try to incoprorate a range of voices and experiences so we can move towards a future with a climate solution that is beneficial to all. in recognition of the month, please check out the stories of these young latinx climate activists shared by the alliance for climate education!

repost @acespace:
it's latinx heritage month - swipe to hear from young latinx #climatechange activists and what their latinx identity, heritage and this month means to them ✊🏼🌎✊🏿
#climateeducation #climatechange #activist #activism #savetheearth #environment #youthleaders #climate #earth #globalwarming #takeaction #geteducated #climatemarch #environment #acespace #ourclimateourfuture #fellowship #youth #activist #activism #climatestrike #latino #voting #vote2020 #vote #climatejustice #latinx #latinxheritagemonth #latina
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I loving seeing these!! i’m so happy with the action that my friends are taking to pursue their investment goals!

i’m teaching women the power of investing. the investing workshop is happening monday october 26th, at 8pm and it’s all about index funds and etf’s - the easy way to get started to set it and forget it.

live class + recording + 20 minute 1-on-1

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Chicago-based photographer @mateoxzapata is documenting how his neighborhood is coping with the current moment to inspire future generations. read his reflections at the link in our bio. #latinxheritagemonth
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For #womencrushingitwednesday, here’s the one and only mara lu herrera cohen, @missmaralu—our board member and global strategy & planning @uber. check out her spotlight via @hackthehood! 👇

"the strengths of your personality and your culture will contribute to your feeling of being successful at what you do."

mara lú herrera cohen shares these inspiring words as we wind down this year's #latinxheritagemonth. who agrees to this? 🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏽🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏾
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Esta noche no te pierdas el mixer live

escuchanos por tu plataforma favorita

tenemos invitados especiales y te ayudamos a que sigas creciendo como jefe, lider, emprededor, creador, y ser humano.

siguenos♥️ te tenemos una invitacion especial con above and beyond corporate events mixer octubre 23 y mucho mas!

tacos calafia downtown phoenix claudia garcia frekuencia alterna

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Mami's house salad is tasty, fresh, and made with you in mind!

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💋follow @latinbeautymua

💋makeup by

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buenos dias mi gente🤎 in honor of #latinxheritagemonth and my mexican heritage, i wanted to create this dia de los muertos look, i used my @kvdveganbeauty super brow, tattoo liner & everlasting liquid lipstick👌🏽this application took me well over two hours, but was completely worth it, these applications will always hold a special place in my heart💀 makeup details below👇🏽
eye color changed with photoshop on desktop computer
foundation- @kvdveganbeauty “medium 65 neutral” lock-it foundation
setting powder- @kvdveganbeauty lock-it setting powder “translucent”
contour on face/under eyes- @kvdveganbeauty shade + light contour palette
blush- @kvdveganbeauty “foxglove” everlasting blush
eyeshadow primer- @kvdveganbeauty shake primer
red/black on eyes, nose & under cheekbones- @kvdveganbeauty “scarlet” & “graphite” super brow
white on cheekbones- @kvdveganbeauty “white out” super brow
red designs- @kvdveganbeauty “santa sangre” everlasting liquid lipstick
black lines on lips and over red designs- @kvdveganbeauty “trooper black” tattoo liner
lips- @kvdveganbeauty “bleach” super brow
eyebrows- @kvdveganbeauty “graphite” super brow
mascara- @kvdveganbeauty gbogh mascara
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Pedro zamora (1972-1994)
art : @kevinvalente

you might remember pedro zamora as the cast member of real world san francisco (1994), one of the first openly g*y people living with h*v to be portrayed on mainstream television. unlike most real world cast members, zamora was not interested in acting or becoming famous: he auditioned for the part in order to have a wider platform for continuing his work of hiv/aids advocacy and education.

pedro zamora was born in havana, cuba on february 29th, 1972, as an unexpected youngest child in a family of 7 siblings, and later emigrated to the united states in 1980. after learning of his status from a flagged blood donation in 1989, zomora quickly became involved with an hiv/aids organization in miami called body positive. he specialized in speaking to young people about h*v and s****l health education. in 1993, he testified before the congress, demanding federally funded s*x and hiv/aids education in schools. during his testimony he said, “if you want to reach me as a young man — especially a young g*y man of color, then you need to give me information in a language and vocabulary i can understand and relate to.”

the real world brought zamora to san francisco, where he would eventually marry his partner, sean sasser, on camera at the real world house. they were the first same sex, interracial couple to be married on american television. zamora's experience on the show was turbulent, but he utilized his air time to talk about the importance of hiv/aids education. he became good friends with two of his cast mates, pam ling and judd winick, who had attended his talks to learn more about hiv/aids. during filming, zamora's health began to decline due to stress, partially related to puck rainey’s toxic behavior. the cast mates eventually voted to evict rainey out, allowing zamora to stay. after filming ended, zomora continued his speaking engagements but eventually had to be hospitalized. 

(continued in comments)
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Join us for tomorrow's meeting at 2:15! we are celebrating #latinxheritagemonth • why do we celebrate it? • who inspires us? • and more! ✨ interested in joining? dm us and we will add you to our teams group. 🎨 by @whitdobladillo #hispanicheritagemonth
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📌 where are the latinx issues?

it's important to vote.

it's also just as important to make calls, sign petitions and make your voice heard.

politicians are a reflection of their constituents.

👉 register to learn about the issues that affect you and get ready to be heard!

👉 link in bio @danay.e

it's time we show up in full force amigas.


#latinasvote #sisepuede #election2020 #yourvoice #yourvoicematters
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📌 where are the latinx issues?

it's important to vote.

it's also just as important to make calls, sign petitions and make your voice heard.

politicians are a reflection of their constituents.

👉 register to learn about the issues that affect you and get ready to be heard!

👉 link in bio @danay.e

it's time we show up in full force amigas.


#latinasvote #sisepuede #election2020 #yourvoice #yourvoicematters
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In honor of #latinxheritagemonth i wanted to recreate this look inspired by the talented . 💃🏾🖤

here i’m using:
@plouise_makeup_academy @plouise1 eyeshadow base in 02
@urbandecaycosmetics ultimate basics pallete shade lethal
@anastasiabeverlyhills @anastasiasoare alyssa edwards pallet shdes beast shadows in the colors kiss me
@catrice.cosmetics hd liquid coverage in 030
@maccosmetics studio fix powder in nw10
@toofaced chocolate bronzer
@nyxcosmetics @nyxcosmetics _romania glitter glue
@macartistromania @maccosmetics whisper of guilt highlighter crystals
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Hello everyone!
tomorrow evening in celebration of latinx heritage month join us for an evening of musical performances from some of chicago’s most talented artists and a very inspiring and motivating conversation with keynote speaker barbera barreno-paschall,(state of illinois human rights commissioner.)
i am super grateful to have the opportunity to run this livestream and be a part of this collaboration with @pachangachicago @harrispolicy @ihouse_chicago and @uchicago
there will be music by @joslynsinger and @maderaonce 🔥
this could not be done without my partner @312oddphotography 💪🏼
im super excited for this! 💚

link in bio!
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Dolores clara fernández huerta is a living civil rights icon. born in new mexico in 1930, she moved to california with her family at 3 years old and began leading change around age 25. she has spent most of her life as a political activist, fighting for better working conditions for farm workers, immigrants and women, and firmly believes in the power of political organizing to effect change.

she coined the famous slogan, “sí se puede,” when co-founding what is now the united farm workers of america union, in order to encourage union members through tough times.

we’re proud to present dolores huerta as our 2020 hispanic heritage month keynote speaker, invited by @alas_vanderbilt! she will be discussing her life and activism via zoom and will have a q & a portion as well. make sure to tune in next tuesday, october 27 at 5pm. find the rsvp and zoom information on anchorlink!

#doloreshuerta #hhm2020 #sisepuede #hhmkeynote #hispanicheritagemonth #latinxheritagemonth #hhm
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#wcw today is #chingona artist & muralist @mrbbaby born & raised in #sandiego recently collaborated with world-famous brand @forever21 creating a few murals for them and was featured in their promo for #latinxhispanicheritagemonth
you’ve probably seen her artwork!
congrats on all of your accomplishments and thank you for representing chingona, you are an inspiration ♥️
#repost @forever21 with @make_repost
meet ruby she’s a latina mural artist in la 💛 tune in to see the art she created for us that will be placed in our hq!

1 41 19 hours ago
Don’t miss our newest blog on furia by @yamilesmendez for an exploration of familial expectations, pursing your dreams, and one kick-butt heroine. ☀️link in the bio!☀️
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🎬 “latin chronicles” the canadian hispanic american story vol. 2 will be premiered at the 7th conference for the empowerment of women. a production by the s.l.a.t.e youth program‼️
🎼 bounce to the @newtraditionmusic soundtrack.
. special thanks to all our community sponsors involved. 🏆
#latinxnation #hispanicheritagemonth #latinxdirectors #nalip #latinxheritagemonth #canadianicon #canadiantalent #hispanosencanada #torontolatinos
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Starting today october 21 to october 31, the library will distribute grab and go kits for curbside patrons, including colored pencils, a coloring sheet for kids, a coloring sheet for adults.

join us on october 24 at 2pm, join us for a dia de los muertos youtube live program learn coloring techniques and on how to create the flowers and papel picado.

you may register for the workshop at href="/v2/site/tag?tag="># or click on our link in bio for more info.

#myglendalelac #myglendale #dia #diadelosmuertos #arts #artsandcrafts #free #latinxheritagemonth #mexicanholiday #fiesta #calaveras #workshop #youtubelive #californialibraries
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Happy international day of the nacho!!

this year is the 80th anniversary of the invention of nachos! but how much do you know about how nachos originated and the man who invented them, ignacio anaya?

ignacio "nacho" anaya was born in mexico in 1895. he loved to eat and cook, and when he grew up, he found a job in a restaurant. eventually he became head waiter at the victory club, a popular restaurant in piedras negras, mexico, right across the rio grande river from eagle pass, texas.

one afternoon in 1940, during the victory club's quiet hours between lunch and dinner, mamie finan, a regular customer from the us, walked in with three friends. they wanted a snack--something new, something different. nacho rushed to the kitchen and improvised with what was on hand: corn tortillas, cheddar cheese, and jalapeño peppers. in that moment, nacho's special, the dish that later became known simply as "nachos," was born!

to learn more about how the world's favorite snack originated--and to see the original recipe--don't miss our deliciously delightful picture book nacho's nachos, written by @sandranickelbooks and illustrated by @oliverdominguezart. you can also check out our website for a free activity guide!
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Latinx culture is so centered on community and care giving that soft demeanors should be a natural association for latino men but is it? hear what we had to say in the most recent episode: llego tu macho: unpacking machismo now live on all main streaming platforms.

#love #light #love&light #machismo #latinxheritagemonth #latino #latinomen #softdemeanor #iwish #latinapodcasters #newpodcastepisode
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This is what your brand is supposed to do ❤️✨

make people feel something…

what is your brand making people feel?

have you stopped and asked them if it is what you think it is?

what are 3 words that describe your brand? i would love to know👇🏼

need support? i am a dm away! 💛✨

#coachesofinstagram #fire #grace #lovingmyself #thefutur100daychallenge #leadershipdevelopment #leadershipcoaching #latinasinbusiness #latinxheritagemonth #latinaownedbusiness #bossbabe #graceful #fire #browncreatives #womenownedbusiness #buywomenowned #branding #womensupportingwomen #latinassupportinglatinas #femaleentrepreneur #femaleempowerment
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Earlier this month, wellin museum docent fatima oliva '23, organized "wellin celebrates latinx artists.” the event was an opportunity for the hamilton college community to visit the museum and view works from the collection by latinx artists during #latinxheritagemonth. ⠀

in reflecting on the celebration, fatima mentioned having a great time planning the event. "i resonated with student artists and with latinx students in particular. i had several students after the event contact me to ask for the artist's name which i'm hoping is a sign of them wanting to see other works by these artists" she hopes to host another one in the future.⠀

curious about the wellin's collection? explore it online via the link in bio.

#wellincollection #wellinmuseum @hamiltoncollege
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Our latest episode is here!
we spoke with arianna davis (@ariannagab ) about her career in journalism from being gayle king’s assistant to the site director of @oprahmagazine, her identity as a black and latina woman, and her new book, out now, “what would frida do?”
we loved learning more about two bold, unapologetic women: frida kahlo and arianna herself. take a listen, get your copy of her book, and let us know what you think in the comments!

#fridakahlo #oprah #latinxheritagemonth #bookstagram #authorsofinstagram #antiracistbookclub #antiracism #antiracismeducation
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To commemorate #hispanicheritagemonth, here’s a reminder of the voting power held by the #latinx population in the us 🇺🇸 will you #makeyourvotecount?
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I spoke with madison reyes on @popcultureplanetpodcast about her first major role in @netflix’s @julieandthephantoms, hopes to go on tour with the band, and aspirations to be a role model in the latinx community.‬

‪watch on or listen by searching pop culture planet on all podcast platforms.
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“cerro de la silla”

¡ajuuua! happy latinx heritage month! 🎉 grito is headed back to goldsboro on november 7. catch it as part of the “immigrants in wayne county” exhibition at the wayne county museum. #gritofolklorico #latinxheritagemonth #hispanicheritagemonth #vscovoices
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