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artannawe A wedding day or a wedding weekend is always filled with surprises and exciting moments which you will never forget. one of those special highlights is the moment every bride has been waiting for and talking about for hours, days, months and even years. the first look...how, where, when....? the most important questions for her...and then she opens the door and she knows...this is the beginning of our unique adventure together. ⠀ photo credit: @joshua_dhondt_photography planning & styling: @artannawe
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Martina De Robertis
2 days ago
themarthysvintagegarden Ci sono dei gesti che fanno la differenza. un abbraccio in silenzio, una carezza, uno sguardo complice. ci sono dei gesti che esprimono più di tante parole, che ti fanno sentire amata, protetta. ci sono gesti importanti, ma spesso si sottovalutano. photo: @valentina.oprandi.photography planning & styling: @themarthysvintagegarden + @beneventplanner dress: @elisabetta_delogu_ video: @giorgioguerrierifilms this shooting is also featured on @bridalmusings
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