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This is not some picture i forgot to post, say “hello” to the parcel i’ve been waiting since 30th of may❗️ god knows where it’s been and what it’s seen for 47 days πŸ˜‘
surprisingly nothing melted, but #wasabishankui missing quite big amount and i don’t see any signs of leakage which is really strange πŸ€”
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That bubble though 🌝 .
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Product inventor @shearsgary has just shared an exclusive peak at some exciting, exclusive new shower gels coming online only soon...
which one will you be buying?
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I promised to share this photo around the end of january, & for good reason i've been putting it off. ive finally starting some spring cleaning and knew i had to organize my unhealthy bath bomb stash sooner or later.

here is my bath bomb & bubble bar stash to date.
i already slowed down, but i now 100% have decided that i need to go through a large percentage of my stash before i continue to purchase any large orders again. i already took a step back from lush to explore more indie brands, and have been spending far less money doing so, and have been happier with my purchases!

so ill leave this here as a reminder to put purchases on hold so i can enjoy what i have before any of it begins to go out of date.
vendors in my stash:
@lush @lush cosmetics @madbearbeauty
@greengoddessbath @thesweetsoaperie @soakfizzandbubbles @magpiebathbombs @wwfco
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Café vibes tonight! what’s your go to coffee order?! β˜•οΈ πŸ’›
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Figured it was time to get back into my regular content. i filmed in natural lighting today thinking i would enjoy it more, however i much prefer my old lighting and set up. oh well! ya live and ya learn 🀷🏼‍♀️
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