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Så nærmer jeg mig slutningen på en fantastisk forløb hos @anderstrust 💪🏻 er gået fra til at syntes det med mealprep og træningen var en pligt for at kunne tabe sig, til at det nu er blevet en livstil. ville slet ikke kunne forestille mig en dag uden den rigtige mad og en tur i fitness world. en ting er sikkert, jeg vil forsætte med de værktøjer og træningplaner jeg har fået af anders og bare kæmpe videre mod mine mål😎💪🏻#mealprep #fitnesslife #fitnessworld #weightloss #myproteindk #myprotein #sommerklar #nopainnogain #lifegoals #bodyunderconstruction
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We are proud to announce that the university will be offering three new ba business administration programs from the coming fall semester 2018 onwards. 🎉
👉 check out the business administration programs that are now taught at our university on our homepage!
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Right? my friend @saymaehem posted this and i totally relate! 😳
#goodmorning #positive #momlife #family #life #peoplepleaser #people #funny #lifegoals #lifequotes #recovering #truth
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Warriors don't give up when the battlevgets hard, they fight harder.

work hard stay #humble
jefferson lim
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It’s that time of the year again—welcome to the #metrobeautyawards! this month, @metromagph rounds up over 125+ best bets out in the market today, suited for all your specific wants and needs, and every beauty dilemma you can think of. in the coming week, we'll be going in depth on the best beauty products we've come across spanning 11 different categories in beauty: base, blush/bronze/highlight, body, best budget buys, cult favorites, eyes, fragrance, hair, holy grail, lips, and skincare. keep following us here as we unveil the best of all things beauty! link in our bio for a first look. 💄

#beauty #makeup #beautyawards #metro #metromagazine #holygrail #cultbeautyproducts #cultfavorites #fragrance #lips #skincare #wellstyledlife #lifestyled #lifegoals #inspiredliving
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Time hop 😁😍 ... wow this is going back nearly 8 years. back to the time when we both 1st met 😍😍😍😁😁😁😙😙😙
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This corner of jones street is #lifegoals, amiright?! when clients tell me they love old historic homes and oak trees, i know i have to bring them to the west end of jones street, because good gracious - it doesn’t get much more “savannah” than that.
(also, please tell me i’m not the only one who thinks the giant oak tree branches covered in ivy look like something straight out of avatar...and also please tell me i’m not the only one who can’t freaking wait for the second movie to come out and who might just have to re-watch the first one for the millionth time tonight...🌿✚❀)
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if you walk the talk , you don't care about who cares what you are wearing.

jefferson lim
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Now this man gets it! @garyvee constantly talks about being grateful, being thankful, and having a positive outlook.
i could not agree more. we focus so much on what we don’t have, that we often miss or neglect what we actually do have.
i have made it a habit to write down one thing i am grateful for every single night. in doing so, i have found that i have become more far more conscious in recognizing all of the blessing i do have in my life.
give it a try...i have a feeling you will be surprised with the amount of positive aspects of your life you may be overlooking.
your friend,
lynwood gail
be bold, be blessed, and be you!
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