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So i’ve failed to mention earlier that i’m currently a part of a very cool project. you all know my love for and deep belief in improvisation, which is why i was so excited when @dancingcards reached out to me a little while ago! they’re an app/platform that provides improv tasks and ideas in order to train this skill the same way you might self-train in technique. i’m contributing a handful of tasks, a couple of which are already live, related to dancing and text. check it out, dancer/creative/artist friends. 🤗💃📖 (by the way i feel like i should mention that this post is not sponsored, i’m just excited about this collaboration).
also, because i’ve been talking so much about improv lately, i’d love to hear from you guys. how do you improvise in your work/daily life? what is improvisation for you?
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🎉 the happiest
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Hey everyone! i’m jackie. i live in north carolina, i am an accountant and addicted-as many of you to all things happy planner. i work full time, i have two semesters left of school and i am currently working on a youtube channel, luxstoriesandplans. i am a police officer’s wife, a doxie mom, and an absolutely crazy person. i like long laughs on my couch and playing board games with my game addicted husband. white space planning is my absolute fav but i truly appreciate all types of spreads! go ahead and tell me about yourself, and tag your other planner besties! this post was inspired by @plan_with_dani who is an absolute angel, and brought so much love to the planner community! •

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Toying with light
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Is in love with #baltamore ♥️
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Make today count! 💪💥
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Bird is most certainly the word ✌🏼. tomorrow 9.30am, be there or bee (😉🐝)totally square.
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These gorgeous little things to start the weekend 💕 have a beautiful evening and weekend, friends 😘😘#pinkroses #lovelovelove #beverlysblooms
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#pinkjesus will be watching you @peterceredigevanspaint 😝.. 🙈
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Struggling to maintain my green insta theme thanks to the heat of dubai (shoutout to summer) so here’s a picture of a window in trinity that looks a bit like something out of the magic faraway tree 🌲
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Les liens
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