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🌿Oksana Miro
Dear lily, though you no longer use your insta (and every day i wish you did) i know you will see this through www.instagram.com so i wanted to say thank you. i had no expectations for this trip, but if i did- it would have exceeded them beyond what i could have imagined. i am so grateful for friendship and fellowship. i truly cannot wait to celebrate your wedding day. #32moredays
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Randy Blair
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Arianne Foulks, Shopify Expert
Product photography for @namestories, who design art prints that tell the story of your name. jen on our team styled and shot this photo of the name stories prints. are you telling a story that your customers want to be a part of? get in touch with me from the @aeolidia profile (call or email), and we can make your business this irresistible, too.β €
β €
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Jovhanna Davidson
Sunny and hot in vegas today! 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞 #mosaic #sunnyday #rainbow
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A letter // “you pierce my soul. i am half agony, half hope.” (every re-read, jane’s books just get better and better)
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Rylee & Ink
Love the way @rachelantoniadesigns is wearing the painted crab pin with her scarf πŸ¦€πŸ˜ don't forget to tag #ryleeandink in your posts! i love to see how things i make are used.

link in profile to shop all pins
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Create & Express Crystals Shop
Welcome our new glass artisan karen! she makes captivating finds from stained glass and salvaged glass that is curved scrap material and not usable by the manufacturer (so cool!). explore her plant holders, decorative window hangings, and yes, a functioning kaleidoscope. ✨ “my biggest inspiration is light and how it moves in, around, and through objects. so finding inspiration can happen anywhere, when i just stop and look.” read more about her creative background, inspirations, and pursuits in our blog πŸ”—βž‘οΈ link in bio!
c&e • 111 eucalyptus dr • el segundo, ca
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Kelly Knaga
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Maureen Mong
A very special amulet featuring amber and sterling silver. waiting for it's forever home in the shop now. i'm hoping for another shop update here soon, but can't be at the bench all the time πŸ˜” hope everyone is enjoying their spring! 🌱🌻
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My & My Designs
Now i love seeing your children wearing my bows but when i get a photo like this from @winksandwildflower of sweet humbolt wearing one, thats pretty special πŸ’•
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Melisa Rimada
"love knows no boundaries or colors, race or genders. it warms us up on a cold winter's day and radiates beauty from within."
-gt dave.
little story about today....today at work, while i was ringing customers, one of my customers was wearing a gts t-shirt. i asked him if he work for them and he said yes!. i was so excited and we started talking about kombucha and it's many health benefits and just how good it is for you! then he asked me if i tried the new one, pure love, and i said no. he said i should try it and he was gonna go get me one to try! well, at that point i was beyond excited! i love kombucha! and i was gonna get a free bottle!!!! then i see him walking back into my store with 2 cases! i was so happy, and surprised i gave him a hug and thanked him! kombucha guy, you made my day! πŸ’š
this is a pic of two things i love! my art and kombucha! ✌
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Dodogama is framed and ready to go!!
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Erica Williams | THrō Ceramics
Forgot to post this earlier because i got side tracked building something. (i’ll show you tomorrow)
i’m totally 😁 because my studio is clean.
makes me happy.
it was just one of those days where you throw your hair in a top knot, turn on some gangsta rap and handle your shit. 😎
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