Nella Sammartino
nellaphotographs How i met your mother fans....where are you at? so cool to finally grab a bite at mcgees....and it was a treat too! . . . . . . . #nyc #nycpub #nycrestaurants #himym #howimetyourmother #newyork #beautifulsky @mcgeespubnyc #mcgeespub
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Rebecca Ayala
beckaayala Late post from my july vacation stop in new york. as you all probably know, i've been obsessed with the show: how i met your mother for many years now. lol. so my friend @jesusegonzalez18 took me to the place where it all started...where they got the idea for the whole show... and where the writers and cast still come together. it seriously was the highlight of my trip. lol. then i was able to visit the high line and other places. it was so nice to visit new york again. thank you @jesusegonzalez18 for everything!!! i had so much fun❤️ #mcgees #mcgeespub #howimetyourmother #tedmosby #barneystinson #robinsherbatsky #lilyhowimetyourmother #marshallhowimetyourmother #highline #newyork #friends4life
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JoLyn Marissa
2 days ago
_jolynmarissa // so just moments ago my best friend @daveycrackerz19 asked me to be his wife!!! he took me to my favorite spot in nyc and gave me a #howimetyourmother style proposal! i cried. i said yes. i'm marrying my best friend!!!!!!! is this real life?!?! // #photocredit @jacquelineday #mcgeespub #howwemeteachother
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Thanh Huynh
3 days ago
thanhusville Oh hey . it’s a picture of my friends from how i met your mother and i got to celebrate my early birthday with them. oh yeah, the tim burton bar was really cool when the manager sang happy birthday to me 👏😂 #howimetyourmother #mcgeespub
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Festival Of Food
5 days ago
thefestivaloffood I am a how i met your mother fan so i had to go to mcgee's pub! monday is himym nights so they have themed food! this is the don't forget to be awesome mac and cheese and the robin sparkles! both were so good!
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Lori Rowe
5 days ago
lorirowethepro Big break round 9...here she comes! thanks to jesse and chip for making this competition so awesome! please join us monday night at mcgee's. we need your vote to get her to the final round! #thebigbreak #haileyrowe #mcgeespub #chiplotrich
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Nazym Serikbaikyzy
6 days ago
naz.s.i Посетила также бар #mcgeespub который был создан прототипом бару в сериале #howimetyourmother фотки конечно не самые лучшие,но все же#счастьюнетпредела😍
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Pamela Almeida
2 weeks ago
psalmeida Aquele sofá vermelho que vc respeita, do pub que inspirou uma das suas séries favoritas. daqui surgiu how i met your mother e o mc laren's pub ❤️ "this was legen - wait wait for it - dary! " #mcgeespub #himym
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2 weeks ago
cowsarepeoplemoo Spent the day in new york city!
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2 weeks ago
cowsarepeoplemoo In nyc today! visited moma, the public library, fit museum, and went to mcgees pub. definitely a successful day!
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Lori Rowe
2 weeks ago
lorirowethepro Looking for something fun to do monday? join us at the big break! #bigbreak #mcgeespub #haileyrowe
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