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Just crossed the border back into scotland after a hectic weekend of epic weddings, overeating and overtired kids. here’s #asundaycarpic to celebrate, with @edinburghcastle photobombing as usual. bonus points if you can identify the πŸš— // #theprettycities #thisisedinburgh
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It was a great night for a bonfire last night
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Welcome to edinburgh ~ greyfriars bobby 🐢 remember though ... don’t touch his nose... poor wee thing has a really bad cold!!!.

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Summer is here! that means one thing: salads. here we have our vegan rice noodle salad with lime, soy and sesame dressing. props to the chef and photographer, @whatdusksaw and @patrycjazych. πŸ˜‰ our daily salads are served from 12pm.
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