6 days ago
s_kathiresan85 Blessed. the word that describes pat and zoe's wedding weekend. my cheeks hurt from smiling, my throat hurts from all the talking and my stomach hurts from all the laughing. from newlyweds to old family friends, from a beautiful ceremony to a pant splitting reception, from meeting old family friends to meeting new family members, from hurricane brunches to late night clucking. while this weekend was to celebrate patrick and zoe mcgee, i can't help but feel truly blessed to be a part of this incredible family. #purposefulwanderers #mcgeetobe #aerobicceremony #whohastherings #epictoast
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Ashleigh Mcgee
1 weeks ago
ashleighrhyan Best weekend ever! pat and zoe's wedding was breathtaking! her smile lit up the day- and patrick's joyfulness seemed straight out of a fairy tale! so happy to have a new sister! #mcgeetobe
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Casey Fiore
1 weeks ago
caseyfiore Joyously celebrating jon and claire! seattle is so lucky to be getting you guys! #mcgeetobe
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Ashleigh Mcgee
2 weeks ago
ashleighrhyan Today is the day! these two amazing people will become one heart, one life! our family is so incredibly lucky to be getting this light of a soul and i am proud to say- i have a new sister! #mcgeetobe
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Katie Moomaw
3 weeks ago
katiehawthorne1 Monday after vegas got me like 😴 such a fun weekend celebrating @moca0901 #mcgeetobe #vegasbaby
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Abby Adamchak
last month
marckae One of these girls is getting married, one of these girls is the birthday girl, and one of these girls looks like she just got out of the frying pan 🍳 #whoswho #circa2007 #mcgeetobe
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Amanda Donaho Photography
last month
amandadonahophotography Just hours left until these two tie the knot on saturday. i loved photographing their engagement session and can only imagine how special the wedding will be. stay tuned!! #mcgeetobe
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Jessica Quinteiro
April 2017
The dance you do when your auntie @tpaulino13 and future uncle @nickcmcgee ask you to be in their wedding ❤ #theysaidyes #mcgeetobe #ringbearer #usher #rq2andzeeadventures
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