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Take your #ltkbump from daytime to date night in a coral maxi and floral kimono combo care of @fashionandfrill and download the liketoknow.it app to instantly discover more #ltkfamily outfit inspo via screenshot (link in bio!) | http://liketk.it/2wycv #liketkit #ltkunder50 #momtobe #maternityfashion #maternitystyle #pregnancystyle #pregnancyfashion #maternitydress #bumpstyle #momblogger #momsofinstagram #momlife #mommyandme #momandmini #momandme #momiform #momstyle #minime #momootd #fashionandfrill
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Need some good p***y training tips. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

i’ve tried the p***y book, her own seat, n***d time (although she takes that liberty on her own..all the time).

she tells me when to put her diaper back on, insists on sleeping “au naturale”, doesn’t make any mistakes. she knows exactly what’s going on, but won’t actual use the potty. is she outsmarting me? 🀯 #momlife #pottytraining
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Monday’s #mamamuse the super stylish @whatlolalikes ♥️♥️♥️ πŸ“· @amaes_photography
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A million thanks, over and over, to my beautiful wife for carrying our little man. πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘°πŸ» // photo by: @effjayism // shot with @westcottlighting 36” rapid box - @adorama xplor 600 r2 system - nikon d750 w/tamron 70mm-200mm f/2.8 g2 // #kimjayism
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I absolutely adore this first photo!!! only my hubby knows how obsessed i am with this teddy bear... and if it’s not my sons favorite thing... it will always be mine! πŸ’™right now this bear is just about as big as him and i love it πŸ’™ i can’t thank @shoppinkblush #pinkblushmaternity enough for such an absolutely stunning dress... can you please make this in every color in non maternity?? so i can continue to feel beautiful post baby πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” seriously tho πŸ“· @luv2cre88 πŸ“· did an amazing job with our #maternityphotography we will cherish these photos forever πŸ’™πŸ€°πŸΌπŸ’™
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Close up of my client's maternity gown.... for all inquires email only .... see previous post for pictures of her on her special day.
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How gorgeous does @dicolaaa look in the story shirt by @legoeheritage ✨ tap to shop her look // www.iggyandzee.com.au
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I had to photograph this dress myself! here’s a better view of it & isn’t it just the perfect special occasion dress?! lovely for a baby shower, as i wore it, or would be perfect for any celebratory wedding occasion! β₯dress from @fashionnova
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Happy monday!⁣
i hope everyone had a great weekend!⁣
it’s time for a baby watch 2018 update. are you ready to hear it? drum roll......⁣
this mama is still waiting for her little baby. that's right, she still hasn't gone into labor. we are all incredibly surprised by this! we would have bet it all that baby torres would be here by now. ⁣
luckily for mama, she is doing great! she feels well, looks incredible and doesn't mind carrying her baby until he or she is ready to join us. ⁣
so....since the last date guessed for her to go into labor was 8/18, would you all like to take another guess?⁣
comment below with the date and time you think this mama will go into labor.⁣
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Trying out one of our new maternity gowns! absolutely gorgeous bianca!
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Hai baby "a z a" cepat kluar ya nak biar maen2 kita. πŸ˜‡.. #maternityshoot #maternitydress πŸ“· : excellent.studios
venue : junctioncafe.id
dress : debbybehel
make up : sendiri -- mua pd bnyk jobs
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Her dress could not have been more perfect for the sky that day #maternity #maternityphotography #maternitydress #pinkblush #pinkblushmaternity
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Las hierbas aromáticas como el cilantro, la albahaca, el comino o el orégano y el tomillo son estimulantes de las secreciones gástricas. añádelos a tus platos pero siempre en pequeñas cantidades.
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I realize i should share more of these and my #pregnancy and be more open. here i was #20weekspregnant with the quads. i was already bigger then i was full term with river. i also had just met the amazing lizzy with @momentostudios who became a fast friend. the scary thing while taking my #maternityphotos was i had just finished my first hospital stay for premature labor. at #19weekspregnant i went in for my weekly ultrasound and found my c****x was nearly gone and was rushed to the hospital where ultimately i would have surgery. but to explain how quickly this happened.. i had my ultrasound at 5pm was sent to the hospital immediately, where i beat my doctor so the hospital actually thought i was joking that i was pregnant with #quadruplets. i was then roomed and given our options, my best friend rushed to us and stayed with my through the night while my husband had to be home with our daughter. at midnight they came and asked us (the nurse thinking my bestie was actually my lesbian partner) what our decision was and that my doctor was on the phone waiting. we agreed having a cerlcage put in place was our best option and the following morning i was wheeled into surgery. i was completely conscious for the procedure it’s actually the same run down as a c section as far as anesthesia goes. for those who don’t know a cerclage is a stitch in your cervix, mine was ripping the whole time i was pregnant. it was uncomfortable and some days down right painful. but i still believe it ultimately saved my pregnancy and babies.
#szafranskiquadruplets #maternityphotography #maternitydress @maternity
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Gorgeous mama to be expecting her first baby πŸ’• love this!
this mama was one of our maternity models this summer for my cbc reunion that we had at south padre island, texas.
so beautiful right?😍 expecting? book your maternity session today! don't miss out on capturing such a special milestone. studio and outdoor sessions are available.
click link in my bio for more info 😊
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The staple little black dress for expecting mums #saintcarodress πŸ“Έ@roxannecambridge
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I have been so busy relocating to the lake norman area of north carolina that i have not posted lately.... but there are a ton of photos coming this way! let's kick it off with brian and sherri's awesome maternity photo shoot that took place recently here on the beaches of santa rosa beach in florida! look at her amazing dress!!! i was so happy to be referred to this sweet couple by brian's twin brother chris. happy birthday guys and congratulations sherri and brian on your first baby bear! p.s. blog post in link above #sonjarevellsphotography.
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