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#letsgetreal: one of my fav analogies for professional success, "the hungry are the ones who eat." ask yourself how bad do you want it? #madetohire #careercoach #careeradvice #pdx
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Deze week gesproken op hét online marketing event imu 2018. gaaf om tussen zoveel top ondernemers te staan met allemaal een eigen verhaal achter hun succes.
en niemand had hier gestaan zonder de keerzijde van ondernemen te hebben ervaren.
net als deze heerlijke herfst. over het algemeen een periode van storm en regen, waar de dagen korter worden en de nachten langer. maar ook een periode van adembenemende magie van verkleurend blad, rijpe oogst, lange boswandelingen, en de zon die wel een hele tint warmer lijkt. .
en of je nu een bedrijf start of al jaren onderneemt, zonder plezier, geen succes. zonder fouten geen vooruitgang en zonder storm geen kalmte.
we zijn allemaal geprogrammeerd met dat fouten maken niet oké is. op school wordt dat al onderstreept door een cijfer. hoe meer fouten, hoe lager je cijfer. terwijl je juist kunt excelleren door die ‘fouten’ te omarmen. .
stop ermee, jezelf foute keuzes aan te rekenen. het geheim zit ‘m in de snelheid van schakelen tussen die momenten. het woord fout is dus eigenlijk niet goed. een fout of een teleurstelling is een super waardevolle les. het wijst je in een richting en elimineert wegen die voor jou persoonlijk niet werken.
en hoe sneller je schakelt, hoe sneller je kunt groeien. als je dat doet vanuit een goed hart en authenticiteit, is dat het mooiste wat er is.
geniet van de toppen en stiekem ook van de moeilijke momenten, want daar zit steeds weer een stukje persoonlijke doorbraak. en als je niet doorzet tot het einde zul je nooit weten hoe het af loopt. kun je nooit met zekerheid zeggen dat het niets voor je was. leer focussen op de mooie kanten van het verhaal. zoals elke seizoen naast nadelen als storm, ook onweerstaanbaar mooie kanten heeft.

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Sure, self care includes over-the-top baths and face masks....but it also includes making everyday choices that ultimately lead to more balance and sustained happiness.
choosing to eat a healthy dinner and skip the glass of wine, saying no to social invitations, confronting your best friend or partner to hold them accountable or express when your feelings are hurt, checking your credit card statement everyday, creating a budget and sticking to it.
i am really working on tackling the mundane tasks head on instead of putting them on the back burner. digging in and looking why i procrastinate some things and prioritize others.....i am committed to stop making excuses and just get the sh$t done that needs attention.
life is a beautiful, messy & a full experience. i believe it is extremely important to acknowledge all the ways that we care for ourselves.
sometimes it looks like a relaxing bath or brunch with your bestie and other times it looks like folding the giant pile of laundry on your bed or putting the bag of halloween candy corn back on the shelf.
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How wonderful is it that god made you. every little detail thought out and created to make the p e r f e c t you! so why is it that scrolling through instagram, we constantly try to be like them, look like her, get as much done as him.. etc? as an artist, authenticity is the best quality i can possess. i’m not doing myself or my clients justice if i am not being my true authentic self. so from here on out, i will try to show you not only the incredible stories behind each commission, but also the ups and the downs, the messes, the mess-ups, the tips, the ah-ha moments, all of it. because that’s me. there’s so much more to each piece than just the final product. and i can’t wait to show you more about me :) who else is ready to ditch this highlight reel, comparison driven, only-the-good-parts instagram, and get real?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ #gritandgraincompany #authenticallyyou #girlboss #smallbusiness #bossbabe #realstagram #jennakutcher #woodburning #woodart #woodartist #letsgetreal #godmadeyouperfect
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Community over competition. this has been a hot topic in several forums i’m in. i’ve seen so many conversations about how it’s more important to have a sense of community in an industry rather than competition.i just want to throw my two cents in. yes, i think it is important to have somewhere you can go to grow,find support, ask questions, give answers, a community.. but only if it’s genuine.. not because it’s the popular thing to do. i don’t believe liking each other’s pictures and putting a group hashtag on your post is enough.i personally believe in being part of a community where a little competition is considered a good thing.i think competition keeps you on your toes. for me, it lights a fire under my a*s and makes me want to be a better photographer, a better production manager.. a better person. i think competition helps a business grow, helps people grow. i think it’s easy to get comfortable if everyone in your community only give and receive compliments, if they’re told their work is great all the time, if essentially everyone is receiving participation trophies just because they’re in a group. i believe that you can support each other while also being competitive with each other... i choose to surround myself with people who aren’t afraid to tell me that i didn’t post my best work, that i can do better... but also tell me when i got a beautiful shot. i follow people who i believe are so much more talented than me. seeing their success makes me happy for them, but it also creates a sense of competition that inspires me to become better, to try new things and to constantly improve my work. i think it is possible to have community and competition. what do you think?
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Now this is my idea of having having a fitness business. had an epic planning meeting with two of my favorite #bossbabes. our "formal" business meeting consisted of 4 hours at pf chang’s, scarfing down lettuce wraps (maybe we split a dessert🍰🍨) and planning the rest of our year for us and our team. there my have been a little sidetracking too😳🤐😘. the word "meeting" used to make me want to stick a chopstick in my eye. now, i can't wait for the next one.

these chicks 🐣🐥 are the peanut butter to my jelly (don't read into that).
i am inviting any fun, down-to-earth woman who has a passion for motivating and leading others to lead a healthy lifestyle, to join our team and create your own dream business💥! i encourage you to dm me or 💪 below to see if it could be a good fit for you!
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Happy, happy friday, y’all! i couldn’t be more excited to relax this weekend. i took in a yin and yoga nidra class last night @yogaloftboulder and it was the perfect way for me to transition into slowing down after a week of high energy. cheers, friends. 🙏💜
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This sunday! 5:30pm cst, if you're in the central texas area, come join us! we'll also be going live!
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What a great way to start the day!
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I'm so honored to be working with the @wearerefocus team and @obed_plaatjes gearing towards the 16 days of activism campaign
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I am all about change. i don’t want to be the same person today i was yesterday. i want to be a better version of myself! i understand that evolvement is a slower process than that, but you get the idea!
i do feel, however, like a little self reflection is due this morning.
sometimes (not always) the things we see in others that we dislike, things they do in which we lack understanding or even grace, are the things we dislike in ourselves. we just don’t know it. 😬 it takes some self awareness + honesty (and if you’re a believer, the holy spirit) to help us realize our opportunities for growth. it takes a willingness to change to realign our actions and thinking. .
i believe in always looking inward first. how are other people reflecting our attitude? i also believe changing the world begins with ourselves. am i living out how i expect others to live?
i know, this is deep for a friday morning 🙈 but these are just my thoughts inspired by an incredible message at #bsf this week!
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After a week of crazy wet weather who else feels like escaping somewhere warm with sand between your toes a sunset kissed skin? 🌅 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
us please 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️
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A pretty freaking fabulous friday ahead...client calls, finishing a magazine article, creating some content and then finishing at 1pm. because gang, i’ve finally learnt how to take time off. and man it feels good!

i would never have believed how much resistance would come up when i first tried to reduce my working hours, thinking that i wasn’t “working hard enough”, that by taking a break i would “miss something” or that i wasn’t as “hardcore and dedicated” as i should be.

that 👆🏼 right there is an example of when old “stories & beliefs” come in and try and sabotage you! i had to take a step back, ask myself why i felt this way and what could i do to change that? •
it’s not always easy to take that step back and seeing how to reset your beliefs and reframe your mindset but boy is it worth it!

if you can relate to this “hard work” thing, ask yourself, “1 year from now do i want to be working this much?” and “does my hard work relate directly to my success or can i create more success in my life and work by establishing a balance?”

what is your day looking like friends? what are you going to give yourself more of today?✨

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Content 📸 ik heb altijd 101 ideeën voor content en projecten en kan daar ook gelijk helemaal in wegdromen. werkt het voor wat ik voor ogen heb? is hier behoefte aan? kan ik dit realiseren? vaak eindigt het op een grote stapel. zo schrijf ik bijvoorbeeld al een tijdje blogs, maar het ik er nog geen een gedeeld. omdat de blogs waar ik mij goed bij voel om te delen, beter overkomen als ik het vertel. 🙏

dus toen dacht ik aan igtv, en was ik nieuwsgierig wat je daar van zou vinden. mijn vraag werd beantwoordt door @businessbabesnl die ontdekte dat zo'n 79% niet naar igtv keek. natuurlijk mag het niet zo zijn dat als ik igvt video's wil maken, ik mijzelf hierdoor tegenhoud. maar aangezien ik het voor jou doe, doe ik het liever op een medium waar jij het ook echt ziet 💕 wat mij direct weer op een idee brengt eigenlijk. ik brainstorm weer even door! 🙋

welke vorm van content vind jij prettig?
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This is something that’s been on my heart for a while now. i’m not perfect and i never claimed to be. i hope that if you know me or have ever met me that i haven’t given you the impression that i always get it right because that is far from the truth. i’ve s*****d up more times than i care to admit, i frequently doubt myself and i often struggle with opening up to ppl and expressing how i really feel and what’s really on my mind. this song is one way i plan on making progress towards transparency; something that i feel is desperately needed today. this is for anybody who can relate and who is trying to make steps towards improvement but is frustrated by struggles and failures along the way. it’s ok to fall down... just make sure you get back up and keep going. (link in bio)

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