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One of my favorite places to visit in the fall. 🍂
sadly had to cancel my reservation this year, as camping for 2 nights with a newly broken ankle didn’t seem like the best idea. think sleeping in a sleeping bag in a moon-boot and trying to get in/out of a tent on crutches potentially in fresh snow 😅 recipe for disaster! i mean spending my days sitting on the lake shore and inside the day shelter eating all the carrot cake (best ever!) didn’t sound bad at all. but taking a spot away from someone else better able to enjoy the area than me right now didn’t seem fair either. so hopefully someone out there got lucky with a last minute cancellation, you’re welcome 😉
photo by @mddyelrck
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Because it’s sunday, and it’s been a while 🤳
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Quiet mornings ❄️ @lyesk
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“even cows need cooling 🐮💦”
photo & caption by @marcoschnyder
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For a week we‘ve already been home, but we‘re still dreaming of those landscapes in the north. we already have edited so many photos and will show them you the next few weeks!
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