Loveyourlips(Jannel Casillas)
7 minutes ago
loveyourlipsbyjannel Finally tried our lipliner and i must say i am very pleasantly surprised how much i like it!! i've never worn lipliner before but once i heard other distributors rave about how amazing it was i had to try it for myself 👄👄 i'm also wearing the color plumeria(which i used to hate btw and have no clue why 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️) if you want to try this color along with one of our liners let me know!! . . . #plumeria #plumerialipsense #lipsense #neutrallinersense #linersense #silverglittergloss #loveyourlips #loveyourlipsbyjannel #smudgeproof #waterproof #kissproof #independentdistributor #senegence #senegenceskin #senegenceskincare #freshface #symmetry #highlight #naturallight #lipboss #bossbabe #bblogger #bbloggers #beautyblog #beautyblogger #mua #makeupartist #longlastinglipcolor #lipstickjunkie #sahm
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Amy Gwilt
9 minutes ago
amestarz89 ✨think i am a little bit addicted to #makeupacademy luxe’s range of velvet lip lacquers!! 🙌🏼💋 they do not smudge or budge and the colours are so pigmented they look fabulous 😍 colours left to right: iced marina symphonic kooky curious panache firecracker dash vivacity euphoria tranquillity harmony #lovemylipstick #lipstickaddicted #liquidlipstick #lipstickjunkie #makeupacademy #makeupacademyluxelipvelvet #makeupacademyluxe
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Couture Cosmetics
8 minutes ago
shop_coutureinc Red-y for the weekend 💋✨ lip shade: runway red-y
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Rosalyn Gonzales
25 minutes ago
mother__puckers My look for the day 💋 silver shimmer and onyx shadowsense for my eyes. of course i used onyx shadowsense for my eyeliner too, cause it’s versatile like that 💁🏻 i wanted to go with a light lip look today. my friends helped me pick out this color. 2 layers of bombshell with 1 layer of praline rose topped with my fave pink glitter gloss 💋 have a great day peeps!
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Terrace 👑✨ (Ter-is)
11 minutes ago
terracecouture "gotta be faster than me to get to me" ➡️ focus on what yields more positivity, more productivity, & more profit 👑✨
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13 minutes ago
macah0lick Just getting these nudes ready...😏😏😂 ! if i have to be honest, out of the 20 lipsticks from the #macxnickiminaj collection, i kept 5, but that's just me...🤗 ! what nudes did you pick up or are picking up?! complete video with swatches and impressions is now on my channel, link in bio 💋 ! hope you're all having a great saturday, it's the weekend! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 ! xx
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ForeverLips 💋
21 minutes ago
foreverlipsut One of my co-workers was complaining about another beauty & makeup company the other day (not naming names 😜). the distributor was trying to push my co-worker to be on her team for an hour! listening to the story made me so grateful to be a senegence distributor. let me tell you a few reasons why.... 💋i'm not required to meet any type of sales per month quota. this means i can be a distributor just to get discounted product for myself, or sell to make money on the side. 💋i am encouraged by my #senesisters for any big or small victory in my business. 💋i can ask my team any question, any time, and i will have a plethora of incredible ladies there to help me. 💋my up line has the. biggest. heart. she is so willing to share her knowledge, tips, and insights. she leads by example and works her @$$ off. 💋if i do build a team, i am required to train them and help them succeed, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. 💋i am encouraged to share the senegence opportunity in a completely non-pushy, non-forceful way. that's actually frowned upon in senegence. 💋i'm actually not required to build a team. how little or how much i do with the business is completely up to me. 💋i get to sell makeup and beauty products (yes, senegence has waaaaay more than just lipsense) that are amazing! not only are the products incredible, but they are so good for you! i love this company!!! 💞💞💞
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