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Repeat after me…
"i am receiving now. i am receiving all the good in my life now. i am receiving [fill in the blank in comments] now." use this whenever you need to manifest abundance and you can always use the secret to money app as well. find out more here. to find out more copy the bitly link or swipe up on today's ig story: http://bit.ly/tsmoney-app
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Magical afβœ¨πŸ¦„
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Trust that it’s all coming together ✨
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Happy monday! let’s start the week off strong! here are 3 ways to instantly feel great right now: ✨⁣
1. write down what your grateful for. it’s impossible to feel anxious or angry and grateful at the same time. for extra positive feels, call someone up that you love and tell them you are grateful for them! i can promise you that any grumpiness you may be feeling disappears in an instant when you make someone else feel good!⁣
2. move your body. move it in any way that feels good to you. i never “force myself” to workout a certain way. i check in with my body every day and do whatever it feels it needs in that moment. if you listen, your body will tell you exactly what kind of movement it is craving. when you do what your body needs, and move in a way that feels good, you will create the best results both physically and mentally.⁣
3. surrender. stop pushing, stop “shoulding”, stop expecting... just take a deep breath and let go. when we surrender to the universe and stop trying to control every outcome, we subconsciously open up and allow all the abundance to flow!
it’s magic.⁣
try it and let me know if you notice a shift! πŸ’₯
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Even if you know you ultimately want a different job than the one you have, give your full attention to your current job, and give your best to it. how are you spending your days at work?
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You are awesome. πŸ’•
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