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I had a dream • that you were mine • i had that dream • a thousand times #adam #adamdriver #adamsackler #adamdrivershair #loganlucky #clydelogan #kyloren #bensolo #girlshbo #starwars
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Never let other people's pettiness and hate bring you down. you know your own truth about who you are and thats the only opinion that matters. #sebastianstan #buckybarnes #winterschildren #loganlucky #daytonwhite #romanianprince #loveyourself #donthate #shakeitoff #bestrong.
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So here’s a thing:
obviously everyone is talking about what happened at comic con with @tomholland2013 @imsebastianstan and anthony, and i just kind of want to put my input on the situation. it was uncalled for the two girls, especially the individual to say what they said. they should’ve known better. what they said was a massive no no, but extending onto the situation - yes i agree that it was disrespectful and disgusting but what also is, is the death threats and hateful comments that they are receiving. it is just as bad as their comment. no one should have the audacity to say those harmful things. before y’all start jumping to conclusions; obviously the standom is going to lash at her, protect sebastian and it will go viral but death threats are not needed. this fandom is getting out of hand.
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* jeff gillooly voice * the incident. -
no but for real tho the girls who were rude to seb anthony and tom were horrible, yeah, but there’s so many good stories from this weekend that we’re overlooking because of the unkind actions of a small majority of fans! i’ve got a lot of pics to post tomorrow , and if you met seb or have any cool photo ops from the weekend please dm me! i really don’t want to see the fan base become toxic πŸ’–
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Sebastian via instagram stories!
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Squad goals!
24th june 2018: sebastian at comic con via β€ͺ@/khaleessi_101‬ on twitter!
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Starting off with seb’s favourite tweet
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Swipe for the video of this headass i love him
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These queens sent me their photo ops, i love them allπŸ’›
24th june 2018: sebastian with @madricehat @getm0neygetpaid @misty_isabella at comic con!
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