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Thinking that kids toys are becoming a little too specific!
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Christmas twinning 🌿 have you got your sleepy fox twinning pyjamas yet...? .
last orders for guaranteed christmas delivery is wednesday 19th december, so you don’t have long left! .
when i launched my mama pyjamas i always dreamed of seeing family twinning pictures like this.
how beautiful does lauren @kids.house.dog look with her gorgeous gang... & that tree is just 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
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So wish i could find my 17 year old self singing this. it was written by rob tobias and the play was written by myself/ theater class. it was called just imagine i played a 7 year old girl who was losing her imagination to the "babysitter" the tv. this song is saying that we need to share and life isn't about keeping score we all just need to get along and a time and place for tech. one of the songs i got to sing was my "mom" saying listen to the" babysitter " that she had alot of work to do clean house but as the child i was saying i want to play, i want to swing, go go go. this was over 14 years before i had children of my own. now have 11,almost 8 and 3 year old and i try not to fall into tech as a babysitter there is more important things #letkidsbekids #letkidspkay #unplug #singer #sharing #singlikeyoumeanit #bathroomsinger #momofthree #momlife also to get real i feel like this could be for my husband we should share the responsibility of raising these kids it's not about who is better. #listen #dearhusband
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Setting up a “writing invitation” for a 6.5 yo. magnetic words, ready to be moved around and used to tell a story. also depicted: @biglifejournal (their hardcover book is a lot prettier but this year we opted to print it out to give her lots of freedom and less pressure) and one of our annabelle and aiden books. also loving our big history (or nature or science) sticker timelines. this is what i’m doing while listening to the amazing @juliebravewriter on her bravewriter podcast.
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It looks like we may be taking off the entire day. the big kids so rarely get a day to just play and be kids. i think that flexibility is one of the best perks about homeschooling, so we will take advantage of it today. #howwehomeschool #homeschoolday #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolsnowday #acommonlife #letkidsbekids
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It's all in the details 🙌🏻 || deze gave top van het merk the fifth child clothing heeft geweldige details met ongelooflijk goede kwaliteit! dit merk is exclusief bij ons verkrijgbaar én in de sale met 50% korting!! check alle items online en get it now, want op=op! kijk snel of de maat van jouw kleine er nog tussen zit 🤗
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The closest we've got to christmas feeling in our house so far... watching my little boy's eyes light up when he sees these lights fills my heart with so much love and hope...children don't need much for happiness, they need love.
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Not to brag or anything but my 2 year old is actually on his way to telling the time! 🤓⏲ he asked me what time it was this morning, i said it was half 7. he ran in with the number 6 and 7 and repeated half past 7. he then ran back out, put the numbers in the clock. and on his second attempt brought this back! absolutely amazed!
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Here's just one example of that mixed-age play in action. the older two girls in this class loved the fall brew scenario and fully embraced imaginary play around the witch theme. they made broomsticks, doused them with our potion and created their own spells to bring those brooms to life. the 3- and 2-year-olds grabbed pieces of that play and joined in. some of the imagination was a bit over their heads, but they certainly got farther into it inspired by the older girls than they would have on their own. our 18-month-old watched everything unfold--while deeply engaged in water play, of course⠀
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🥭 for his next costume party 🥭
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It might be 40° outside, but waterfalls are meant to be touched. ❄️ #momisnofun #letkidsbekids
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Realise that i might get some criticism for this post but hey ho, picked ted up from school and he says to me “mam why do some girls wear fake tan?” and i said “well because they don’t want to look pale in the winter” and he said “one of my friends wears fake tan to school”. gobsmacked. my son is 8 years old and the girls in his class are applying fake tan for school. what is happening to our children? is it just me who thinks that there is something sadly wrong with society when 8 year olds are wearing fake tan? #letkidsbekids #growinguptoofast #faketanfail #gladidonthavegirls #pictureperfect #butreallythough #itsallgonepetetong
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