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Got some cool lil #lego pieces in the mail today!! #supermario on the #nintendo that #jasonvoorhees & #pennywise are playing & over in the lil b***h corner you got #skeletor on the #gameboy !!
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#415 monday's moc of the week: social center micro-scale

this week's moc is a micro-scale building by vir-a-cocha on flickr. it is based off the social and cultural center in kamensk-uralsky, russia that's in the architectural style of soviet modernism.

micro-scale is a very hard scale to work to; because you are using less pieces you have to choose each one much more carefully than larger mocs. the builder has got every detail perfectly depicted but still maintains a clean a clean appearance. everything is scaled pretty well, such as the trees in proportion to the windows and the building.

my favourite part of the build are definitely the clever use of 1x2 grill tiles, which are located on the right side of the building and are not actually connected. this provides a unique texture that perfectly simulates the windows.

for a link to the builder’s flickr check out the facebook page (link in bio)

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Summer of lego camp has begun! to be completely honest, i have been excited about every single week of summer camp this year. but, i've been waiting and waiting for this one. it almost felt like it was christmas eve last night!
we started off the week with lego vehicle races, a lego treasure hunt, and creating lego marble mazes. we had such a blast! check out our stories to get a sneak peek!
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Rey: master skywalker lloyd almost killed groot. he’s not worthy to wield the force!
groot: i am groot. (really i’m okay. just a little bruised up and almost burned, but i’m good)
lloyd larson: so what do you want, rey? you want to take back my powers?!
rey: see that? he’s become an arrogant snot. i’m not going to teach him about the force anymore.
lloyd: fine! i don’t want to learn from you anyway!
luke skywalker: enough! you two are acting like petulant children! i need you two to get along and work your differences right now. we are in the brink of war with the other citizens of the isolated isle. they have weapons and we only have the two of you.
rey: but he -
luke: no buts. make peace with each other. we have to prepare for war.
lloyd: fine.
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