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This is me.  puffy eyed and tired after a couple of days in hershey with liam and ellie.  no make-up, hair still wet from the shower and quite frankly looking d**n tired.  a couple of years ago i would never take this photo of myself and certainly wouldn’t post it for all to see.  i had the ability to wait and take it later, after i looked “better”. but i would have missed some candid shots of the four of us at breakfast.  and i thought, so what?  do i really care that much that every photo shows me in the best light?  or do i want to create memories for us to look back on and remember a time now past?  i often hear people say “i don’t look good in photos, don’t take my photo” and it saddens me.  our loved ones don’t care that we don’t look our best, especially our children and grandchildren.  they love us and that love is truly unconditional.  i worry about the lesson being taught when we tell them that we are uncomfortable in our own skin.  let’s teach our future generation that it’s ok not to be perfect, to be confident as they are and to not worry about every little thing.  so get in front of that camera, get in the shot and give those loved ones something to look back upon.  and for goodness sake lose those fake filters! #thisisme #reallife #nofilter #damnimtired #lifestylephotography #imcomfortableinmyownskin #imcomfortableinmyskin #blackandwhitephotography #blackandwhitephoto #photography #photographer #intervaltimer #nikon #nikond7100 #nikond7100photography #nikonphotography #nikonartists #capturedmoments #capturingmoments #tokina #tokinawideangle #tokina1120 #itdoesntgetbetterthanthis #itdoesntgetmorereal #clicklovegrow #tracycubblerphotography #letsgetreal
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I have so much to say.
i have so much i want to offer the world that it literally cripples
me sometimes. the overwhelm, the necessary life changes, the concern of keeping everything in harmony. my kids, my husband, my identity (who dis’?🀣), my aspirations, my responsibilities, my dreams. then the haunting self doubt... should i even be sharing how to love and have self confidence when i battle myself?! the answer is yes!
because i can lean back and pull you up. no one is perfect. no one has all the answers. however, if we share our knowledge and others share theirs... we will be alright. don’t let the fears stop you. just because you are in a battle, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to show up and go for your dreams. because guess what, you do! πŸ™ŒπŸ» share your story! you never know where it may take you or who you may help πŸ’• take steps. just make sure it aligns with your big motivating factor, and get clear on what it is. mine is: “to help women understand their worth” period. so i hope you all know how much i love you and how i hope you stay on the sunny side. even when it’s not easy. what are you battling?
πŸ’‘ tip: even when you aren’t feeling your best on the inside, it’s powerful what can happen when you take care do yourself on the outside. for me doing my makeup and throwing in a cute top (like this one from @maeblack_ ) can make you feel so much better. even when you don’t feel like doing it. ———————————————-
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In my attempt to be carb free i bought these from my local spar. they were so good compared to some of the other carb free/low carb wraps i have tried. it is a slightly bigger wrap than normal but since its carb free is no problem πŸ˜‚
low carb βœ”
portion size βœ”
vegan βœ”
easily available βœ”
tastes good βœ”
so far this product ticks all the boxes❀❀❀ #mommyhood #mom #momlife #parenting #parentsbelike #momsbelike #badmoms #badmommoments #lifewithtoddlers #lifewithkids #honestmotherhood #realmotherhood #letsgetreal #momlifeisthebest #lovethemtobits #motherhood #kidsbecray #kidsbecrazy #carbconsciousmom
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Hire us for all your creative needs✨
are you looking to revamp your website? need some fresh new content? need new copy written? how about your social media, is that being managed properly? whatever your needs are we've got you covered.
head on over to @sujancreative to learn more and chat with our lead strategist!
thanks for @cblank_visual for the great snaps!
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You can't just have goals. you need vision and self discipline! sorry, but unfortunately... wishing, wanting and waiting gets you nowhere.

what will future you look like, act like, feel like? picture the job, the feelings, the environment! you should be envisioning you having achieved those goals. and then.. you have to hold yourself accountable. no one can do the work for you. the longer you hesitate and play small, the longer until you get what you want!

i wanted to be successful, have enough money and be happy for so long.. but that was it. i didn't know what that would look like or who i would be in that situation. and i just sat around being broke, hungry, bored, depressed and lazy.. waiting and hoping it showed up at my door. it never came (lol obviously). once i finally realized who i wanted to be, what the process looked like and took action: everything fell into place! happy thursday. this may seem super cheesy, but i promise it's true. i really hope you're doing things to make your future self proud! πŸ’™πŸ’™ πŸ“Έ: @kandidwithkate
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It’s mah b’day πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š
holaaaaaa celebrating at the beach with my bestie & our flamingo. easyyy going this thursday because i’m a super slow granny now πŸ‘΅πŸΌ
photoshoot by my insta husband @tessglansbeek πŸ’•
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Nutritional cleanse day one! love how i feel after a 2 day cleanse πŸ’• with the nutritional support of this yummy cleanse day “punch”. everything i need for an energy filled day! .
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It’s taken me a long time to realize my tendency to want to fix everything. to understand everything. to have a good reason for doing everything. but that’s never needed. it all happens in the surrender. in letting it go. in saying “i don’t know what to do here” and letting the universe take over. we don’t have to fix our pain. we just have to feel it and surrender the desire to fix it. πŸ’œπŸ™
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Some thoughts for this morning.
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Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? have you ever felt like you can’t continue another day? ▫️
i previously didn’t think either of those. today though, i share my story. i share the story of how my past has shaped me into the woman i am today and how it helped me start my business. ▫️
reality of today is i wanted this perfect image to sum myself. i wanted to intro the upcoming podcast with @corynquester in a way that knocked your socks off. but i want to be as real as the podcast episode. so be sure to check back later today and give it a listen. and if you like it please share it with at least one other person. episode is live. check out the linktr.ee to find it. #realthursday
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Hello gents,

so you meet a lady today and tomorrow you're already telling her how you can't live without her,how you wanna build your life with her, how to meet your family and all. ki lo de? na una de rush us....
marriage is a forever business and any lady that concurs to your rush and starts acting like you're her world and can't wait to marry you in less than a month 😏 is out to break your heart and probably milk you dry.
it's absolutely ridiculous that some men don't want to go through the dating process.πŸ’• tomorrow you'll say that ladies like money and have broken your heart. what you don't know is that heartbreak can also be avoided.
take your time & get to know someone. have fun with the dating process. relationship should have gotten to a certain level before mentioning the "m" word. no de rush us....πŸ˜‚
time will definitely reveal someone's true character and it will also help the both of you understand each other better. stop acting desperate. take your time.
don't come tomorrow and say that ladies love you because of money. truth be told, the reason you're rushing them is because you're stingy. if you don't spend when you're dating, is it when you're married you will spend?
let's get these things right.
no de rush them ladies abeg....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #realtalk #letsgetreal #relationshipgoals #relationship #love #marriage #s*x #blogger #bloggerstyle #instablog #instablog9ja #storyteller #thursday #thursdaymotivation
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Toe aan een frisse start na je vakantie? als je iets wilt gaan doen wat je nog nooit gedaan hebt, zul je uit je confortzone moeten stappen! nieuwsgierig? bekijk dan dit filmpje dat we voor je maakten. aanmelden voor onze trainingsdag kan via de link in de bio πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
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Yesterday i saw a reiki healer and practice yoga. today i deadlifted 100kg and took f*t burners. tomorrow i might work on that painting i've half done or write poem whilst sun baking, or get out my power tools and built something, nobody really know🀣🀣🀣 this is not a most liked photos collage, this is a self portrait collage. this is photos of all of the different me's that come together to make the wonderful energetic crazy lady i am. all the ones you know and all the ones your yet to meet. its time to unleash beast that is me and all my complexities. you know the fitchic, but its about time you met the poet, the painter, the handywomen, the philosopher, the singer song writer, the hippie, the mother, the empath, the women with add, the anxiety sufferer, the tarot card reader, the poser, the actress, the performer, the artist, the diy enthusiast, the shameless larrikin, the adventurer.
hope you love her as much as she loves her selfπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚ (if you didn't see my story click on the balance highlight real to see what i am on about)
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Let's get personal: no couple is perfect and although we are happy, in love and most importantly, life partners, we face obstacles and challenges every day. no we are not married yet and hope to be one day but for right now we are blissfully content knowing that "yes. the person standing right next to me is my life partner". there is always temptation, there will always be disagreements or distance, compromising to be done (insert any relationship obstacle here).. but most important there is respect, loyalty, honor, self respect, love for yourself, true love for your partner and communication. we have both walked away from previous relationships that were extremely toxic and it taught us to focus on the things we wanted and deserved. we owed it to ourselves! that is why we devote so much energy into making one another so happy, because the other one deserves to be given the world. you deserve to be happy πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ #roccandgrace #flighlove #letsgetreal #truelove #loveofmylife #advice #tips #couplepost #couplesblog #couplesgoals #goals #notperfect #justreal
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••don’t let an ig feed fool yah! so let’s get real for a moment. when the hubby and i shot this look, i wasn’t feeling the most confident despite my smile (i even wrote a blog post about it). but, because i had to create content for a campaign, i had to put my game face on. do you really think bloggers live a perfect life? we don’t. i don’t. we all have insecurities, we all struggle with something and sometimes even doubt ourselves. and now that i’ll soon play the mommy role, i want to call on you to help break that social media fantasy. not only for ourselves but for the future mini-me’s. they deserve it don’t you think?|| http://liketk.it/2wykg••
••¡no dejes que un perfil de instagram te engañe! así que hablemos sin pelos en la lengua por un momento. cuando mi esposo y yo hicimos estas fotos, no me sentía con la mayor confianza a pesar de mi sonrisa (incluso escribí un post en un blog sobre esto). pero como tenía que crear contenido para una campaña, tuve que hacerlo ¿de verdad creen que los bloggers viven una vida perfecta? no es así. yo no vivo una vida perfecta. todos tenemos inseguridades, todos luchamos con algo y algunas veces incluso dudamos de nosotros mismos. y ahora que pronto haré el papel de mamá, quiero hacer una llamada para ayudar a romper esa fantasía de las redes sociales. no solo para nosotros, sino para nuestros chiquitines. ellos se lo merecen, ¿no lo creen? || http://liketk.it/2wykg••
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This reminder never gets old. ♥️ @haileydevine #letsgetreal #bebonafide
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Who is the real boss⁉️
we want to invite you tonight to an orientation meeting to show you how we’ve been able to be our own bosses along with other very successful friends that will share how they did it. it starts at 9:00pm est sharp! text me for the link, don’t forget to download the app zoom πŸ€—
#letsgetreal #dontmissit #bizopportunity
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