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From depressed to happy.⁣
from unhealthy to healthy af.⁣
from tired to energized.⁣
from suicidal to full of life.⁣

it wasn’t easy but nothing in this world worth having is easy. i don’t have any magic formula to poof the results to you but i do have....⁣
✅accountability af⁣
✅fool proof nutrition plan with flexibility aka treat meal 🤤 ⁣
✅detailed workout calendar⁣
✅ one on one coaching with me⁣

all you have to do is decide you’re worthy just the way you are. that you deserve to be happy & love the body you’re in and that you can do this even though you have failed over & over again. ⁣

so if you’re ready to make yourself #1 and feel the best you ever have ringin’ in the new year drop a 🔔 & let’s work together.
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I didn’t want to post this before picture. but i’m challenging myself to say “f*** it”! to be more vulnerable, to acknowledge all my hard work and dedication from point to point, to realize how far i’ve come from the photo on the left. you can obviously see in the photo my pregnancy was very h*****n my body. i went through everything under the sun it seemed like. although you still saw me with a smile on the outside. a bartender bartending at 9 months pregnant. a girl in the gym doing 95lb deadlifts. i was absolutely miserable. would i do it all again??? you betchaaaa! i’m grateful for this journey and every fitness journey i’ve ever been on. because it has made me more strong today then i ever thought i could be. as a new mom and other moms out there we may have doubts, imperfections, meltdowns, off days, overwhelming moments, so on and so on. it does not matter because we keep pushing through and fighting the good fight. i’ll tell you what! us moms.... us women.... we are truly gifts. superhero’s. unstoppable!•

i will not stop! i will keep going everyday building the best version of myself possible! because i have the choice to do so. nothing will stop me. nothing will stand in my way. i will never give up. 💪🏻💯 @postpartum

“there is strength in vulnerability, in facing your demons and knowing that kindness is more important in spite of them. to be vulnerable. is to be brave.”
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4 months lifestyle change - 4 years. i never thought it was gonna be fast or easy. if i’d given up in the beginning, i’d never have seen results #💪💪 #beforeandaftertransformation #beforeandafterweightloss #lifestylechange #transformationtuesdays #changeyourhabits
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New chapter🦋⁣

i have decided that as of today i am officially in #maintenancemode if you watched my live last night you know that i had a discussion with jeremy yesterday about the number on the scale and the reasons for wanting to continue seeing it go down. the answer? no reasons at all! when i began this journey it was because i wanted to feel better, i wanted to love my body and the way i look, i wanted to have more energy, i wanted my mental health to be good, i wanted to set an example for my daughters and i wanted to have a healthy relationship with food. i can confidently say that i have achieved those goals in the last 9 and a half months.⁣
i was beginning to get caught up in the challenge that is losing weight, and of course the routine. yesterday i had to check myself for a minute and say “you’re happy - you love what you see when you look in the mirror - you’re healthy - you know how to & enjoy making healthy food choices” (which was basically me saying to myself “sis, you good.”)⁣💁🏽‍♀️
so after losing 120lbs i will now be maintaining my weight and begin working on new goals to see how i can further challenge my body. so grateful for the @21daymealplan @myadventuretofit and this whole journey that will be never ending 💞
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After seeing the transformation in my hair from practicing healthier habits & taking the time to get on a routine it clicked for me i could do the same with my health! when i was transitioning with my hair i had to slowly cut off damage, with my health i had to slowly cut out bad foods & habits! one thing that helped me is ditching my comfy leggings. i realized because they were so comfortable i would sometimes get comfortable with my over eating and lounge around too much so now i try to always make sure i am wearing workout clothes when i’m at the house because they have a tighter fit so i feel less motivated to snack & more motivated to get moving! #transformationtuesday #tiptuesday #lifestylechange #selfimprovement #hif3liciahelped
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🎉goal weight goal weight !🎉⁣

is this even real? kind of in shock at the moment .. feeling so insanely happy/excited/proud and a million other emotions. nine and a half months, 119 pounds gone! january 1st, my partner and i made a drastic change to our eating habits, we threw out all the junk and dove head first in to to the @21daymealplan.
⁣i started at 294 pounds, 2 months postpartum, with 2 under 2. no magic secret ➡️ clean food, consistent exercise, and focus on my goals. today i am 174.8. ⁣
so insanely happy to have stumbled upon @myadventuretofit (tiffany’s) instagram one night while browsing for weight loss inspiration .. and then of course her mealplan @21daymealplan. this plan has changed my life in so many ways .. and brought me so many friendships that i am so grateful for. ⁣
⁣the goals don’t stop here 🙌🏾 i am still finishing up a final round of the mealplan (currently on day 5) and i’m excited to see what november brings. ⁣

have an amazing weekend! set some goals and go out and crush them 🙌🏾💪🏾❤️
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✨ transformation tuesday ✨ 1 month into keto versus 18 months into keto and the glow up is real! there’s 80lbs difference between these two photos, but another major physical change i never realized was how “grey” and gloomy my skin looked before. i look tired and unhappy despite starting out this new way of life. i was still buying 1x and xl shirts (if i could find them) in my favourite stores, but would constantly get frustrated when they were too snug or pulled on my unflattering areas. having embraced the ketogenic lifestyle, i’m loving the ability to walk into my favourite stores again, but this time wearing a small 🤩 never in a million years did i think i would get this far! one goal at a time and anything is possible!
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Séance de bodypump ce matin avant le boulot 😊
ça n’a jamais été si compliqué pour moi d’aller au sport 🏋🏻‍♀️, ça va s’arranger et on va se reprendre en mains ! le principal c’est d’y croire 😂


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سفر با قطار

سفر با قطار هم می‌تونه دوست داشتنی باشه، آخه معلوم نیس با کیا قراره همسفر بشی، آخه هر وقت که دلت بخواد میتونی دراز بکشی و بخوابی، میتونی از وقت آزادت استفاده کنی و کتاب بخونی، میتونی بری کافی شاپ و یه چایی لیمو سفارش بدی و از منظره ای که همش در حال تغییره لذت ببری...

سفر با قطار قشنگه، قشنگه چون تو رو دقیقا همون جایی که میخوای میبره، میشینی تو قطاری که بلیطش رو‌ داری، از مسیر لذت میبری، آخرش هم می‌رسی به مقصدت، قشنگ نیست آخه؟!

ولی خب یه جاهایی تو زندگی ما آدما سوار قطار اشتباهی میشیم، حواسمون نیست، نمیفهمیم، یا بهتر بگم نمیخوایم که بفهمیم اشتباه کردیم، نمیخوایم قبول کنیم اشتباه شده، آخه اونقدر شور و هیجان داریم واسه سفر، که یادمون میره بلیطمون رو چک کنیم...

قطارِ اشتباهیِ زندگیِ ما میتونه هر‌چیزی باشه، یه رابطه اشتباه، انتخاب رشته اشتباه، رفیق اشتباه، سبک زندگی اشتباه، طرز فکر اشتباه، عادت های اشتباه و هزار تا اشتباه دیگه که خودت بهتر از من میدونی...

ما آدمیم دیگه، اشتباه میکنیم، هممون تو زندگیمون اشتباه داشتیم، هیچکی نیس ادعا کنه تو زندگیش اشتباه نداشته، اشکالی نداره اشتباه کنیم‌، ولی مسخره تر از خود اشتباه، ادامه دادن اشتباهه...

باید یاد بگیریم اشتباهمون رو ادامه ندیم، از اون قطارِ اشتباهی باید پیاده شیم، هر چی زمان بگذره، راه برگشتمون سخت تر میشه.جای ما تو اون قطار، اون رابطه، اون عادت غلط و اون اشتباه نیست. ‌

حرف آخرم اینکه، بیاین از قطارهای اشتباه زندگیمون پیاده شیم...

‌🔥حاضری از قطار اشتباه زندگیت پیاده شی؟!؟!؟
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#throwbackthursday time!
this picture represents some huge mental changes in my life. on the left i wasn't sure where my life was going but i thought i would just figure it out along the way. the picture on the right was this week on my first day of nursing school! i know where i want to go now and i have my plan in action to get there! 😊 i have made so many changes to my life this year and i'd say it's paying off! don't think it was easy for a single second....it was not! but with consistency, balance and focusing on what i need and want some pretty amazing things have happened! thanks for the @21daymealplan to providing the dietary changes i needed to change my nutritional health. the mental changes...that was all one choice that i deserved better ♥️💪
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The numbers on the scale

the numbers on the scales have such a big impact nowadays and for some people, it can be the difference between them sticking to the gym or giving up on themselves completely because they aren't seeing the numbers going in the right direction.

the numbers will always fluctuate, so it's best you don't become obsessed with them as you will feel great and motivated when you see the numbers dropping, but as soon as the weight stays the same or increases, it can be massive b**w and the knock on effect can be crucial.

for some of you it might be a case of your body f*t turning into muscle, so it doesn't necessarily mean you're going in the wrong direction.

focus more on how your close fit and before after photos, if your feeling less tired throughout the day, this could mean your fitness is improving, there's many more ways to track your progress than monitoring the numbers on the scales.

1-2-1 personal training | semi private training | distant coaching | nutritional guidance, dm me or email javingordon@hotmail.co.uk

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Thank you to those that entered the competition to win a trial pack! congratulations to @kb4891 @sharankst & @claireannand! isabelle picked you 3 out as winners & i will dm you for address details 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #fernutrition #teamferne #herbalife #herbalifenutrition #results #beforeandafter #transformations #weightlossmotivation #weightloss #results #realpeople #realresults #healthylifestyle #health #goodnutrition #healthy #newmum #newbody #feelgood #happymum #happyme #postpartumbody #lovelife #loveyou #lifestylechange #itsnotadiet #itsalifestyle #kent #london #southeast
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Amazing what you can do once putting your mind to it and you make one simple change to your lifestyle ‼️ fill your body with nutritional foods 🌱 to keep you looking & feeling healthier inside & out💕 🙊 wanna know how ? pop me a 💌 today for info 💛
#loveyoursoul #healthylifestyle
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Happy thursday, friends 🌿after a morning at work and two days filled with a lot of work, i decided to make a short stop in the monastery garden. i have been kind of afraid of loosing my creativity in this job life filled with everything that is far far way from passion... as my plan has been to visit a wonderful place everyday, i am done with that today and also having refilled my resources of creativity. it is really as easy as that... emjoy the rest of the day!#photography #blogger #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #lifestylephotography #lifestyles #lifestylephotographer #lifestylechange #love #lifestyleblog #inspiration #lifestylechanges #motivation #style #lifestyleinspo
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Getting perspective in life is important.
knowing that bad days will not lasts forever is a great up hold into your mind.
can you agree?🖐
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Alright well, tonight i made some good and bad decisions. my friend and i went to @noodlescompany and hot dayum! it’s tough getting anything with low points there, so i opted for this salad and i needed something warm, so chicken noodle soup it was. i got a small of both and was given a regular size of the salad. i didn’t eat it all, but ate most of it 🙈 then i went to a soap making class.... there were chips, dips and more there 🤯 if you know me, those are my weakness. so i def went over my points for the day... which i’m upset about, but just gotta love on and make tomorrow a new day ♥️ •

• •
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Crazy how your body changes right before your eyes.
you sometimes cannot see it till you compare months to current.
my body has fluctuated over the past 8 months from skinny (but not fit) to water weight gained.
thinned out, and toned to bloated, and icky.

nutrition has fluctuated over the past 8 months that i greatly need to work on! i love sweets, and junk food!😥🤔 but i have slayed my workouts, shown up when i didn't want to, and listened to my body when i took it to far!😉 i'm not perfect on my health journey i f up plenty of times but i get on track, and keep pushing.
i have so much more progress to be made, and i am not giving up on this lifestyle!😍😄😊
i truely cannot believe still that i have took this on. yes i post alot about fitness, health, working out; but it's just to share what works for me, and to help others along the way.
know your strengths, and weakness, and go from there!

#lovetheupsanddowns #lovethejourney #workforit #lifestylechange #newme #iwanttobeyourcoach #earlymorningworkouts #coaching #nutritionchange #petitegirl no
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#repost @ejdgrealestatepersonalshopper
#jueves de lluvia, pero no paramos. cuando tu reflejo brilla en todo aspecto, es cuando sabes que tú eres el dueño de tu propios logros que un día los soñaste, y que hoy en día los están viviendo... nacimos #sinlimites🧔🏽 !
#livingmydreamdespierto @jonathan416to #comprometete🦁 .
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I currently have 2 spaces available to take on new clients who are looking to make changes to their body, nutrition and overall lifestyle.
based on your individual goals, a programme will be tailored to you specifically. a one size fits all approach is never appropriate.
serious enquiries only please. i am looking for committed and realiable people who i can work with and truly help ❤️💪.
distance coaching - available as a cheaper option 😊.
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..... that‘s the biggest thing to do‼️ your body is your best friend, healthy and fit all the time to be on this 🌍...🙏💖#nahrungsumstellung #gesundessen #fitnessfood #lifestyle #lifestylechange #juicepluscomplete #thankful #happylife #healthylifestyle
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Давно не было селфи 😜
Всем хорошего дня💋
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