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Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate our engagement !! a special thanks to @brock_star93 & @lizzziehunter for an amazing party 🎉 #mcgeetobe
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photo by @laurenwhitephotography_ she’s pretty much my bff now! 😂 #092218 #mcgeetobe #charitygetsphilledup #lmboatthelasthashtag (dani made it up) #happymonday #blacklove #engagementphotos
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I don't have to be up for work but i do however have to be up to parent. 😂😂😂 #herecomesbridezilla 🙌🙌
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It’s hard to be this cute and not steel the show! forever! #mcgeetobe
1 20 February 2018


When the #firstdance is everything. forever! #mcgeetobe
1 25 February 2018


I want to dance with you forever! #mcgeetobe
3 40 February 2018


I marry my best friend in 100 days people!! in 100 days i get to share my babies last name! freaking out! 💖💖💖💖 #becomingmcgee #mcgeetobe #100days
1 37 February 2018


| mr. & mrs. mcgee 💍| congratulations to the gorgeous couple! such a wonderful weekend in the desert celebrating with family and friends. @jmcgee8 and @jillhamels i am a lucky to call you family 😘 #jackandjill2018 #mcgeetobe
10 130 February 2018


It’s always a blessing to be a part of a wedding where the couple is so in love with each other and so in love with lord. #mcgeetobe #weddingrehearsal #floridaweddingphotographer #plantcityweddingphotographer #imgettingmarried #lakelandwedding #lakelandweddingphotographer #outdoorwedding #engaged @megzz_17
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"what is the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable" - john green

john green writes fantastic and captivating novels, i'm in love with every book i've read of his. 😍

whenever i feel a little down or lost i like reading this quote and reminding myself that everyone can achieve greatness, if you want something you've got to work for it. ✌

#johngreen #speakingtomyheart #destinedforgreatness
1 11 January 2018


#mcm to this guy and a happy new year to all! #2018 #treeburning #mcgeetobe
3 52 January 2018


One year from today i get to marry this amazing man! #mcgeetobe #11-24-18
10 117 November 2017


Life isn't a fairy tale. it's hard work with ups and downs but i'm pretty sure i got it as close to the perfect fairy tale as humanly possible. 😍
193 days until i do 💖
#becomingmcgee #mcgeetobe #savethedate #lasvegaswedding
0 53 November 2017


Congratulations to the mcgee’s!! so much fun celebrating your big night ❤️ #mcgeetobe
7 354 October 2017


How beautiful is she?! #mcgeetobe
5 93 October 2017