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Dessert for the night • spicy shaker fries 🍟 #mcdonalds #seasoning #spicy #shakerfries #sydney #instafood #igdaily #igfood #maccas #fries #instafoodie
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Peri peri shake shake fries holy c**p #notquitenandos #mymouthisonfiyah #maccas
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We heard the icecream machine was broken so we brought a cow
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Well complete indulgence, ben's birthday so he was allowed to choose what we eat for dinner, plus plants vs zombies cake (thanks pop for the figurines)
benny said he feels older and just wants to continuing fun! happy birthday bubba xox πŸ’•

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Praying there are some chicken nuggets in that bag you’re carrying with my name on them #tot #nugget #treat #snacktime #slobber #maccas #tongueouttuesday #yummy #bullmastiffsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram
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Mcdonald's spicy nuggets

what an age we live in! the world is over 4 and a half billion years old and we are lucky enough to exist at the same time as the "great nugget war" between mcdonald's and kfc. mcdonald's released 24 nuggets for $10 so kfc quickly followed suit. kfc released a spicy version of their nuggets, so mcdonald's came in and said "fuck those guys!" and released their own spicy nugget. and the only people that benefit from this crazy war is us: the nugget consuming public. oh and probably mcdonald's and kfc too...i guess. but how do mcdonald's spicy nuggets stack up in a world already overflowing with so many other nuggets?

pretty good actually. they've got the same crunchy texture and good taste that mcdonald's nuggets are known for, but they feature little chilli flakes in the coating which adds just the right amount of spice to let you know it's there, without burning your a**s to smithereens. but the real hero here is the optional buffalo sauce (should be mandatory really) that these come with. that stuff is to die for! and it's actually spicier than the spicy nuggets! of course, you can pick whatever non-spicy sauce you want. go ahead and get the garlic aioli if you wish, but you may as well get yourself a cup of concrete to go with it because you're gonna need to harden the f**k up.

anyway, these are only around for a short time so give em a go if you like a bit of spice in your life.

yeah. good.

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Mcdonald's appreciation post xx
shoutout to the truck on victoria road for exisiting / #maccas
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Guys i’m picking up aussie lingo.. my words will never be the same. #keen #heaps #cuppa #maccas #oi
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Sorry, i couldn't let this go...
this is perfection.
#maccas #mcdonalds 🍟
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