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So.... here it is!!!! this is my full @citizenbrick collection as of 6/19/18!!!! i hope you guys enjoy looking at what i have!!! also, huge shoutout to @d_red8, @commanderjameslego and @lucsawilbrick for helping me grow my collection and giving me helpful tips! much appreciated!
okay so two things:
1) please don’t roast me for how small it is; i’m working on it.
2) none of this is for sale or trade. period.
the order of the images is as follows!
slide 1) full collection.
slide 2) my freebie and novelty items
slide 3) my miscellaneous items (tiles, loose parts, helmets etc.)
slide 4) all of my figures that i own
slide 5) all of my loose torsos and heads
slide 6) my case, with all its citizen brick decorations (personally my favorite part).

enjoy!!! 😊

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i hope joe sees my enthusiast supreme logo...... 😐
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