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I’ve been looking forward to this hike. herman creek recently reopened after last summer’s fires shut down every trail on the oregon side of the famous columbia river gorge. experiencing the aftermath with this group was humbling and confusing, but also joyous and hopeful. we all agreed: it was sad, but i also found we couldn’t talk about the damage without also talking about the still-beating life of these woods. the metaphors came easy as i watched my beautiful crew, so tiny yet mighty, under the tall tall so-very-alive trees. this trek was healing.
major thank yous to @nextadventure for supporting the hell out of unlikely hikers! they’re the best!
thank you to @regrained for the awesome snacks! regrained is leading the #edibleupcycling movement by transforming nutritious byproducts into delicious snacks!
location: herman creek, oregon #hermancreek ancestral land of the chinnook, klickitat+.
series: general - more than 5 miles, more than 500 feet elevation gain. we offer three different hiking series to suit your unique needs. read more about them and find out about upcoming hikes on the blog (linked in profile)!
tag #unlikelyhikers or #unlikelyhiker to be featured!
[image description: 10 photos. 1 - group photo on bridge surrounded by lush wet trees. 2 - group walks on exposed slope into forest with leaves beginning to change. 3 - group walks under recently burned trees. 4 - extremely burnt old growth snag against trail. 5 - group walks carefully over rocks on exposed slope. 6 - famous pct marker on tree off trail. 7 - shot of fall trees and evergreens on rock slope. 8 - hand holding little pine cone with tiny mushrooms growing. 9 - shot of basalt columns and layers high above trail. 10 - two hikers being silly while eating energy bars. one hiker wearing hat that says “eat beer.”]
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We can’t control the emotions we feel but we can control how we respond to them. a lot of negativities lately but choosing to be thankful for what i do have.
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When we are caught in the diet/binge or emotional eating cycle - we are just moving from one avoidance strategy to another.  connecting with of our feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones is a key step to breaking the cycle and reducing our emotional eating
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😂 this is really how i have been feeling since day #17 of #septemberwhole30, i found out from the @wholemama and @whole30 group that this phase of the #whole30 process is called #tigerblood you literally feel infused with #joy and a sense of #limitless #power.😎
quick re-introduction for first time readers...this is important because you are talking to a lady who for years... yes years, could barely get out of bed, i struggled with undisclosed #depression. i felt so ashamed and alone it took me almost 2 years before confessing how i felt to my husband, then closest friends.
its been almost a year since i sought counselling that guided me in the direction of #selflove❤️and critical to that selflove is finding my voice... such a distance has grown between me and my husband because i have not been open and honest about my true feelings ... i was too tired to fight ... for me ... or for us ... my low self esteem had always made me avoid conflict ... my depression made this even worse as i brooded over my resentment and blamed him for so many things.
now back to #tigerblood ... on the morning of day #17 hubby and i had a huge fight because i chose to voice my feelings about something i had been holding back for a long time and that i feel very strongly about...
before selflove i would not have spoken up.... before #septemberwhole30 i certainly would not have had the physical energy and stable mood to: a. stand my ground b. not let it crush me for the rest of the day or c. later in the day come up with a process that allowed us both to calm down and agree on a way forward ...
get #strongandheathly for you, not for a number on a scale... not for society and their photoshopped b******t blindness .... for you because you deserve to feel #worthy and #strong, you deserve to experience #tigerblood and make your special mark on the world ❤️
#selfloveisthebestlove #likeyourselffirst #losehatenotweight #itstartswithfood
south african depression and anxiety group 24hr helpline 0800 12 13 14
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What do you think of my username change?? 👌
yesterday was a really amazing day for me. i accomplished something that i never thought i could. even the day before my 10km race, i had serious doubts about my ability to finish it (let alone finish with a half decent time). i’m really proud of myself and my body. ❤️
now it’s made me realize that i want more. i want to push myself further and see what else my body can do. i don’t think i’ll be running a half marathon anytime soon, but i’m going to set the tentative goal for two years from now. in 2020, i am going to come back to banff and run the half marathon. 💪
fyi i took these pictures in the hotel in banff the night before my 10km. my mom kept telling me to “look cool” as she took the photos... as my pal @abeerbear knows, i only have one photo look… awkward. 😎
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Diets are a band-aid solution because they don’t get to the root cause of the problem.

in fact, the diet industry purposely sets you up for failure, so they can keep making money off of you ( it's a $30 billion a year industry. #yikes)

truth bomb: you're not broken. the diet industry is.
health should really be about healing from the inside out.

and getting to the core of the problem and working through it.
i want to teach you how to love every inch of your body.

to nourish her with food. to understand, trust and honour her needs.

so if you’ve been thinking about joining the sisterhood (that shows you how it's possible to have a healthy, satisfying and guilt-free relationship with your body!) now is the time!!! i don’t wanna see you hanging out here for yet another year stuck in the same place.

you might be scared of failing-- that’s normal.

you might be worried it won’t work -- also normal.

you might just be so stuck that you sort of assume that you’ll be struggling with this for the rest of your life. also very normal.

but you know what they say -- what you resist, persists!

sfs is the opposite of resist!
you'll be guided on how to rewrite your relationship with food from day 1 and you'll have no choice but to move forward (finally!) and i promise you, if food has become loud, it's gotten loud for a reason.

so let it be your teacher to help you uncover what's going on underneath all this disconnected eating!

also -- i don’t want you to miss out and have to pay the full price later (you could use that $200 for so many other things!) so hit the link in my bio like you mean it to claim those $200 savings off of soul food sisterhood now! 💗🙌🏼 they will be going ✨poof✨ at midnight tonight!
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Long layover so i came to the mall and found this shirt at @torridfashion. there are skulls in the flowers 😍💀💐
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Sometimes the best photos are completely candid and thankfully i have a husband who love candid photos. photos of myself putting my sweater back on are better and more natural than posing for an outfit of the day post. it’s so nice to be able to look at a non-posed photo and like what i see.
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This is your reminder to breathe. stop holding in your stomach. stop sitting forward to hide your rolls. let your stomach show, allow yourself to feel more comfortable. our bellies aren’t meant for hiding. they need love. #fatbabe #fatpositive #tattooedfatbabe #losehatenotweight #riotsnotdiets #antidietriotclub #fuckdietculture #effyourbeautystandards #notyourfetish #notyourbeforepicture #fuckflattering #horribleinternetfatgirls #deafbabe #plussize #plussizepositive #embraceyourself #stopshame #honormycurves #thickthighsthinpatience #bellylove #fatgirlflow #takeupspace #fatgirlflowfam #fatgirlscan
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Apparently i've got a big zit... i don't know what i'd do if i didn't take my daily selfies. i didn't notice this when i was putting on my lipstick and mascara this morning. and again my glasses are foiling my selfie game with reflections galore. how am i supposed to both see and have my eyes be seen?
#fuckflattering #sorrynotsorrysept #365feministselfie #fatpower #losehatenotweight #bodypositive #bodyacceptance #riotsnotdiets  #fatpositive #bodypeace #bodyconfidence #radicalselfacceptance #bodyneutrality #30fatandfab #fatvanity #selfloveclub #fatandfree #donthatetheweight #embracethesquish #fatgirlscan #alternativecurves #fatoutloud #rebelliousselflove  #unapologeticallyfat #fattymcfatpants
#fibromyalgia #chronicpain #spoonie
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Full of ill, so empty of the important words.
i’ve just listed this sketchbook page for sale on my etsy. it’s a3 and a bargain.
embellished with watercolour washes and gold ink. some process vids in stories, etsy link in bio 🖤
#womenofillustration #femaleartist #draweveryday #drawdrawdraw #supportartists #feministart #plussizeart #bodypositiveart #bopo #bodyposi #fatpositive #selflovejourney #vbo #takeupspace #losehatenotweight #lifteachotherup #lifedrawing #feministasfuck #girlboss #loveyourself #bodypainting #allbodiesaregoodbodies #youareloved #goddessrising #femalesarestrongashell #affordableart #sketchbookart #creatives #watercolourart #instartist
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Those sweet, sweet early bird savings for soul food sisterhood: 3-months to food freedom will be going *poof* as of sunday at the s****e of midnight. ⌛️ run, don’t walk!
link in bio to claim your $200 savings 💜
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It’s almost a default of being a woman that we are constantly trying to lose weight, or at least to not gain weight. this fear often leads us to treat our bodies poorly - to ignore our hunger and cravings, to severely restrict what we’ll consume, and to over exercise, with the goal of shrinking our bodies. and we’re told that weight loss and having a lower bmi is necessary for good health, so we view this deprivation and stress on the body as healthy, virtuous behaviour.
but what if you believed that your body didn’t need to be managed? what if you weren’t afraid of gaining weight? how would you treat your body differently? if you took weight off the table, would you nourish your body differently? would you choose only movement you enjoy, or let your body rest more?
fear of gaining weight is normal in our f*t phobic society. but it’s causing us to hate our bodies, and to punish them for not conforming. i believe that when we take weight out of the equation we’re able to take much better care of our bodies, and our mental and emotional health.
#disorderedeatingrecovery #haes #intuitiveeating #antidiet #ditchthediet #nourishnotpunish #nondiet #healthateverysize #foodfreedom #bodyacceptance #bodyliberation #bodyneutral #health #wellness #honoryourbody #selfcare #selflove #positivebodyimage #losehatenotweight
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Aye, if you say you support womxn but only care about womxn you “find attractive”, you ain’t shit. stop reporting f*t bodies. •

#repost @bigmomma_kiki_ ・・・
people who dont follow be creeping and reporting my pictures. alot of y'all who dont use instagram like be feeling some type of way. alot of y'all who follow me seem to have a problem with me sharing my body the way that i do.
@instagram you allow women with smaller figure post up pictures and videos of them showing the same amount of body if not worse than me and i dont see any of it getting flagged or taken down. also it's a shame i have to get blocked for hours when you allow videos of children smoking, drinking, fighting etc.
#bignbeautiful #bbw #improudofme #nude #malibu
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Intuitive eating used to be like narnia to me 😂
this magical fantasy land of freedom...
i just didn’t understand the concept of “listening to my body”. 🤷🏻‍♀️
come on, i would think, my body only ever asks for chips, salsa and chocolate cake! 🤪
this is what i used to think:
“maybe i can give this a try once i lose the weight for good and get my eating under control!” 🙉
well, i hate to break it to you, past-rini, intuitive eating doesn’t work if you first deprive yourself and then expect your body to magically balance out hunger- and fullness. 🙈
here is what happens if you try intuitive eating while your main focus is still weight loss:
you will still be obsessed with food, calories and your body. 🍕
you will still micromanage your food intake, instead of letting your body figure it out over time. 🤯
you will still be completely disconnected from your body’s natural cues. 😐
only when you stop focusing on changing your body will this truly work for you.
pinky promise 😚
your body may or may not change doing this, but you will feel free and liberated either way. 🙌🏻
where are you currently at in your journey?
how do you feel about intuitive eating?
i’d love to hear your thoughts below! 👇🏼
#intuitiveeating #healthynothungry
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From day one i'm getting a lot of comments and messages from men. i know what they were thinking before sending that message. so i just wanna give all those men a clean and clear message that my body is not to please you.
#nottopleaseyou at by beautiful @marcelailustra
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You know how 'they' say, when you are living in your purpose you will experience a sense of flow? that things will start to unfold and opportunities will present themselves?
i am a believer.
as i become ever more grounded in my purpose for being on this planet - to embody grace - i am met with opportunities i never imagined.
i am so very grateful. i am grateful for collaboration, community, creativity, passion and vision. i am grateful for support, faith and inspiration.
returning to university, advocacy projects, book club and art projects have all opened me up to my passion and purpose with a new level of excitement and enthusiasm.
as my life expands i am reminded of how important it is to stick to my daily rituals- eating being primary.
as i sit down to my oatmeal and tea i am allowing bliss and gratitude to envelop me.
if you have read this far, thank you for being here 💖
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