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Today i was blessed with the opportunity to appear on fox49 with the @ambreakwithannaudra to speak on things that parents should be aware of on different social media platforms. thank you for a great time @audra_price_pittman and @annhoward19 #hatchandfly #agirlwithstyle #socialmediamarketing
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Our man @lukestratta capturing the beauty in the chaos during a recent client filming day for @helping_entrepreneurs_win #commute!
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Take a dip. 🌊 📷 @mlbourne
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"never satisfied" coming next week. we're almost there! @djlansdowne8#basketball #ballislife
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Today is the 1st day of a recommitment to myself. i chose to do something that i could see outwardly everyday that would remind me to enjoy life, try new things, and to get to know myself independent of job titles, family roles, and imposed requirements. ... whatever it takes to make me happy, i will do just that.
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Tenemos meses trabajando (por el reto de mantenerte a @fanzures en un solo lugar) en un programa dedicado para los que quieren conocer y aplicar estrategias de marketing de voz a voz para sus marcas, proyectos o negocios. pronto “el consumidor es el medio” de fernando anzures, ceo y fundador de liquid thinking consulting y de exma, estará online para que de donde estés y cuando quieras, te prepares mejor para que impactes mejor. #elconsumidoreselmedio #vivesmart #exma #wom #vozavoz #marketingguru
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In your content, there is room for both beautiful and curated imagery 🎥 as well as rough behind scene pieces. 📱 - they each have a purpose. one shows you at your best - that’s the aspirational side of your brand. - the other shares something more personal, immediate and intimate. - as humans, we need both. - here is me sharing something personal, inspired by my meeting today at @gieveslondon and seeing @davidetaub whom i’m a big fan of! 😄 - some people may think i’m shallow! 😆 - what can i say? 💁🏻‍♀️ i like a man in a suit! 👌
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It’s not @zuck or @facebook’s fault that you aren’t up to date with how social media marketing is done in 2018. watch to understand how facebook rewards brands, and people, who work on their platform. this is how the facebook algorithm works. 🔥🔥 #facebookmarketing 📸: @loyolabiz
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Champions Of Media
Our man @lukestratta capturing the beauty in the chaos during a recent client filming day for @helping_entrepreneurs_win #commute!
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Raj K. Jonwal
Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life 💚✨✨
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We handle a wide range of graphic design projects, and we know all the best printers around to get the job done. perfecting your design project is our focus.
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Raj K. Jonwal
Be a better you, for you ✨✨
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Corredor 5 🎧 Music Lab
Tem texto novo no nosso blog ‼️ papo reto sem caô direto do sxsw 2018. corredor5.art #news #sxsw2018 #clemente #clementemagalhaes #marketingguru
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Citaldel Media
Get help with your digital marketing strategy before it's too late. click the link in our bio to sign up for a free 30 minute brand consultation. #smallbusiness #marketingtips
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Manuel Anzaldua
No matter how many meetings i have and if i’m close to the beach i have to escape for 15 minutes to clear my mind and enjoy my blessings. #dallasinfluencer #losangeles #santamonicapier #hardwork #mannyfresh #california #entrepreneur #millionaire #millionairemindset #hatersgonnahate #love #travel #travelphotography #hustle #marketingguru #themannyteam
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Just hang on you will succeed!!
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The Sophisticated Creative
Why do we start a creative business and let other people tell us how to run it? maybe, we bought into the garbage society has been trying to shove down our throats since we were born that someone else should boss us around. i don’t know, but whatever it is, stop it! ... #bebold #gorogue #livecreatively #thesophisticatedcreative
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M A R C O S A L A N 📥
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Alex Garvin
Spring break vibes ! #marketingguru #goodvibesonly
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Alex Garvin
You never forget your old stumping grounds,yet you should never let them forget you ! #marketingguru #gmc bulldogs #moneymoves #godsplan #magnoliaparkrocks
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