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we here a lot about the 80/20 rule. here is what it looks like. note: the salad emoji represents whole foods like meats, veggies, nuts/seeds, and fruits.
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Farewells suck! ☀️so see you in la @alimagistrali ☀️
follow my friend as she moves to the west coast to start her own company @coachaliruns !!!
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I’d rather hustle 24/7 than s***e 9 to 5. 🔥
people often ask me why i chose the path of entrepreneurship and how i did it at such a young age. i did it all for one thing, freedom. entrepreneurship gave me the ability to do what i wanted when i wanted. even though you work more hours than most jobs, you put your efforts towards what you’re passionate about and you do it when you want to do it. this gives me the opportunity to work from anywhere i want. life is too short to be working for someone else’s dream.
entrepreneurship to me isn’t about the money or the title. it’s always been about the freedom for me. i worked a bunch of basic part time jobs during high school and i immediately know i couldn’t do this for the rest of my life. from there it didn’t matter what i did, i always knew i wouldn’t be working for anyone but myself.
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Shoutout to my client who invested in herself and decided she was ready for change!
swipe to see 2 week results! 🙌🏻
2 week results of weight training, metabolic conditioning, refocusing on hydration, and flexible eating!
my client took the step she needed in order to better herself! i know this wasn’t an easy decision. it hardly ever is. but she did it. she stepped out of her comfort zone and is kicking ass!! we are no where close to our final goal but we sure are making big improvements every week! this chick looks fantastic! 💪🏻
find it in yourself to take the next step and change.
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Roadblock on westminster bridge for #extinctionrebellion . a plea for immediate action, we are too late for 60% of animals that have become extinct in the last 60 years, but we can prevent a whole lot more suffering for all animals, including humans. our government need to take responsibility!! as a matter of extreme urgency. please, stand up for human rights, for equality, for kindness.
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Sir, you are the leader of the royal palm improvements association otherwise known as our #hoa. you also live here in our wonderful community. do you not drive the sames streets that we do? #beactive #makechange #improve #protect #guide #instruct #adoptnewprocedures #beconsistent #enforce #stayfocus
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Maternal journal is the mother artist zine i wrote the introduction for!!! @hughesbraden and @world_angel_style edited! it was months in the making ( not the one day zine we made at my zine workshop) and it's available @spiralboundbookfair in baltimore, this sunday!!! #motherartists #baltimore #zines #representation #childcare #makechange #art #artmomproject #marylandinstitutecollegeofart
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We had such a great evening at the 10x10 fundraising event hosted by @pwc_uk and put together by a wonderful committee of organisers. a pleasure to share a platform with two other amazing charities, @ourmala and educational charity team up.
everyone was wonderful and we had a fantastic time and would encourage you all to keep an eye out for future 10x10 events. they are fun, social and a great way to get a pool of money together to give to some amazing causes 🌟🌟🌟
#fundraising #events #socialimpact #addictions #eatingdisorder #philanthropy #corporatesocialresponsibility #mentalhealthawareness #makechange
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This quote was shared with me this week and it's really resonating with me. you can't keep doing the same things and expect a different outcome. whether it's in your career, home life or health and fitness in order to see a change you need to change what you are doing.
stop making excuse why you can't do something and start making excuses why you should. the holidays are upon and 2019 is just around the corner. don't wait for january 1st to make a change.... make the change today. the holidays are simply an excuse.
join me today in a health and fitness journey!
there is something for everyone!
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We need to start taking people by the content of their character and actions, stop going off looks, materials and start looking at mentality and ambition. wish mlk practiced what he preached. #gmpost #abwithit #itstheambition
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Everyone loves a good #mug for c£$"%&*^s (not willing to say it just yet)! i know we do and we have a great collection inndi - the little brother of @synolosuk , using #profit to #makechange
you know you want to click so why not!
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Use these next six weeks to set yourself up for success!

if you wanted to lose weight this year, but haven't, there's still time.

if you wanted to improve your health this year, but haven't, there's still time.

if you wanted to make some extra money at home or begin building a career that will get you out of a job you hate, there's still time.

don't let the next month and a half put you in a deeper hole. it's all up to you. you make your life what you want it to be!
take control!!!
#takecontrol #finishstrong #dowhatyouwant #makechange #makeithappennow #whywait #gethealthy #loseweightnow #feelbetter #doitnow
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Who’s overwhelmed by the mass amount of diet information out there?

yep raise your hand ✋! i see it too and it drives me crazy!

#1 - it’s information overload!

#2 - most of it is garbage!
#3 - most of it doesn’t even apply to you!

#4 - and worst of all - it makes you want to do nothing because it’s got you so overwhelmed that you don’t know which direction to go in so you don’t go anywhere!
do you know that you could get back to the basics of nutrition, not feel overwhelmed, see results and those results could stick for good! no more yo yo dieting?

all you need is 15 minutes to start! you got 15? i bet you do! talk 15 mins less on the phone, 15 mins less of tv, 15 mins less reading all that nutrition garbage, unrealistic promises, inaccurate information, terrible weight loss products!
someone just trusted me with their 15 minutes and they lost almost 10#’s the first month, have kept it off, have more energy, feel awesome, is more motivated and have more time with their kids!
stop going in circles. think about this....... #donewithdiets #eatrealfoods #weightlossjourney2018 #donthavetime #weightlossfoods #weightlossdiet #eatrightnotless #startnow #bingeeatingrecovery #healthyweightloss #triedeverything #itworksmom #tiredmama
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