Ryan Luera
3 minutes ago
ryan.luera What’s up everyone! how’s your night going? man, i am ready to go to town tomorrow 🦃 . let’s talk about stress because i have gone through a condition called adrenal fatigue a couple times in my life and want to give tips on how to help reduce it...it takes “time” to get adrenal fatigue but if you stress over a long period of time then this can happen. . stress is a normal part of everyday life. it may happen for a day, a week, a month or even for years. . if you feel like you’ve been stressing everyday for a while then this post could be very useful for you 🙏 . if i were to ask 10 people where their stress comes from, there will be a variety of answers like their children, family, work, finances, etc. whatever the case may be you want to find the root cause of it and be up front about it because over time you can hinder your body causing the stress hormone, cortisol, the number one health enemy for the body. . . it is known for years that elevated cortisol levels interfere with: ✅learning and memory ✅lower immune function and bone density ✅increase weight gain ✅blood pressure ✅cholesterol ✅heart disease ✅interfere with sleep . question: what can i do to reduce stress? ✅exercising ✅proper amount of sleep ✅mediate (quickest way) ✅eat healthier (more from the earth) ✅avoiding sugar and alcohol ✅surround yourself with positive people
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Crimson Creases ®
1 minute ago
tigerismypassword Cumin+cilantro roasted carrots // avocado // corn salad comprised w/ tomatoes, scallions, lime juice, cilantro, & the element of surprise - honey crisp apple. . this was to be a tostada dish, but i had eaten too many starches today, + with the corn, and the day ahead tomorrow, 🦃 i had it as a plated dish instead. . both acidic & earthy, 'fall,' & festive, it was actually better than i had conceived. and my body thanks me. . #fallfoods #mexican #food #newfood #finedining #finecuisine #luxurious #healthyliving #fitfam #veganeats #macros #healthyeating #eatclean #delicious #lifeguardlife #beautifullife 🌿
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Brian Molina
5 minutes ago
underdoggrising Last night i️ had the privilege to chill w @jennifer.garner and my good friend @maylencalienes at #caa for a private screening of #tribesofpalosverdes. 📺 sometimes i️ can’t believe how far life has taken me... and with hard #work and #focus i️ know this is just the beginning. #underdoggrising 🙌🏽 thanks jennifer you were so gracias and kind and had an absolute amazing performance! 👏🏽
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5 minutes ago
isfaithfityet Chicken bacon and avocado caesar again tonight! this meal is seriously so bomb i could eat it every day 🤤🥓🥗 swipe left to see the caesar dressing we use and macros! * i’m super allergic to soy and almost all salad dressing (except some caesars) has soybean oil in it, so i love that this brand is so delicious, great for macros, and soy free 🤗
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Colleen Nicole
6 minutes ago
ckrasich Happy thanksgiving eve, ya’ll 🦃 • • did you know the average person gains 8-10 pounds during the holidays? holidays are one day, one season, not a reason to stuff yourself like the turkey itself. however, it’s not about restriction, it’s about balance. • • if you’re like me, i always told myself “new year, new me”. well i’m over that line. why wait? why not start now and get ahead of that extra holiday weight sneaking up on you? • • we’re about to kick off our next accountability group - the last one of 2017 - and i would love for you to be a part of it! heathy holiday recipes, clean dinner meals, drinks, and more. • • want in? want the support of strong, loving, devoted women all working towards the same goals? comment below or leave your email (minus the .com) us, uk, and canada only 👊🏼
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55 minutes ago
strong_steady My aggressively over the top bundt cake masterpiece was a success 😎 cream cheese pound cake with a cheesecake filling and cinnamon streusel filling 😍. half is already gone 😂! if you haven't noticed i'm in full on family vacation mode rn ✌️ so won't be super present on media until sunday; so i'm gonna say a happy early turkey 🦃 day to all of you! 🙌❤️ and get ready because i'm posting the recipe for this bad boy in my story 📸 screenshots recommended 😉#bundtcake #pregamingthanksgiving
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Muscle Macros
5 minutes ago
macrosfoodtruck Details for our black friday special!! 💪💪💪💪 1. click the link in our bio ⬆⬆⬆⬆⬆ starting tomorrow. place your order by friday nov. 24th! cut off time will be at 12am midnight 🌙 2. select either our special package of 10 meals for $55.00, which will consist of 4oz protein, 4-6oz carbs and 1 serving of a healthy fat/veggie (more description will be provided on form) or place a custom meal prep order for 10% off! 3. select a pick up day (sunday, monday or tuesday) for the upcoming week 😊 orders must be placed by black friday to get this special offer! 🍴🚚 dm, text/call or email for more info! #musclemacrosfoodtruck #restartafterthanksgiving #mealprep #stayontrack #macros #gains
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Katelin Simons
9 minutes ago
katelinsimons Not gonna lie, instead of yummy thanksgiving food what i am really craving is rest these next couple of days. this time of year is so difficult for balance and finding time to workout and rest amidst work and the hectic nature of the season. this girl needs her routine!!! i am just off without it. so, i am self-prescribing a few days of getting back to my “normal”. what are you looking forward to most this holiday weekend?!
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Personal & Online Trainer
7 minutes ago
patty_be_more_ #throwback to ifbb nationals see what i did there? 😏😉 - aaaaaanyway.. that's me in the middle 💪🏽 #doughboy #bemore
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