Marissa Koeneke
8 minutes ago
marlimelight I believe this like no other!!!! growing up i didn’t have major break outs so i didn’t think i need to care for my skin. i’m regretting this now. take care of your skin!!! #limelightbyalcone #aging #bossmom #wrinkles #finelines
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Suzanne Klingemann
23 minutes ago
suzkling Birthday dinner with our girl who turned 15 today! 💖at dinner we shared what we love and appreciate about her. and she shared her #goals - like attending stanford when she goes off to college! 💫dream big and go do what it takes - i love a girl who is fearless and confident. 🙌🏼she's way more worldly than i was at 15! #maker #dreamer #birthdaygirl
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12 minutes ago
viviandiz Must dew face oil palmarose oil & 🌻 oil *for all skin types calming face oil that consists of vegetable and therapeutic essential oils that restore, refresh, and protect skin cells. schisandra fruit extract - reduces over-active cell turnover, which can leave skin dry and inflamed. i seriously can’t live without this stuff 🙌🏼 #limelightbyalcone #mustdew #faceoil #skincare
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23 minutes ago
stefintothelight This is shelby’s hand. after three weeks of wearing her cast, her skin was so very dry. i used a little bit of #scrubtini on her arm. the dead skin came right off. scrubtini is a moisturizing sugar scrub made with v****n coconut oil, shea and olive butters, and lemon verbena oil. it smells like lemon heaven. and shelby loved it so much she made me do her other arm and her legs! it’s a gentle exfoliation so i was super confident in using it on her precious skin!! #stefintothelight #limelightbyalcone #🍋 #natural #skincare #organic #ingredients #leapingbunnycertified
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24 minutes ago
jessicajanemancini Congratulations sandra! i knew since i met you that i wanted to work with you; intelligent, kind, beautiful, and many more amazing attributes. we are honored to have you as a leader on our team and i look forward to expanding internationally with you. you exemplify what it means to be a #limelightbyalcone beauty guide. if anyone is in the dallas, texas area or would like to learn more about our products or business, reach out to sandra to learn more. 💫 #bethechange #allnaturalskincare #professionalmakeup #insideoutbeauty
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McKinzee Jo Malan
29 minutes ago
tatedcountrygirl17 These results seriously speak for themselves!!! even the 50% pigmentation in the foundation! i figured you were tired of seeing my face so i wanted to show you even more amazing results then my own!!! #limelightbyalcone #amazing www.limelightbyalcone.com/mckinzeemalan like👍🏻 comment 🤳🏻 share 🗣 follow me on all social media facebook 👤 mckinzee jo malan snapchat 👻 kinzeej17 insta 📸 tatedcountrygirl17
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Makeup/Hair with MEJ
29 minutes ago
makeuphairwithmej No experience necessary! we have every training you can think of online and in person. you can do this if you want to. you can totally change your life. if that’s what you want here is your opportunity. and if your willing to give us the chance to help you succeed and willing to work you can do it. i’m here to help you. and so are so many others. limelight by alcone is an amazing company and family. #businesssuccess #bossbabes #limelightbyalcone #malloryejohnson #yourworthit #makethechange
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Shoni B.🐝
30 minutes ago
alaunspa Stay true to your regimen! that's the only way you'll know if your products work❤️ 80% of your skins health is a result of what you do at home. be consistent❤️ 😘good night! #atlantabeauty #esthetician #msmobilemedispa #healthyskin #facials #isclinical #dreamclean #limelightbyalcone #activeserum #clearskin
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Tracy Jones
36 minutes ago
tracy__jones Awesome opportunity still waiting for you! message me for details!!!! #lightitup #limelightbyalcone #bamagirls
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Rhonda Oliver
39 minutes ago
rhonda_oliver1 Available now! oil strike perfect matte setting spray! the leading brand in makeup priming and finishing sprays made oil strike especially for limelight. you’re not going to find this amazing product anywhere else. 💪🏻 featuring patented temperature control technology. this spray is going to change your makeup game. if you struggle with oily skin like i do, this setting spray is worth every penny. i was given a confidential sample before it launched. hello matte, this stuff is amazing! you def need this spray in your collection. 😉 #hellomatte #settingspray #oilstrike #limelightbyalcone
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Mayda Rosario
47 minutes ago
stereosi3 *new product, everyone has been asking for this. for those who don't have oily skin we also have a finishing spray for you. ask me if you want to know more or go to my website. #limelightbyalcone #allnatural #nochemicals #lovelimelightbyalcone #mua
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Amy Reeves
51 minutes ago
reeves2187 Do you need a matte finishing spray that holds back oil, and keeps your makeup it place for up to 16 hours??!! say hello to oil strike!!!! #limelightbyalcone #finishingspray #hypoallegenic #oilfree #parabenfree #makeup #makeuplove #makeupjunkie #makeuplover #usewhattheprosuse #oilyskin
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