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Double tap to see the entire pic. πŸ‘†πŸΎthis is so accurate!!! the moment i stopped setting goals, stopped watching so much tv, and focused on ideas my cash flow game was different. ✨ if you haven already get your hands on “think & grow rich” great book on money mindset! what books are you currently reading ?
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She always wants in the picture 🐢 happy friday! makeup #limelightbyalcone dm for details!!
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In 2016 i stated i wanted to be self employed by 2017, in 2017 i got laid off. then i said imma make $5,000 every month in my business, i make more πŸ™ŒπŸΎ not only that but i acquire wisdom and knowledge to put other people in the position to do the same. i’ve helped 500 people in 2017 start profitable businesses. this year it will be 1000. be careful what you say, it just might come true πŸ’― . . write your goals out and speak it out loud as if it already happened. “i am so happy and grateful that i am now____________” fill in the blank !
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If you’re curious about limelight’s botanical foundation, let me know! griffin is helping me send out samples!!! 50% pigment. full or light coverage. lightweight. won’t soak into pores or fine lines! ask me about our color match quiz! #limelightbyalcone #limelifer #nofiltermakeup
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P a i n t i n g.
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Almost party ready!!! #limelightbyalcone #sundayfundayβ˜€οΈ
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Says in kim k voice, “not bad for a girl with no talent.”πŸ’πŸ»‍♀️#limelifer #limelightbyalcone
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If your makeup doesn't make you wanna slay the day ..... .....you need to upgrade. . . . best.foundation. ever. πŸ’„πŸŽ€πŸ’“dm for details . . . #limelifer #limelightbyalcone #makeupartistry
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Sara O'Neill
Look at this amazing coverage!!!! #limelightbyalcone #botanicalfoundation #makeup #mua #acne
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Desiree Hoye
Let’s be honest here, i used to be ashamed of my story. i’ve made mistakes... more than i can count. i used to dwell on each and every mistake i’ve ever made and thought that they defined who i am. what i was doing was not living, it was the exact opposite of that. i lived so far in the past that i was clouding my future and what i was capable of. then something happened. something inside of me told me to use my past and my mistakes to inspire others. how?! how was my life going to inspire anyone?! “oh look at that girl over there... remember all the wrong things she’s done?” what happened was this journey. the hundreds of women i talk to and learn from every single day. the ones who instead of looking at my past, look at my future and what i’m capable of. and that, is such a beautiful thing. i have managed to completely change my outlook on life by looking ahead and not behind. my struggles have made me stronger. my mistakes have taught me lessons. my past does not define me. my future is brighter than i could have ever imagined. i inspire women just like me everyday. i inspire them to be the best version of themselves despite their struggles and mistakes. i am so incredibly proud of that. ♥️ #lifechanging #inspire #learnfromyourmistakes #confidence #limelightbyalcone
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Diane/Wardrobe stylist/NYC
Sunday spa time! making a weekly skincare ritual helps starting the week feel great! this dry brushing thing is all over the place right now, but it’s so good for getting rid of dry winter skin and stimulating circulation. make sure to use an all natural bamboo brush so you don’t hurt yourself!🌿#spatime#simplepleasures
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Mellie Miller
Just finished dropping off limelight products to all my lovely ladies! my macaroon lip endure lips have held up through my busy day! πŸ’‹πŸ’„#macaroon #limelightlipcolors #limelightlips #busybeautybee #limelightbyalcone #mellielovesmakeup
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Abbie Jae
#canada, limelight by alcone is about to launch and i am excited to talk to you is you’re interested in learning more! no obligation just a few moments to discuss of this is the right fit for you! #canadianbusinessopportunity #newlaunch #limelightbyalcone #abbiejaedotcom
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Network Maketing Entrepreuner
The easiest way to to get the most perfect complexion. our customizable kit allows you to pick 1 botanical foundation (created by rcma-what the celebrities use) with 50% pigmentation and 2 waterproof concealers. i use shade 1 for hiding redness and darkness under my eyes πŸ‘€ and shade 2 for covering blemishes. i use our buffer brush to apply for an airbrushed look. message me color match you!! #limelightbyalcone #botanicalfoundation #waterproofconcealor #rcmamakeup #bufferbrush #leapingbunnycertified #professionalmakeup #usewhattheprosuse #limelife
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Sunday #hotmessexpress #mirrorselfie... just because i like the lighting in my childhood bathroom and my hair is crazy awesome today πŸ’πŸΌ‍♀️
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Sarah Coffey Jones
Once again, before months end, i’ve made enough money with limelight to pay my car payment for the month (over $500) and more. i’m not bragging but showing you what’s possible if you have faith enough to say yes. what are you afraid of? the worst thing that can happen is you get nearly $400 if professional makeup and skin care for $169. change your life. #sayyestoyourself #getpaidyourworth #limelightbyalcone #limelight #limelife #canada #makeupcanada #vegan #organic #leapingbunny #crueltyfree
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Cathy Crocker
Fact: eu (european union) has over 2,000 banned ingredients that cannot be put in their skincare, cosmetics , haircare and personal care items because they are deemed carcinogenic .. (meaning can cause cancer, birth defects, hormonal imbalance. to name a few) over 2,000!! the us....under 20!! what’s wrong with this picture? fact:: limelight by alcone is compliant to the eu standards!! #allnaturalskincare #onlythebest #limelightbyalcone #jonme #yourbeautybutterfly
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Jessica Hunt
These blush shades are love. “alive” is by far my favorite (bottom shade.) • • • #limelightbyalcone #limelightbeautyguide #limelight #limelightcanada #professionalcosmetics #celebritymakeup #celebritymakeupartist #worldclass
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D.C. Makeup & Hair Artist
Somehow, god has kept me in great favor in spite of my mistakes, my disobedience and my fears. there has been times when i clearly heard god speak to me and i’ve chosen to follow my own desires instead of trusting that there was a better plan on the other side of my own understandings. today, i’m taking a moment to praise my maker for every opportunity i get to smile like this! when you realize your life has been preserved in spite of your faults, you’ll act differently and you’ll speak with eloquence so other’s might witness god’s grace. your past doesn’t matter! god will use your mess and make it something beautiful for the world to see. #beautyforashes • • • πŸ“· @kaleiddoscope
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Jessica Hunt
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Self-Care Blog | Steph Thorne
Catch me in about an hour (6pm et) for our next live show of enriched life radio on anchor. . today we are talking about personal development books and some of my fave reads! [link in bio]
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Christy Harrell
So much excitement to share! danessa myricks is limelight’s next celebrity makeup artist collaboration!!! she is a maverick in the beauty world! i cannot wait to see what she is bringing to limelight!! #celebritymakeupartist #womenofcolor #womenofcolormakeup #canadamakeupartist #limelightbyalcone #beauty #limelife #danessamyricks #makeupcollaboration
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It's my 1st anniversary with @limelightalcone! i can't believe it's been a year and i couldn't be more thankful to michele and madison for their vision and creating a way for so many to provide for their families through entrepreneurship and for jacob and the corporate team for your authenticity, coaching encouragement. a huge thanks to my family and friends for your continued support in my business and for shopping with me, commenting on my posts, or referring me to others. it all means so much! ❀️
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Audrey Taylor
This #eyeshadow palette isn’t scary after all! check out my video story to see why...yes, i made purple! 😊❀️ . . #makeup #makeupfun #eyeshadowpalette #lottiestannard #limelightbyalcone #makeupaddict #makeuplover #usewhattheprosuse
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Bare metalsπŸ€— link in the profile! #limelightbyalcone #eyes #eyeshadow #makeup
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