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Throw back to when mud was ok.. #mud #messyfun #mudbath #letkidsbekids #woods #happydays
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Fruits and veggies 🍉🍊🍌🍍🍓 @scandidownundershop #scandidownunder #dunssweden
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Muskox's and bananas 🤣 #matchymatchy how cute is this print? it's called arctic love💖 from @raspberry.republic and you can find more matchy matchy mumma tees from @babygoesretro
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#hereisourhomeschool challenge ✨ routine ✨ like a lot of you are saying, we have less of a routine and more of a rhythm around here. one thing that took some realizing (and when i did it took a huge weight off of the days) is that we are not early starters. early risers yes, but all of us really enjoy our mornings. it’s a big part of why we like homeschool. no am rush out the door to be on time. so most days we actually start around 11 😳. i also realized that in order for me to feel good, i need to be active. so i crossfit in the mornings while the kids play. i need other people for motivation so going for a run alone is not my thing. with afternoon sports 3 days a week we do have a couple busy days, but each week has days built in for rest. here’s an example of a week:
mon- gym, school, dance, jujitsu
tue- gym, school
wed- gym, school, dance, jujitsu
thu- no gym, school, dance
fri- surf morning, creative day
we start late on almost every day. but it works so well for us. every day has 10-15 min of math and reading alone, and also has our gathering time that is almost always on our back lanai. then each day has a unit study of either la, history, science. and fridays are always spent surfing with friends and art. it took us a little while to figure ourselves out, but i’m super happy with it. busy days and long open days each week. balance.

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The calm before the storm.
we shared the beach only with a solitary (brave) sea swimmer and briefly a very d***k teenager (oh the melancholy of the out of season seaside town), and it was glorious to run and jump and splash and eat sand (just the baby who’s a fan of that one) in all that wind swept space.
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Autumn walk 🍂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
beautiful autumn walk by the lake, which included making leaf hair accessories!
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Her nighttime routine one round of silliness #letkidsbekids #itstheweekend #smallgirlbigteeth
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In ot this week, we worked on saving the bears! 🐻we taped down a bunch of small bears onto a wooden board to encourage our students to use bilateral coordination skills and pincer grasp👌to peel off the tape and save the bears! the kids loved this one! .
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My little sweetie-pie💕
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6 years ago my husband started researching the benefits of walking barefoot and flexible shows. most of this stemmed from his own constant foot pain and frustrations he had with the genetic formation of his feet. so when in the crossfit world he came across some articles about the benefits of barefoot he really pushed our family to look at shoes differently. .
we let our kids run barefoot as much as possible. started them off in converse figuring at least they were flat shoes and didn’t shorted their heal when they walked. as my kids have grown, specifically my son, i have read much research about the connection of brain health and barefoot walking. as his sensory got worse he really hated converse shoes plus couldn’t figure out how to tie his shoes, with a most likely dyslexic diagnosis we didn’t push the shoe tying. i started researching shoes and was so excited to find @vivobarefoot.kids . not only does he love wearing them because they are comfortable but he doesn’t have to tie them. my daughter who also has a pair, we have seen how steady she is when she runs. poor girl was always tripping and falling. but with these shoes she is steady. .
@vivobarefoot.kids shoes are made with the thinnest sole possible. this is important because you have over 200,000 nerve endings in your foot that are not felt when you wear a modern shoe. by being able to feel these it communicates to your brain more and you get maximum sensory feed back. for kids with sensory, autism, adhd, dyslexia or anything on the spectrum dealing with brain this connection and sensory feed back is so important. these shoes also are designed like a foot. this allows the foot to expand where it naturally does, in the toes. also you will be able to walk heal to toe strengthening muscles and tendons while not shorting them, which you see in traditional shoes. overall we love these and will be buying again.
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Gotta love this outfit and this kid 😍. deze gehele look is bij ons verkrijgbaar en tijdens onze vakantie scoor je hem met 10% korting! wacht niet te lang, want er zijn al wat maten bijna uitverkocht!! code: holidaybreak
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“my name is chiara grace and i'm 11 years old. i'm the fifth of six children. i lived in the united states for four years, and was really happy there. i attended brass camp two of those years with my siblings and went to weekend camps with my family.
i feel blessed to have met all of the special love team. my favorite program is also brass camp because i can do a lot of sports and play. the view from the lake is amazing. octoberfest is my second favorite because it was the first special love camp i ever went to. having a sibling with cancer is hard, but having good family and friends is what really matters.”
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We’ve officially breached the “i can dress myself” phase of #toddlerhood saturated w/ princess dresses, cowgirl boots and unicorn headbands. multiple and highly unnecessary #wardobechanges included. go on wit yo bad self, girlfriend 👑 👢🦄 #zoeyireland #3yearsold #disneyprincesses #toddlerlife #letkidsbekids #dressupisdailywear
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Rainy days are made for play!
we spent several hours outside this morning puddle stomping, playing, and exploring in the rain.
both kids loved being able to play and stay dry in their new @llbean rain gear. this mama loves that the muddy mess clean up was as easy as taking off their coats. .
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To mark the first day of the autumn equinox i’m celebrating the changing of the seasons by posting a selection of stunning flower crown images from our autumnal shoot last weekend.
introduction the beautiful lucy, her fiery/cheeky spirit matches her stunning hair. this girl can light up any room with the sweetest smile.
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In other news, a tiny swarm of #dragonflies were spotted in the shop. these three are already spoken for, but more are on the way! i'll put them up in the shop (link in bio!) as soon as i can get them to hold still long enough for a photo op.

if you're interested in buying your very own dragonfly mobile, leave a comment below so i can get an idea how many more to get in the works. they cost $45 each, plus shipping.
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T a n t r u m s 🙊 so this monkey has stropped pretty much since she got home! mega screaming and crying, even scratched herself! it’s hard to get used to as she usually so easy going but i still find the best thing to do is ignore her and eventually let her have a cuddle and calm down!! doesn’t help when she throws cereal all over the floor!! # .
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