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I may have a little less energy than maisy on this monday morning. who else is going to surpass their normal intake of coffee today besides me?
model: @audrey_ricks_photo rescue dog maisy
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when the lord of all things - big and small leaves bombay to go back, all of the city comes down on the streets to bid goodbye.
the family has for years been a part of this amazing culture of this city ! and now annika eagerly looks forward to this day each year for she gets to see all the colorful gampi bappas and gets to hog on her favourite modaks. πŸ˜‹ .
last nite, perched on her nana's shoulder, as she said buh-bye to all the ones we passed on the streets, i realised it's a tradition that had been unassumingly passed on to her little heart and embraced with as much luv and happiness as i have felt thru this festival. so dear ganpati bappa, pudhchya varshi lavkar ya ! for a is waiting ! 🌺🌺🌺
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Weekend joy! πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€#dontbemean
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#daughtergoals !! evie was worried i looked like i had no hair so she held it up for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
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Thirty six weeks (+6 days)

i read an amazing article about the changes in the maternal brain following pregnancy, childbirth, and mothering. how the changes are so dramatic pre child, to post child, that they can actually differentiate between the functional mris of these two groups of women. and whilst i was amazed at the outcomes, i can’t say i was altogether too shocked. because i feel like every part of me is changed; altered. like there is a definitive line between the before and the after. no part untouched. like the old me is just a fleeting memory that the new me sees as a long lost face in a crowd - not sure where to situate it in context of time or place. i understand now, how people say they loose themselves. because there’s not a lot left that could resemble the me of before; i’m like a landscape altered by fault lines given way beneath the earths surface. and it’s jarringly terrifying, but also beautifully surreal in its reality. i’ve become somewhat less so self assured, more vulnerable, softer, more tender and loving; more staggeringly aware of the fragility of this life; but also more unapologetically ruthless in what i’ll allow, for me, and for mine; fierce in what and how i will give my time; merciless in doing whatever it takes to keep mine safe; and gentler in my awareness that there is a “mine” for me to nurture. and whilst some days i seem almost unrecognisable to myself, i’ve become more of myself than i’ve ever been before. it’s a gift and an awakening. an evolution. from woman to mother. brain forever changed. heart forever hostage. all because of one little boy. and i wouldn’t change a thing. πŸ’™
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Post rugby fuel by my boy; apple & cherry pie with custard. πŸŽπŸ’πŸ₯§ perfect sunday afternoon pudding. looking forward to burning it off reaching for the remote control from the sofa for the rest of the afternoon. morning of kids tv in bed followed by an afternoon of movies on the sofa. absolute beast of a sunday πŸ‘ #slowlane #restandrelax
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Walks at the wetlands.

would love to do this today but... it's rather wet.

it's the first day of autumn, a day for grazing, card games, lego and netflix.
what are your sunday plans? 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁
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You're so precious.
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This was our 7 o’clock this morning, i was getting dressed and straightening my hair, daddy was getting ready for a day out with my twin brothers quad biking. whilst we’re getting ready paisley was watching a bit of peppa pig on my phone and i propped peightyn up with a pillow after her morning feed because she was wide awake bless her! happy sunday everyone, i hope you all had/ get the lie in you were hoping for because we certainly didn’t 🀣 #capturedmoments #parentblogger #parenthood #parenting #parentlife #theordinarymoments #happylittlebuttons #developinglife #candidchildhood #heartfluttermoments #mbloggers #capturingtheday #whatevertheweather #preciousmoments #mytinymoments #amomentinmotherhood #treasuringlittlemoments #dailyparenting #celebratingmotherhood #motherhoodalive #thisismysmile #mumofgirls #dadofgirls #babiesofinstagram #toddlersofinstagram #lovelookslikethis #familynatureclub #myfamily #familylove
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Love #❀️#πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
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Beethoven in the air, by the pound priced thrifting, and the best pizza ever. 🌻 how are you spending your saturday? #littlejoysbyfy (ps workin real hard to make this cozy corner into a studio space because y’all. this light. actual magic. ✨)
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Lots of fun planting jesus’s fall gardens today! 🀩🌺🌸❀️😁#lovelookslikethis #jesusisworthit #loveyourneighbor #wwg #restoration
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C o f f e e & c a k e - took my eldest out for coffee β˜• and cake 🍰 this afternoon @marksandspencer the awesome rainbow cake was his...i may have tasted it though πŸ˜‰ #cake #coffeelover
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