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#inktober day 16
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I'm falling | 4.

you stand there, mixing together buttercream frosting, for the yellow cake we decided to bake together.
i watch as you flick the hair out of your face, and twitch your nose when you take a taste, satisfied with the results, you smile.
a beautiful silhouette appears on the walls in the dim lighting we've made.
for once, i see myself with them too. merely a shadow, in your presence.
you blind me.
you're beautiful.
a picture, though frame crooked and paper torn, holds the prettiest scenery i've ever seen.
and in that moment i realise, in that moment of wafted vanilla scents and flickering warmth, in my eyes, you're perfect and i'm falling.
for the scenery you've managed to engrave in a heart so fond of loving.
in your boyish smirk, in your playful laughter, in your little lisp that makes me shudder.
i'm falling,
and i'm loving every minute of it.
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She thought the love was in spite of pain. he sought her, an acquisition, he only admired gain. she wanted to be his everything until it required change. short with each other, what conspires chain to lizard configurations. amygdala mazes. some of us don't wanna eat the foods that benefit in helping regulate mood, and soon what ensues is a tenement of doom. look what we livin' in? a web that grooms death through deception, confusion is what we're spinning in. ain't no point in starting if lies is what we're beginning with. our taste buds aren't refined, waste in our gut lining got us saying what's sweet is cinnamon; you getting hit with hints. so, appears we don't pay close attention to dimensions, a lesson on notes. oh, the accord, we only know more to be bored which feeds war, that shows we can't afford innovation. poor; a dull mind only seeks stimulation, a brain in deprivation; the simulation. observation, hearts aren't breaking, only synapses we be making from this matrix be the glass as fragile as the ample amount of accounts we bounce to. too busy with how-to's to see how to, and now jewels aren't dropped. forget that we must've forgot. selfish will blind fools in thinking we're not all we got like a plot of land can keep us further apart. a dot. silver spooned hues wooden understand. fall shows the leaves to a branch. people are much like leaves, they leave in convenience after receiving. unbeknownst, the most high(leaf) descends and tends to the soil, so no matter how elevated, it all coils into sundial. once in a while we discover what is cast out is, from whence we came, lives. from green leaf to brown, to decay, to a way back to dirt. shadows backwards. backwoods. culturally, we're still behaving as slaves to graves. we're dying to call each other n****s and bitches. hey, modern day. tongues from oppression operate. progression tells me i gotta wait. i guess being patient is the common state of us. an asylum we made of hugs. straitjacket teeth speak of truth. crazy, we label and categorize to manage size of identity to mention "we"; attention deficit; set of lists. entries. it's getting old. centuries. she thought. he sought. seesaw. politics:heehaw.
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Still working on ms grey. shes in her current x-men red outfit, but probably gonna repaint a few phoenix variants (green, red/dark, & white)
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Inktober day 16!
today's prompt was angular. i've wanted to try drawing this geometric / line art creatures. and as usual, i kept pushing it off. so what better day to try this than today? 😄😋 so i picked 4 of my favourite ones. in case it wasn't clear, i've attempted to draw a dog, a wolf, an owl, and a kingfisher. i love dogs and wolves 🖤 i also can't get owls out of my mind since i read all the crooked saints by maggie stiefvater, and there have been a couple of weird things that happened with owls since then. and the kingfisher, i miss my baby! so there's this place in front of my building, there is a spot where you can see a lot of birds and there was this cute little baby kingfisher that i always saw. and i haven't seen it in a while. also, coincidentally, i found out that my patronus is a kingfisher? like how cool is that?! 🖤
sorry about the long post guys. i appreciate anyone who read the whole thing 😂🖤 #inktober #inktober2018 #angular #lineart #geometricart #geometricanimals #geometricbirds #dog #wolf #owl #kingfisher #inkdrawing #fineliner #steadler #animals #birds #drawing #longpost #allthecrookedsaints #maggiestiefvater
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#inktober day 16/31...how i forgot that this is a thing, i voluntarily opted to do; i don't know.
super quick, super trash.
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