Snap 👻: NationOfHoops
1 minute ago
hoopsnation The warriors apparently reached out to tnt requesting to put an immediate end to the javaleeeeeee mcgeeeeeee jokes. huh. snap👻: nationofhoops tags: #mcgee #shaq
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Tim Peare
2 hours ago
timpeare 2017_02/24 • currently feeling like this. started to feel ill on sunday and now it's full blown, haven't felt this bad in a while. honestly, i think i'm on the upswing. yesterday was much worse. looking forward to feeling better and the weekend! #maxhescool #sickasadog #mcgee #underbite
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Jessie Powers
2 hours ago
jessiepowersart Rainy days in, admiring the creativity and beauty of @svensignedenhartogh & @lady.jesus 📷📖⛅
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T. McGee
5 hours ago
travomc Gan ig family.... i'm such a simple man... tgif!!!!! but i gotta work tomorrow tho... 💯 🙏 👑 🌍 💰 #mcgee #salute #tgif #blessedeveryday #stayprayedup #grownmanshit
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V by Vye
5 hours ago
vbyvye "good enough for me and my bobby mcgee..." 🎶✌🏼 introducing mcgee. you can now view our whole v by vye collection on our website! click the link in the bio to see more.
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5 hours ago
thehotspot615 #shaq has always said the #nba stands for “nothing but actors” and most of his past issues with other players — including his beef with kobe bryant — was just for the media and marketing reasons. i know for a fact his beef with kobe was real and even worse than what most of the media and public knows. i also know his on-going beef with javale mcgee isn’t a promo for tnt either. while the east coast was sleeping late thursday night, shaq and the shaqtin’ a fool legend went at it on twitter with a lot of name-calling and threats after tnt aired a ‘doctor strange’ parody about the warriors center. the only thing that surprises me about these two getting so serious now is i thought it was going to happen back in january when mcgee compared shaq to minstrel show star bert williams. shaq stayed relatively quite about it and didn’t seem offended while discussing the diss on his podcast. well, it doesn’t seem like #shaq is going to stay quite any longer and i’m pretty sure he really does want to punch #mcgee “like that kid from detroit (old school shaq and phife dawg fans should get that line).”
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Court McGee
5 hours ago
courtmcgeemma Happy 63rd birthday to this wonderful man! i love you pops!!! #happybirthdaydad #badassbeard #ufc #mma #mcgee
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5 hours ago
bballweekly Если честно жалко уже этого парня😢🏀👀НБА. Между О’Нилом и МакГи завязалась перепалка в твиттере после очередного высмеивающего игрока сюжета Ведущий tnt Шакил О’Нил сделал центрового «Голден Стэйт» Джавейла МакГи главным героем своей рубрики курьезных моментов shaqtin’ a fool. В четверг О’Нил представил пародию на фильм «Доктор Стрэндж» с МакГи в главной роли. Игрок «Уорриорз» не оценил юмор и написал члену Зала славы вызывающее сообщение, после чего между ними завязалась перепалка. «Достань мои орехи изо рта!», – написал МакГи, который также добавил сленговое выражение «eat a dick». О’Нил после серии оскорбительных эпитетов пообещал оценить смелость МакГи во время встречи вживую. #shaq #mcgee #goldenstate #nbafans #bballcrazy #bballweekly #nbanews #nba #basketballplayers #basketballneverstops #espn #russiabasket #moscow #espntv #cskamoscow #lokomotivkuban #bballlife
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