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"eleanor oliphant is completely fine" by gail honeyman
verdict: ❤❤🖤🖤🖤
(scroll for quotes ➡➡➡)
🔸plot: eleanor lives alone and wonders why everyone else is acting so strange. when she is befriended by a colleague, raymond, she starts trying out new things, but it doesn't take her long to return to the life of binge-drinking which almost gets her killed.
🔸this book talks about important topics such as alcoholism, loneliness, parental abuse and mental illness. however, the choice to let the main character narrate the story leads to several problems with writing style and the peculiar humor which arises from the gap between the reality and eleanor's lack of understanding of it.
🔸i usually love stories told by unreliable narrators, but in this case the incongruences between what is really going on and eleanor's interpretation are so blatant and obvious that i as a reader start doubting her intelligence. it almost feels like her chill attitude and earnest lack of understanding are supposed to create a comic effect. there are also too many repetitions of similar situations as if the author wants to hammer into us the fact that eleanor is just feeble minded.
🔸one positive fact: there's a cat in this book. scroll for the quote!
🔸the book would have everything to gain if it started "in medias res" or after the main events. maybe it would work better if it was told from the perspective of several narrators. my main beef though is the following: all the very serious issues like psychotherapy, alcoholism and parental abuse are touched upon very superficially, as an afterthought. friends can stop.you from binge-drinking! psychitherapy solves everything! hurray! problem solved!
🔸 basically it is a book for those who want to be able to say that they read about "serious issues", but who don't want to "waste" efforts on good literature.
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My 4 1/2 ⭐️ review is up at my blog (link in bio). here's a snippet because i'm too long-winded and insta cut me off.⠀

this is a dark, grueling, unflinching character study and tale of survival in a desolate landscape that will put you through the emotional meat grinder. it was fantastic in all the ways that count.⠀

a group of tourists travel to africa to experience the wild locale and the exotic animals and instead find themselves caught up in a living nightmare. this book takes its time setting up the story and the unrelenting horror that follows and instead dives deep into the characterization. so when the plot turn happens and the struggle to survive begins you are pretty well invested in some of the characters and have a better understand of the one’s you might not like all that much. these aren’t just bodies doing stuff, these are well rounded people with pasts. i’m nosy and love taking a deep dive into what makes people tick and it’s done very well in predators.⠀

if you’ve tuned out because you’re an action fan, stick with me because there’s plenty of it in the last half when the plot takes a bloody turn, desperate animals turn on man and it gets gory. author collings doesn’t shy away from the gruesome and isn’t afraid to push your face in it. but through it all the terrific characterization remains.⠀

the monsters are not supernatural but the terror is real. if a slower-paced, well-crafted book about doing what it takes to survive is your kind of thing, i think you’re really going to enjoy predators.⠀

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“then the sun came up and shook the night chill out of the air the way you'd shake a rug.”
- john steinbeck, cannery row
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Выступаем на годовщине "Литературной бессоницы" в доме Аксенова) #ЛитБес #бимрадио #поэзия #Казань #литература #стихи #литературныйвечер #poetry #домаксенова #literature #kazan
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A preliminary test design for the french poster of “the bride of frankenstein”. artist: rene peron. unfortunately to my knowledge, no known copies of this poster survive so this, with its modest size of 15 x 20 cm., is all we have. /// 1935 tarihli frankeştayn’ın gelini filminin fransa’daki gösteriminde kullanılan (160 x 240 cm.’lik) dev boy afişin orijinal maket tasarımı. sanatçı, rene peron. bu afişin, bilinen bir nüshası maalesef yok, dolayısıyla 15,50 x 20,50 cm.’lik bu minyatür çizim, elimizde tek olan şey. #thebrideoffrankenstein #universalhorror #horrorcinema #cinema #sinema #film #beyazperde #movie #frankenstein #maryshelley #literature #korkuedebiyatı #boriskarloff
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So hurricane leslie shut our energy down during the show, so we had to improvise and she caved.

always take the boat to shore.


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#asianstudies is an interdisciplinary minor for #cascowboys who would like to explore asian cultures and civilizations @okstateu. the minor offers a specialized course of study in asian cultures through #language, #history, #art, #philosophy, #literature, #religion, #politicalscience and #anthropology. of special note is the emphasis placed on foreign-language skills as a means of opening the texts, sources and traditions of asian cultures.
students are also encouraged to participate in a study-abroad program to experience the culture and to enhance language skills.
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У вас є автори, яких ви без тіні сумніву можете назвати улюбленими?

У мене їх п’ятеро. Дуже цікава компанія, як на мене. Відлюдник, емігрантка, король жахів, пацифіст та герцогиня детективів.

Я в захваті від Селінджера. Після кожного його твору відчувається wow-ефект, після якого тільки й думаєш, що ж він насправді хотів сказати, що це все означало. Після війни написав «Ловця у житі» - єдиний його роман, що зробив його над популярним. Та письменник боявся впливу слави, боявся стати таким, як Д.Б., тож решту свого життя вже нічого не видавав і жив собі спокійно у будинку посеред лісу.

Ще одна моя улюблена авторка – Айн Ренд. У приблизно 20 років вона емігрувала з Росії в Америку та вчила англійську з нуля. Уявіть собі, наскільки треба бути цілеспрямованою, щоб таки вивчити мову настільки досконало, аби згодом написати нею книгу, котра стане вкрай важливою в США. Принаймні це вже гідне поваги.

За нею йде Ремарк, через якого я взагалі полюбила класику. В його книгах багато алкоголю, любові, війни зі світом та з собою, відданої дружби, повій та емігрантів. Чоловік прожив 2 світові війни, а в Першій брав участь, про що написав неймовірну книгу «На Західному фронті без змін». У 30-их роках, з приходом Гітлера, небезпека чигала зусібіч – уряд не любив пацифістських настроїв автора, так що Ремарк був змушений тікати. Яка ж я рада, що йому таки вдалось пережити ті непрості часи і написати такі чудові книги.

Наступний – Стівен Кінг. Я дуже люблю Кінга, проте ніколи б не сказала, що я - кінгоманка. Читати його весь час зовсім не можу. Взимку читала «Зелену милю». Через півроку – «Кладовище домашніх тварин». Можливо, тому мені так заходить? Кінг створює жаскі та часом зубодробильні історії, в які віриш з першої до останньої сторінки.

І остання, та менш важлива – Агата Крісті. Вона також була на війні, працювала там медсестрою, що стало їй в нагоді при написанні книг. З воєнного досвіду ця жінка знала ледь не все про те, що може отруїти людський організм. А це – найбільш поширений спосіб вбивства у її книгах.

Така от компанія. А хто ваші 5 улюблених письменників?
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A @maeliteratura já leu “adulta sim, madura nem sempre”, da @cafremder, e amoooou!
#repost @maeliteratura
olá queridos leitores
hoje trago para vocês a resenha do livro adulta sim, madura nem sempre, da @cafremder, lançamento da @editoraparalela , @companhiadasletras.
eu gosto muito de ler livros sobre maternidade e os leio desde antes de ficar grávida. costumo aprender com eles e eles sempre me chamam a atenção. quando soube deste lançamento da paralela, corri para solicitar a prova antecipada, imaginando que fosse curtir. resultado, não só curti, simplesmente adorei este livro!

adulta sim, madura nem sempre foi a leitura mais divertida, sincera e realista que li sobre maternidade nos últimos tempos. a escrita da camila é ótima, a leitura é fluida e me peguei chorando de rir em vários trechos do livro. que de-lí-cia de livro!

camila fala sobre as dores e as delícias da maternidade de forma leve, despretensiosa e muito autêntica. concordo e me identifico com suas impressões e acho que esta é a grande sacada do livro. as futuras mamães, as que já estão com seus bebês nos braços, as que têm filho grandes (meu caso) se identificarão com as situações vivenciadas pela autora.

o lado menos cor de rosa, mais punk da maternidade, as dúvidas, os estranhamentos, as reflexões estão aqui, neste livro curtinho, mas intenso. 
o post completo você encontra no blog. link na bio. espero vocês!! ❤📚❤📚❤
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Yambo sabe lavar os dentes, mas não reconhece a mulher, nem as filhas. descobre que a sua empregada na loja, sibilla, é lindíssima e desperta algo nele, mas não sabe afirmar se algum dia tiveram algo, o que o perturba. queixa-se à mulher sobre ter uma memória "de papel", de enciclopédia, de livros, apenas, que lhe surge em pedaços. eventualmente, volta à casa onde passou grande parte da sua infância e juventude, solara, na companhia dos pais e do avô, de quem também não se lembra, na esperança de encontrar algo que reconstrua a pessoa em quem ele se tinha tornado.

mais no blog.

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