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Fresh-baked quiche is one of life's little joys 🤗 get this catered for your next get-together!! whether it's a graduation party, rehearsal brunch, father's day, or just book club with the girls, we have something for every occasion. link in bio! #rusticbakery
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This weekend’s open houses have been cancelled. thank you all for your support!
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Even when the #backyard space is small, we can find a nice #design that will make you #happy! #landscape #patio #pavers #pavingblocks #interlockingpavers #napavalley #marincounty #solanocounty #lakecounty #winecountry
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It was a dark and stormy night and i was on the long trek home once again. through massive winds, felled trees, and the showdy tricks played by nights darkest demons i i waged forward, knowing that i must make it to the safe confines of those four walls i call home. finally, in the distance, i see the tiny warm glow from my far away window. i try to race forward, away from the madness of this cold night, but suddenly it's as if time has stopped almost completely. it feels as if my body is wading through a murky swamp, the agonizing sense of danger closing in. at last i reach the stairs safely, almost as if under the wing of an often absent guardian angel. i push open the heavy door and let it slam shut behind me. i have almost no strength left but i muster some up to lock the heavy dead bolts; the only think that keeps me from all of that out there. i slowly, staggeringly, crawl towards my bed. home at last. as i heave my cold, vigorless body upon my mattress i have the stregth to utter out a small sentance, a last and final truth.. "bang trims at the shop are 5$" and then as if commanded by some hugher power i drop my head onto the old pillows and drift into a deep and dreamless slumber.
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Makeup by me 😊 #bravobeauty
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Belvedere mayor marty winter, who has been pressing for public funding of the library expansion, has naming rights to the circulation desk; meanwhile, as the library temporarily canceled its request for public funding from belvedere, it may ask for as much as $2 million from tiburon, and a citizen's group has lawyered up in opposition. the marin da has filed seven misdemeanor charges against a now-former tiburon man accused of killing two deer in his yard. the southern marin fire protection district this month is holding its first behavioral-health training block to raise awareness of post-traumatic stress and suicide in fire services.
all this and more in this week's edition of the ark!
reach me, executive editor kevin hessel, by viewing our profile and clicking one of the contact tabs.
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Garden party 🌷🌼 so in love with this charming homestead valley cottage.
164 linden lane, mill valley | $1,695,000
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