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Go eagles πŸ¦…!!!! the family is game day ready!!!! i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! #smttt .
do you have a favorite college football 🏈 team? i would love to know your team!
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Whoever scored maize last night, you won’t be disappointed 🧑
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Burj khalifa ~ the tallest building in the world, making other skyscrapers look minuet.. esmé was super excited to go to the top of the @burjkhalifa because i pointed it out to her every day when touring dubai, consistently reminding her of the name and now it’s stuck in her head, so she has an interesting fact memorised. apparently you can watch the sunset twice in one day from the building! once from the ground and once again if you go up to see it from atop. thank you for sending us to see this magnificent view @atdattractions and @visit.dubai πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ͺ #atdhappy #dubai #atthetop #burjkhalifa
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Post sale day mood!
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What is a trait you’ve seen your little one mirror from you?
i have been noticing how eloise is a little shy, like me, and also has become very particular about dirt, like me. πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆ
she will point to her shoe and say “doot! doot!” or will bring me specks of dirt she finds around the house.
while i feel a little guilty that she is concerned about something so nominal, i can’t help but smile because it’s pretty cute to see them mimic what they watch you do.
of course, when i decided to float using leaves, eloise had to do it too. and naturally she was much better at it. 🀷🏽‍♀️ #enchantingeloise .
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Getting festive with my little monsters! #rawwwwwwr
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There’s nothing like a busy few weeks of travel and evening plans to make you stop and feel utter contentedness at a mundane saturday morning. we’ve got the fire going and i’m just hanging out sipping coffee, reading and snuggling with the kids. and as much as i love to travel and get out for girls’ nights and date nights… my absolute favorite place in the whole world is right here in our home doing absolutely nothing with the people i love most πŸ’—βœ¨ #honestmotherhood πŸ“Έ: @brittanyrossmanphoto
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Love this shot by @momentsbyp ✨
thanks for sharing!
follow and tag to be featured!
featured by @jessoshaw ✨
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Because it’s the best season ever! πŸ‚πŸŽƒ
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• mon petit homme.β™‘
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Cheering on our favorite soccer players today!! our first big adventure as a family of 6. we’re all ready for a nap now!
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Our bodies are amazing. ✨⁣
i honestly never thought i’d care or value breastfeeding so much, but after having my baby it became something so special to me. i felt an extremely strong emotional bond with my baby, and i knew that breastfeeding was perfect for us and something i really wanted to do! ✨⁣
though it didn’t come without its challenges, we overcame them and now we are six months strong! i know that this time won’t last forever, but i’ll always look back on the times when my baby’s tiny chubby face looked up at me while nursing and smiled. or the times he was comforted by nursing and fell asleep in my arms. ✨⁣
when looking back at these memories i’ll never forget all the times my husband was next to me. anytime baby would hear papi’s voice, he’d unlatch and give him the silliest milk d***k smile, which made us all laugh. ✨⁣
now that he’s 6 months old we’re introducing solids. and no matter how long we continue breastfeeding, i feel blessed to have been able to make exactly what my baby needs, which again is a reminder of how our bodies are truly amazing! ✨⁣
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I can’t get over this view 😍 #shawninfall
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They’ve got their whole lives ahead of them- can you imagine what these two will see and do in the next 70+ years? it’s mind boggling. but the most amazing thing of all is that they will face it together- knowing that they have a brother that always has their back. πŸ“Έ: @candacedchaney #mamaslovephotography #joypreserved #shreveportphotographer #newbornphotography #letthembelittle #raw_cuteness
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Tis the season #classickidinleavespic
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Ezra cuddles her little pumpkin while mommy cuddles her little pumpkin.
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There are so many b e a u t i f u l
reasons to be h a p p y β˜€οΈ #theboymomdiaries #beyoutiful #happinessquotes
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Snow white, lightning mcqueen, & a very prego minnie mouse! alright baby 3 were in the home stretch! πŸ’™ #babybenzpeavy3
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in other news i’m attempting to start toilet training with evie today she has always been interested but never actually gone when iv tried until today!!
we put her big girl u****s on had one mishap on the couch but then a success!
would love to hear your toilet training tricks it’s been 8yrs since iv had to so kind of forgotten how!
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