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I wonder if we are a little bit like tiny forest mushrooms (stick with me here!). if we are just part of nature i'm sure we may have a few similarities in our fight to survive 😉

there's that little bit of chance as to where we land ourselves and a little bit of how much effort we put in and a little bit of how our parent mushrooms passed on good-effort genes. a little bit of a race against our peers to be sure we don't lose the light we need when we're suddenly standing in another's shadow

but i wonder if there are mushrooms who say, it's ok...you can have that light, i don't mind..and mushrooms who say "i don't think i'm very good at growing" so just look back down at the mossy ground and others who say "i'm good at growing, this is how you grow tall...give me some of those nutrients and i'll show you how". up they fly

i have no idea about how mushrooms grow but i am very interested in why humans are the way they are

i'd like to shout out to all the instagram mushrooms out there who aren't growing quite how they want to

is that you? do you have an idea why that is? have you spent a lot of time helping others' growth whilst forgetting to tend to your own? do you think you're just not very good at growing? do you believe that a nextdoor mushroom must be better at growing because they're a little taller than you already. or listen to bold mushrooms attributing that height to their growing skills and tricks and not their particularly nutritious spot in the forest or other coincidental factors? any other thoughts?

ponder with me, fellow mushrooms! 😉
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Hibiscus (my garden pic).
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