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Name: persist
nickname: the versace prince
origin: toronto, ontario, canada
role: primary deuteragonist
alignment: lawful good
· |back story|

a freestylist who wanted something more to satisfy his growing boredom. he became entranced in the martial arts muay thai after witnessing it in action. learning it as another form of artwork to express himself, and a form of defense he could use should the need arise. persist became restless with the speed of his training. his teacher, chaloem, tried to lecture him on the importance of self-control and continual training, but persist wanted to prove himself.

persist wanted to be able to see how far he's come, without chaloem's consent he began to secretly challenge others. his wins started to grow as did his overconfidence to the point he became careless. while participating in an underground tournament he was thrown in prison when he struck his opponent in the head, breaking their neck. this gave him time to realize just what he did, and the meaning behind chaloem’s teachings. but he feared that he was never going to leave this place alive, till his cellmate offered him some hope of escaping.

his cellmate introduced himself as dexter. dexter came to this underground circuit to watch and try to learn some new moves, but he was thrown in jail after being caught hitting on a leader’s daughter. they worked together to break themselves out of their prison and escape. shaking hands, persist thanked dexter for his assistance and hoped they would one day fight together again.

persist was exiled from chaloem’s teachings and he stopped practicing muay thai as he feared of something similar happening again. one day he received a letter in the mail. inside was a confession from an unknown person, claiming persist was setup at the circuit. the person that was behind it was the one who shared a cell with him, and if he wanted to face this person again he should attend the next underground tournament. persist was furious, how could he have been so blind that the one he fought with, was behind his misfortune. he went back to training, determined to confront dexter and find out why he did it.
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A step by step process portrait collage of @withthe_beat ❤✌
i'm so busy with my school works and upcoming exams that i'm hardly getting any time to be online. after march when all my exams are finally over may be i'll get sometime to be 'an artist who tries to paint daily' again. 😌🙋❤ lemme know how this looks, cuz it's mah first time. hope y'all like it ❤❤❤
the process is :- 1) first a pencil sketch on @strathmoreart paper.
2) then a watercolour base on the sketch as to get a smooth coat of pencil colour without much trouble.
3) the most important part, application of @fabercastellglobal polychromos pencil colours on top of that water colour base.
4) and finally the complete portrait !
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