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San francisco is one place i have always wanted to visit! but my first day here didn't go too well..... my car got broken into when i was out in a restaurant. nothing was taken but it's the hassle of sorting the car out! having vehicles broken into isn't new to me. i've had thousands and thousands of pounds worth of tools stolen and vehicle damage over the years in london!
day two was much better! visited this little bridge. had some decent plant fuel. and visited fisherman's wharf which had some great street performers.

san fran has a great vibe! but i can't stop thinking about the amount of homeless people wandering about! there are so many! in england there are homeless people but in california in general, it is rife!
don't get me wrong, officially i do not have a home but i stay in accommodation with flowing water, a roof over my head and heating. how does one of the most powerful nations have such a divide between the poor and people with money?

it's something i am looking into more as the culture really interests me.

but either way i shall not judge. we all lead different lives. some of us have had better chances in life. some of us have made bad and good decisions. i feel very fortunate to be in the position i am!

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I love synchronicity. i couldn’t sleep because i drank green tea at 9pm 🀦🏽‍♀️ got into bed at 1.30 and then just got up now to get my phone and put on some 432htz music. i see a message from my dad who has just woke up in london - saying good morning with a meme created around our religion (sikhism) and all i can think about is how religion separates us - that is my first and immediate thought and then i open ig and my cousins wife who is family and understands our religion and culture has posted this. it’s the first thing i see. she taught me sekhem energy and it’s just another thing that i have learned in my life that proves to me that we as humans are all the same. when we return to consciousness that’s whom we really are. religion only separates us / it’s time to get connected to things that make us more at one with each other. this is not a religion bashing post so please omit negative comments. it’s about the fact that we are humans and we should be connecting to one another more and looking past culture and racism.
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“we have chosen a way of life to welcome everybody, to love everybody, to inspire everybody and to uplift everybody." - yogi bhajan .
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“this is the path, where is any other?” don’t waste energy fretting about your past mistakes, indulging in the illusion that there is some other path that you’re not on, some mythical alternate world where you’re happier or wealthier or more loved.
pilgrims: it’s rubbish. there is no other path, there is no other way, only the road you’re travelling. the only question you need to worry about is: where to now? and more concretely: what is the next step?

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The universe has been yelling at me, trying to make itself heard over the commotion of frustration and depression the past year. tonight, this message came through loud and clear, and i'm really f*****g thankful for it.

i'm not where i wanted to be at this point in life, but i know that i'm exactly where i need to be.

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Me right now ... up way past my bedtime recording a special meditation for my first raise your vibration group. it’s an 8 week course based on what i teach to clients that i coach and have sessions with. stay tuned for more details next year.... can’t wait to share with you all the goodies that i have planned. it’s my dream to help you achieve yours.... ❀️
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10/23 love and compassion fill the air today. giving of ourselves bestows the greatest gifts that we can receive. recognize and acknowledge others for their greatness so that your greatness may shine. give freely of yourself and your kindness, as this queen will reward your deeds tenfold πŸ™Œ #timingiseverything #oraclecards #cardart #now #lifepath #journey #giving #kindness #playingcards #poker #magic #cardistry #inspiration #guidance #wisdom #magi #orderofthemagi #destiny #today #youtube #cards
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Oh snap! she said that? oh yes she did πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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You know what the coolest and greatest part about life is that i’m now just discovering?
it’s the fact that we have the power to design our life how we want it to be. not by any set standards or how our life “should look like” or any other outside influences. we are blessed with so much freedom and opportunities to do what we choose and to find out who we are and what our purpose is.
it’s okay if you don’t know that reason or are still searching for it. the first step is to figure out if you are truly happy where you’re at. i know i’m not where i am destined to be, but that doesn’t mean i’m going to live with dissatisfaction and unhappiness my entire life. we all have paths and we all are here for a reason. if you haven’t found it, don’t stop looking. you deserve to be happy. you deserve to live a life you are excited about. don’t let anything or anyone make you forget that.
“follow happiness and excitement, not money. thinking you have to pursue money first to pursue happiness year is an illusion.”
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10/16 6 of clubs yummy day for sure. the queen of ♥️ is in venus today. love is in the air. intuition leads the way and kindness rules. this can be a very lucky day of good fortune. the secret is to be true to yourself. adjustments may be needed with plans. go with the flow. if today is your birthday you are the six of clubs. happy birthday 🎈 #timingiseverything #playingcards #playingcardart #magic #oracle #oraclecards #cards #poker #mysticmessenger #cardart #art #mystic #cardistry #now #today #intuition #kindness #queenofhearts #love #lifepath #cardart #messenger #themessenger
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I'm on this journey and i'm still figuring it out. it's a constant up and down battle some i win some i lose. i have p****d off some people along the way. i have ruined some friendship and too those people forgive as i'm trying to become a better person. thanks for staying by me as i make this difficult journey.
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My ankle is still really bothering me and it's throwing off my posture and making my lower back ache all the time. i know if i can lose a few lbs it'll make the healing process quicker. with that being said, sunday meal prepping is now becoming a thing. even when i lost weight in the past i usually only had grab-and-go snacks and made my lunch every morning. buuuuut that was pre-noah haha. so here i am cooking up a s**t tonight of chicken, veggies, and using up some farm grown potatoes. im absolutely awful about eating throughout the day. i will literally eat my first (and only) meal of the day around 5-6pm πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š i knooow it's totally awful. and if i do eat a breakfast or lunch it's normally fast food. (hey im just being honest) so here's to a new week, a new form of #selfcaresunday, and hopefully a healthier lifestyle in the making. ive done this whole weightloss s**t in the past and posted about it but i honestly don't plan to weigh in or count macros or get crazy about calorie counting. just conscientious eating, more water intake, and as my ankle heals increasing activity. but i definitely would love some meal prep ideas/recipes/ and tips + tricks. also some d**n encouragement would be nice because i honestly have just soooo many bad habits to break. but for now, i'm focusing on healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks and leaving dinner up to whatever the family decides and just stay mindful of portion control. also need to drink a craaaap ton more water because im awful at water intake.
happy freakin sunday friends!!
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